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  1. Does anyone know what's needed for RSS scatterrer with clouds? I've been scrolling the forum and the internet and I am just confused now. XD
  2. Is there a config to make these optimized for RSS? An ssto is near impossible in RSS! As always Nertea, thank you for all your work with KSP!
  3. Does this work with RSS? I've been trying to figure out the web app and how to calculate Delta-V from Earth to Mars.
  4. Is there a calculator for going to other planets for this?
  5. Thanks a lot everyone! I love these flags! Hopefully someone has 1.5 and can upload it!
  6. You still around bro? I was wondering if we can get a download link to your awesome kerbalized flags?



  7. Awesome mod! Although sometimes the decoupler shroud doesnt appear to be connected to the next stage and theres a lot of wobble? Am I just building my rocket wrong (top heavy) or is this a common bug?
  8. Hey guys, I found this .pdf on the internet and it is absolutely amazing and felt I had to share it. It's a Boeing document that shows different capabilities of SLS. This is so inspirational. Hopefully not a repost.
  9. Just tried that patch and now I got my hydrogen Vasimr! But now my Xenon mode is gone. Based on what you said, I'm guessing I have to create a new node somewhere for a 3 fuel modes as opposed to 2? I'll check out that thread and mess around a bit. Thanks a lot for your help!
  10. Thanks a lot! That sounds a lot simpler than I thought! I would be willing to learn more about config patches etc. If there are any useful threads, links, tutorials that provide help I'd be glad if you shared them. I find the more in depth I get into KSP the more and more I ask the generous KSP community to help me, it is reaching the point I have to start modding/patching myself.
  11. Hello, I'd really like to be able to refuel VASIMR engines with hydrogen, but it was recently removed as a fuel for these specific engines. I was wondering if someone had a .cfg patch or can point me in the direction to learn how to edit .cfg's? Thanks.