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  1. That's because the last supported version by me was .90 and DMagic fixed it up to work with 1.0. This specific mod is no longer being maintained (as stated in the OP). Instead, I am working on a new mod that will incorporate what this did, plus more (Science Hard Drives). But I wouldn't suggest downloading that yet either as 1.1 completely destroyed it and I'm in the middle of a complete rewrite of it.
  2. Thank you. Sadly it's not a career worthy position though, just a simple, part-time retail position. But it's something until I can get myself a software development position somewhere. Just, as a recent college graduate, I have no job experience in my field except for what I've done in college, along with the few personal projects I still have sitting around. Now, about updates for this mod. I don't have a specific time frame I'm expecting to have the next update out because I'm going to be rewriting the entire GUI for the mod to work with the new Unity5 UI, along with the UI elements that I hadn't released yet.
  3. No, it's not dead. Just way behind schedule. I was originally just waiting on 1.1 because of the GUI overhaul. Then job searching became a priority, but as of yesterday I finally got a job again, so work will be starting up again.
  4. Currently this mod doesn't auto-collect, though that is a feature I will be adding soon after the v1.0 release. As for the one time experiments, in the current release, it will ask you every time you move data from one, but I will be adding some global options that you will be able to set to not ask you all the time. Options for ScienceHardDrives and other IScienceContaiers (along with some bug fixes) will be the focus of my next alpha release.
  5. Thanks for letting me know about the link being broken. Apparently you're not allowed to link to zip files using, so I instead have it going to the github release. Currently there is no toolbar icon, but that is on my list of things to do for the v1 release. Currently to reopen the window, you have to have one of my science hard drives on the vessel and right click it and press the "Review Data" button. The windows wasn't suppose to be open if no hard drive was found on the vessel, but I recently changed the code so that it would show anything that implements IScienceDataContainer, not just ScienceHardDrive and forgot to add that check.
  6. Science Hard Drives: v0.2-alpha is out! This alpha release has my GUI re-write. Once again, it's not 100% complete, but this update does incorporate most of what I wanted in the GUI. There are some place holder GUI elements in it (blank spot that will later be filled with drive/experiment/general setting depending on what is selected, and the dialog menus used for selecting a drive) that will be later replaced. I've also updated the original post with info on what exactly I'm wanted to do to this mod before I mark it as out of alpha. If you can think of other this I should add to this mod (which will most likely turn into a suite of science related mods) please let me know. Finally, I sadly can't upload a picture of the new GUI at this exact moment as my internet it throttled down to the point I can barely get this posted. But once 2AM hits here, I'll be able to get that image up for ya'll.
  7. I plan on adding it to CKAN once I get a full release finished.
  8. Well, I may be missing my goal date for my next alpha release. I just learned of VesselModules which were added in v1 of KSP (which is after I disappeared), so there has been quite a bit of rewriting being done to use them. This, plus family wanting me to be with them for the Super Bowl (though I had no interest in it). I am hoping that by Wednesday night I'll have that release. *crosses fingers*
  9. Update: I've been spending the last few days rewriting the entire Hard Drive Manager GUI. It's still not done, but I'm liking the way it's going. Just FYI, the new GUI is NOT in the current alpha release, but is the primary focus for the next release. I'm planning to have the next alpha out by Monday (if all goes as it's been going).
  10. O.O I would suggest not adding it to your main save right now! It is far from being ready for real use yet. This is more for people to just see what I'm doing once again. Once I get a real v1.0 version finished, that's when I'd say it'll be good to go. But, that may take some time as I'm being pretty ambitious about what I want.
  11. They will function much like the ModuleScienceContainer part modules, and will end up replacing them in parts like the command pods, and science labs. I will be adding this module to probe cores, as well as some standalone parts. While they'll have limited storage capacity, the max possible size will increase as you progress through the tech tree. I'm wanting to have it increase each level (not every node though) on the tech tree.
  12. I'm so sorry guys. College really took over my life the last year. But, I have now graduated (but currently unemployed ) and have returned! Sadly though, I will not be continuing this mod. Instead I'm going to pick up where I was going with this mod and am now going to be working on Science Hard Drives. It's going to take many of the things I wanted to do with this mod, but felt didn't really fit in the original idea of this mod. With that said though, I do not suggest downloading the new mod in its current state as I've just started working on it two days ago and there isn't much to it yet. I just wanted to make a thread to post updates through my initial development of the mod. I'm happy that DMagic was able to edit my mod that make it work in 1.0.5 and I will be putting a link to his version on the 1st post.
