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  1. Hello Beale. I have had a chance to try your new Tantares release and I have some feedback for you. -You made it so that you can't exit the Soyuz without an orbital module. Excellent. I never thought of that but it makes the part more than cosmetic. I love it. -You made it so that you can't control the Soyuz capsule without power. Well that just killed a few Kerbals. (Or would have if I didn't edit the persistence file. When Kerbals die I restart the career and I didn't feel like restart for this.) The issue is that if you have remote tech you may run out of power during launch making the capsule a death trap without extra batteries. However an easy fix is to change the Soyuz LV to have alternators like stock engines. They wouldn't need much, just about 1.5 energy per second minimum ought to make it so that the rocket can get you to a place where you can use your solar power. -You should change your parachutes to match stock. With the current version of the game you can with stock parachutes stage them way out at entry interface and you won't kill the parachutes. This allows you to jettison the orbital module with staging just fine. I am guessing that was the reason for the non stock parachutes in the first place. Anyway I edit the parachutes to match stock every time I DL a new version of Tantares because the settings as they come open the parachutes far too abruptly and cause g-force issues if your difficulty is turned up. minAirPressureToOpen = 0.04 deployAltitude = 1000 deploymentSpeed = 0.12 semiDeploymentSpeed = 0.5 -Left and right Solar Panels? That solution works. And I like the look too. -Separate Heat Shield? I like that too. Is it possible to make that stageable? Or if there is a reason why it isn't already, would you be receptive to the idea of making the staging enableable in the VAB? -For Tantares LV, have you considered making the soyuz LV available at earlier areas of the tech tree? You can avoid making them OP by using part upgrades so that the earlier engines would have less power, efficiency and more mass so that they will not be OP. -Also Tantares LV, when I stage to the third stage in Soyuz my rocket rotates off to one side. Am I doing something wrong or is this a known issue?
  2. ULA launch thread

    All the primary time zones have a letter associated to them. GMT+1 is Alpha. Though most of the time you only hear about Zulu. There is not an India or an Oscar.
  3. ULA launch thread

    Zulu is the code name for Greenwich mean time.
  4. Flat Kerbin

    I understand your issue but my point is that I don't think you can do that. I think the best you can do, the closest you can get is make Kerbin large enough to be effectively flat. As for KK structures, I have no idea.
  5. Flat Kerbin

    It would be effectively flat. After all if the earth is flat enough to fool flat earthers, a planet 10 times the size would ought to be close enough. Already it would be impossible to get to orbit without modding some OP rockets. Also you wouldn't be able to do anything or go anywhere but up a short way and then back down. And if you really thought that wasn't good enough, make Kerbin 100x earth size. But like I said before. What is the point. After that you would not be able to go anywhere or do anything. It really would be a useless mod by itself.
  6. Breaking Apart

    I have no idea. In addition mods change it. I use KJR (Kerbal Join Reinforcement) on my rockets and they are very durable. After that I stopped paying attention.
  7. Breaking Apart

    The parts are flying in formation with one attachment point to keep them together. That attachment point has a certain strength. When that strength is exceeded the attachment is broken.
  8. Hello and sorry to bug you. I have a bug report. I don't know if you are aware of it, I did search for it but only found a link from 2015 here. I haven't noticed this bug before fairly recently which could mean that it has come back or that I am just oblivious. Anyway, the HLR-ZOID solar panel seems to only get power when it is edge on to the light and not face on like one would expect.
  9. Flat Kerbin

    Ahem, a more serious answer is that you can probably use Korpernicus to make Kerbin 100 times larger that it is or about 10 times larger than the earth. However there would be no real point to it. You will not be able to orbit such a world without still more custom mods. All you can do is more or less vertical sub orbital flights. This would be very not fun and get old fast. Since the point is to make a flat earth making a mod to give your ships enough delta-V to orbit such a world would be pointless. Conflictingly this would be the only way to make that flat kerbin playable and therefore the mod worth making in the first place. Such a mod would be useless for proving anything, or doing anything. Really very pointless. Therefor if you want such a mod, you are going to have to make it yourself or pay someone to do it for you. Now if you think this assessment is not correct, you will have to be more specific about what your goals are. Why do you want such a mod, what do you hope to gain from it?
  10. Flat Kerbin

    Please we all know PhysX doesn't work in space. There is no simulated atmosphere for the CPU to push off of. KSP is fake, its a lie designed to blind us from the truth. You are a battery Neo.
  11. I have just gone and had a look at a YouTube demo of that Mod and I think I will have to give that a try as well. Thanks to both of you for suggesting it.
  12. Thanks to all who answered. This last post is the ticket for my needs. Just to be clear, it is not that it is off, it is that it isn't accurate enough for my needs. You have to eyeball when they line up and you are usually still off a bit. 0.09 kNm on my last design it turns out. But the CoM and the line of thrust are not near each other and visually they look lined up perfectly. That was easy. Thanks very much. One of those fun times where in I am glad I was just oblivious.
  13. So here is the deal. My ships are very functional. In particular they have science experiments all over the place. I do my best to line up the thrust and the center of mass and get them as close as I can with that little visual indicator they give you in the game. However the accuracy of this indicator is such that they are normally off a bit. This can cause problems, especially with probes being driven by RT where the flaw can be fatal to the mission. I can do things to mitigate such as setting the throttle limiter but it would be great if I had some more accurate indication. I can't seem to find any indication like that in KER and I don't even know if there already is some sort of tool for that that I just don't know about. Anyone have any ideas?
  14. Why are people against mods?

    KSP is like Pizza. Sure you can get the stock just sauce and cheese. You might even like it that way. But most people like to add toppings.
  15. To be more explicit, there are two types of fairings, ones that can jettison and ones that can't. The ones that can't don't have any staging, they are just there. The two sets of fairings are under different tabs. I think Brigadier is right, one is under the payload tab, and I would guess one is under structure? I can't remember right now but it is easy to find, if you add a set of fairings and don't get a staging icon, those are the non staging fairings.