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  1. I have a bunch of broken SSTO's now. All these no longer work, the strength of parts seems to have been nerfed also, a lot of my craft are self destructing when pitching.
  2. Ahhh not cool its broken again..... i just finished it..... come on..... Thanks 1.0.3 back to the drawing boards lol. The new jet exhausts look awesome though.
  3. Here ya go man To do a spoiler you type " put pics here[ /spoiler]" without the spaces, here check this page out if you are having any troubles http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/misc.php?do=bbcode#spoiler
  4. Do i spy marks of excellence on that t34? I think someone plays world of tanks awesome builds man
  5. Here are all of my replicas for 1.0.2 so far (all 100% stock) McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom II (Earlier cockpit design in video) Description: This F4 Phantom is capable of supersonic speeds (up to and over 1000m/s) as well as having 4 working stock missiles which are controllable if you want to switch to them for a guided attack and 54 bombs in its bomb bay which fire 6 at a time, the plane is also flyable without using SAS control, what more could you ask for when trying to blow something up? (Disclaimer: bombs may only scratch buildings, warranty void if launched) Flight instru
  6. You are probably right, My SSTO's top out at around 5000m/s in orbit, could probably get a fair bit more with less thrust (less mass and so on) Just sayin rune, enough thrust and you can break the mach barrier below 10km, Heck with enough thrust and you can get into space without rocket assistance
  7. Hey Alex do you want me to have a crack at building a launcher for this craft? Btw... I LOVE IT, looks amazing man
  8. Yeah it will be in the game data file somewhere i just have no idea where lol
  9. The one graphic setting i cant seem to change is the exhaust smoke and it is where literally 90% of my lag comes from, so what do i need to delete from my game file to remove the exhaust smoke and take off smoke? I mean as cool as things like this look my PC just cant handle it.
  10. Idk my high twr craft seem to out perform my low twr craft constantly, Cronus is a good example of that, i was unable to get 80 tons into orbit without a TWR of 1.8:1, Maybe its just the way i build things... im terrible at being conservative.
  11. Hmm how did you manage to get into orbit with so few engines? im already at nearly double your crafts mass trying to make a similar design and to get it into orbit im using 10 rapiers and 20 turbo jets, admitted its TWR is over 2:1, ill try lowering the twr and see how it goes i guess. Your a legend OP, i did not even think of building a craft like this before you did.
  12. Tbh i still prefer 0.90 and white lightning mk5, its under 200 parts and goes to the mun then minmus then comes back to kerbin. Could simply make more complex craft with far less parts in the older versions
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