  13. [WIP] Science Hard Drives v.0.2-alpha KSP 1.1 completely broke this (and I also thought of better ways of doing things), so I'm having to rewrite it almost from scratch. Please be patient as I work on this. I've been going through some difficult times in my personal life and am spending all the little time I have working on this mod. THIS VERSION IS INCOMPLETE AND STILL IN DEVELOPMENT, AS IS NOT INTENDED TO BE USED IN AN ACTIVE GAME!!! THE CURRENT PRE-RELEASES ARE ONLY TO SEE HOW THIS IS COMING ALONG!!! This mod revisits my older ScienceContainers mod for KSP and adds functionality that I originally wanted to add to them. ScienceData is now stored in hard drives that have a limited capacity, require ElectricCharge and time to transfer ScienceData to them. Along with the new PartModule, the mod includes a manager KSPAddon that simplifies the transfer of ScienceData. In its current form, this adds a single science part that has a limited capacity of 500 Mits just for testing purposes for now. Always delete the entire folder for this mod when you go to update! (When updates start coming in that is) Usage: When a vessel that contains a Science Hard Drive becomes the active vessel, the Hard Drive Manager window opens up and allows Science Data to be transferred from a part that contains a module using the IScienceContainer interface (including other Science Hard Drives). Change Log: v0.1-alpha: Initial preview release. v0.2-alpha This alpha release has my GUI re-write. Once again, it's not 100% complete, but this update does incorporate most of what I wanted in the GUI. There are some place holder GUI elements in it (blank spot that will later be filled with drive/experiment/general setting depending on what is selected, and the dialog menus used for selecting a drive) that will be later replaced. Features/Updates Required For v1.0 Release: Rewrite of all GUI elements to use Unity5's new UI. Actually show how much lab data a ScienceData is worth. Colour-code buttons or add icons to buttons based on if the item is a ScienceHardDrive, ScienceData, or IScienceContainer Fix padding on some buttons A transfer queue manager so you can better see the progress of data being transferred (along with being able to cancel transfers) A better way of selecting which drive to transfer data to General/Experiment/Drive setting (will fill the currently blank area that is there when no ScienceData is selected) Replace science containers with hard drives in command modules (capsule, probe cores, science labs, etc.) A few extra hard drive parts so that a command modules aren't the only things with hard drives. Increase max capacity of hard drives based on tech tree progression AppLauncher compatibility Better optimization of code and caching of variables Persistent settings Other Planned Features/Updates After v1.0: Part highlighting Naming of Parts with IScienceContainer modules (for use with priority managers) Auto transfer of collected ScienceData based on hard drive priorities with manager page to do so Auto running of science experiments Ability to prioritize which experiments are auto ran first and under special conditions with manager page to do so Blizzy78's Toolbar compatibility DMagic's Orbital Science compatibility (if needed, may work with no issues right off the bat) Other Science Experiment pack (as other people or I need them) compatibility Auto transmit science data with a 100% transmit value (or above a user specified threshold) as it is transferred to a hard drive Auto dump science data worth 0 science (or below a user specified threshold) as it is transferred to a hard drive Auto reset of experiments with science data worth 0 science (or below a user threshold) More parts SpaceDock & CKAN KSP-AVC ... Probably more I've forgotten about at this moment Give me ideas! Github: Download Current Version: KSP 1.0.5 Science Hard Drives v0.2-alpha Download Past Versions: KSP 1.0.5 Science Hard Drives v0.1-alpha Installation: (Updating from older version) Recover any vessels that are using any of these parts Delete the SirDargon folder in GameData Merge GameData from the download with GameData in your Kerbal Space Program Directory Update any saved vessel in the VAB or SPH that used these parts (New user) Merge GameData from the download with GameData in your Kerbal Space Program Directory License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)
  14. Thank you so much for the feedback. To start, ProbScienceContainer and CapsuleScienceContainer are meant to break the not allowing repeat science reports. It didn't quite make sense to have something to collect everything that can't collect everything. I had to fight with the coding to disable the default KSPEvents for the capsules because they kept being reactivated by the game every time I disabled them. Now, the problem of not storing surface samples or EVA reports was an oversight on my part and will fix that real fast. EDIT: On second inspection, my code should have collected even those but didn't for some reason. I don't know why it didn't, but I've edited it so now it does. Will be posting the new version up here shortly. - - - Updated - - - v.08.2 has been released! Surface Samples and EVA reports are now able to be stored with one click with all other data being carried by a Kerbal - - - Updated - - - o.O It updates it now instead of adding a new reply if you were the last to replay? Interesting... as long as it bumps me back to the top of the Add-on Releases list, I'll be fine with this...