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  1. I've just encountered an issue where a vessel marked as debris, which was otherwise a fully functional vessel with life support and kerbals, didn't actually have any resource consumption until marked as a ship. After 200 days in space, even all of the non-renewable consumables were at max still.
  2. Another little update. I hid the escape pod bits (they still exist though) because I'm really not happy with their current state. I added a set of 3 small radial probe cores (textures are almost non existant, will likely be improved in the future). Added a WIP vacuum engine (similar case with simple textures to be improved). Also added the containers from a side mod I was developing- these are a rectangular probe core RCS service bay with junior docking port, an identical version with no walls or service bay functionality, and a partially textured adaptor for the wall-less version for mass attachment of the wedges from the new Universal Storage 2.
  3. Another update! This one adds the Integral and Derivative, a pair of engines, one for atmosphere and one for vacuum, stats subject to change. They have a 1.875m stack size, though with the nozzle size and power they'll readily fit on a 2.5m stack. They haave a high max gimbal too. Still working on a custom particle effect for the atmospheric version, and emissives. And no, still no IVA.
  4. Thanks. Still got quite a few kinks to work out and development will be slow though!
  5. Another update! Big old escape pod for all of your large escape pod needs. WARNING: Uses a borrowed IVA, only seats 3 kerbals (will seat 8 when I've done with the IVA). This consists of 3 parts- a launching bay (fancy decoupler), the orbital maneuvering system (get your kerbals on a re-entry course) and the pod (get them down safely). The pod does have some drag problems right now, so I really recommend a shallow re-entry unless you want to smack into the ground.
  6. There are a couple of good dark skyboxes out there with high-res stars and other details. I also recommend planetshine as it reduces the general ambient light level in shadow (to absolutely 0if you adjust the slider).
  7. Added a new part, an enormous 15m LF tank: Also slightly tweaked the emissive on the nuclear engine.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I have already grabbed most of the minmjus science, I am playing on a low-science multiplier save. To get the spaceplane tree unlocked I’ll need to go interplanetary again.
  9. Wasn't entirely sure how to word the title. I'm not great with maths, so I'm asking. Say I have a situation where I'm using a nuclear engine, whether the stock NERV or a modded nuclear engine, which is heavy, efficient and liquid fuel only. For the sake of part count and tech tree unlocks, I want to use LFO tanks with the O drained out rather than loads of the aircraft tanks. I also don't want to install a tank contents switching mod. In this situation, for a large long-distance orbital mothership, is there a point (likely a mass boundary) where it would be more efficient to take a tiny tank and loads of ore/ISRU converting to LF, rather than LFO tanks with the LF drained? Edit: to clarify, I don't mean mining along the way, just carrying a converter and ore tanks instead of drained O regular tanks.
  10. Reviving this because I intend to use this thread for parts I am making again now, and felt the need for necromantic magics.
  11. Thanks for the tips, I'll look into doing that. I was honestly rushing a bit on these first models, and I think taking my time might help Also, uploading another pic just for scale. Edit: As of tomorrow I'm probably going to remodel those bits I've made so far in a slightly different and easier style, and not worry too much about keeping a low poly count. I'll use a higher res texture next time too.
  12. I've given up on this modding attempt, I am not good enough at art to do it.
  13. That fixed it, I feel stupid now. For anyone with the same issue: USE THE CORRECT UNITY VERSION!
  14. Currently attempting a total reinstall of Unity just in case that helps. Edit: Didn't help at all, still no write button. I've seen in a couple of places on the net that empty configs in the gamedata folder can cause this, but I haven't linked it to any gamedata folder or anything. Couldn't find any option to do so anyway. Edit edit: Apparently Part Tools is supposed to be listed under the unity tools menu, but it isn't. Edit edit edit: Trying the unity version it actually required in the part tools post (didn't realise it wasn't the latest)
  15. Been trying to fix this for a while. I've imported the package several times over, I've deleted the original package files every time, I've tried overwriting them too. It looks like this: No matter what I stick in the name and path, nothing appears.