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  1. Is there somewhere we can download older versions for 1.8.1?
  2. Oops, i meant the one multimode aerospike. Is that one still in the mod?
  3. Anyone on 1.8.1 unable to find the "efficient" multi mode engine from NF Aeronautics? It's the one that looks like an aerospike. I can only see one that is atomic powered.
  4. When I look at the sun from earth I see multiple little suns in a grid like pattern? Anyone know of this bug. tried googling.
  5. Anyone figure out how to get this to work for 1.8.1? I get an endless loading screen most likely associated with Kopernicus, I've tried deleting all the other gunk in Kopernicus folder.
  6. Does anyone know what's needed for RSS scatterrer with clouds? I've been scrolling the forum and the internet and I am just confused now. XD
  7. Is there a config to make these optimized for RSS? An ssto is near impossible in RSS! As always Nertea, thank you for all your work with KSP!
  8. Does this work with RSS? I've been trying to figure out the web app and how to calculate Delta-V from Earth to Mars.
  9. Is there a calculator for going to other planets for this?
  10. You still around bro? I was wondering if we can get a download link to your awesome kerbalized flags?



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