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  1. Obsolete Mods

    Floor it! <- Before there was a full throttle key you had to manually hold the throttle up button. All the way. Up Hill. In 3 feet of snow. With no shoes. And no..... ahem.... anyway the floor it button made the 'Z' key = full throttle instantly. One of the first mods I ever got.
  2. Landing Gear Weight limits.

    I don't know. The wheels and the options for them are really quite poorly explained in the game. If I increase the spring strength does that increase the load it can carry or how much it squats? I don't seem to have a problem with squatting so what does it matter what I set them to? AFAIK there is no in game way to see what the part can do without stress testing it.
  3. Landing Gear Weight limits.

    Thanks for that update. Just two for the main touchdown. And I am still on 1.3 pending some mods and the completion of my current career. Thanks though for the tip though. If I double the landing gear so the pair both touch down at the same time I should be able to land heavier then. Thanks.
  4. size of the things on kerbin

    The toilet is actually an alien artifact from places unknown to Kerbal Kind. The Kerbals use the three seashells.
  5. I know that landing gear have a set limit for which is the max they can hold and land. I think that it also matters if you land on the runway or out in the field somewhere. I understand that for the basic fixed land gear the max tonnage was something like 5 tons. (At least it was a few game version ago.) Hence I never use them because all of my basic science planes are heavier. But recently I overloaded the LY-10 gear and so now I was looking for a chart. Imagine my surprise when I see that the Kerbal Wiki says the max limit is 7 tons. I just landed my 17 ton plane just fine with them! So the question is, does anyone know what the max weight is for these gear and for a bonus the practical effect of spring and damper strength?
  6. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    That earth looks like it is getting bigger again. I wonder if they are going to boost and perigee or apogee. To bad I don't know what the orbital period is.
  7. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Confirmed by musk. The center core only lit the middle engine and crashed.
  8. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I don't know. Therefore it must be on a sound stage and space flight is fake.... Eh I mean I am not sure but not meteors, it is coming from the car it seems.
  9. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    At least it isn't just me.
  10. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The best we have got so far. I should copy this response to clipboard. I have a feeling I will need it again.
  11. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I am very sure Jeb is the Stig's Kerbal cousin.
  12. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    No. They say it is Star Man but I am fairly sure it is Jeb. He always does that.
  13. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Exactly. I wouldn't be surprised if it crashed but but the one thing we have a lack of is facts. In addition to what you pointed out, Musk said as long as it clears the pad enough to not damage it, he will consider it a win. (Though I secertly wonder if he was just being careful with expectations.) The best we got.
  14. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I think that was just loss of signal. That is ambiguous. Do we have an official source?