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  1. Between work and life I have not had the time or patience. Plus a lot of it I want to redo. However I am going to put it up on Curse in it's current state so you can play with the MG 131 and the M1919+H.S .104 combo. May need to wait for the file to be authorized. https://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/tuke-attack-systems/files/2360837
  2. From my experience it works, but not quite right. Especially if you set it for one craft and switch to another.
  3. Basically? I got sick of relying almost completely on mods to build things. So I now normally make things that are almost completely made from stock parts. And heck, I think I've done ok.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. So the Faired Hispanio has a hight poly count, and i think, large textures. Similar with the Vickers S. The Faired Hispanio I'm reworking, and the Vickers S I'm completely remodeling.
  5. Keeping in mind though that the part were making planes from in KSP are heavier than what they built a Bf-109 out of.
  6. It may just be my game, but all of these engines either don't play much noise, or are the same volume no matter how far away you are. Also can I recommend buffing the Daimler Benz, and nerfing the Bumblebee and Cyclone. On the upside I love the models!
  7. Looks nice, but that freeway looks way too narrow.
  8. Yep, M1919 has it's new model, the MG 131 is almost done (Just need to tweak the attachment values so you don't have one ejecting shells up and another ejecting down), and the MK108 is next. However I'm going to wait until i have a decent sized update before i do the update.
  9. And when it's a case of the wrong animation module in unity or some silly c*** like that, yeah.............. Even now I am still guessing, hence why I don't even want to try a cockpit because I will in all likely hood be unable to do the IVA. So THIS is what I am making, not much, but still surprisingly difficult.
  10. No that's not what's done it for him, it's the lack of detailed patch notes, supporting modders, explaining API, or even any real modding guides. I mean I have a small mod, and EVERYTHING I had to do to make those parts I had to either trial and error (try it, it's not fun at all), or i had to try and find something community made. Also he already said he's sorting out new ownership of the mod. EDIT: Also try sorting through the tonnes of stuff in the debug menu to try and catch a glimpse of what making that part not show up in game. Good bye Fengist my old friend, I salute you for the work you had done. Happy sailing and fair seas my friend.
  11. Ye, it went to shoot at something in-front of me and got me instead. I had them flying with the Wing Commander.
  12. The competitions back!!!!! Not really competition, just another part of the market. I'm back to KSP and working on expanding TAS once again now that a lot of RL stuff is out the way. Got custom sounds/fire animations etc yet???
  13. So still no anti friendly fire? I got TK'ed by my followers, then the corpse of P-40B crashed, then the Bf-110 who TK'ed me plus another Bf-110 crashed into the ground behind me :l
  14. Here's some eye candy:http://imgur.com/a/h4x27#16
  15. Hi, EVERYONE does mustangs. So as such Mustangs are low on the priority.
  16. I use extensive part clipping. Also even though I've been gone a while, the Mk108 is probably next after the MG131 thats nearly finished.
  17. In short Squad never imagined water as being anything other than a big splashy (And highly destructive) landing pad.
  18. There's a lot of work, fiddling, swearing and cursing associated with making IVA's, especially when your new to it. Thats why a lot of new modders either don't attempt cockpits, or use the stock IVA's as placeholders.
  19. You *cough* realize i have already made quite a lot *cough* - - - Updated - - - A.K.A Please let me retain something.
  20. This potato only generates 1.1v of electricity, i 'literally' don't have the power to lie to you.
  21. Wait so the mod is 1.0.4? I though that was the game version it worked on:P Remembering that mine is muzzle - Barrel - Receiver block - Funny cylinder bit on the end. I have quite a bit more gun modeled.
  22. Ok good news. I fiddled with the muzzle flash of the Hispanio and it will now no longer fly backwards through the plane when your moving, plus i have drastically reduced the poly count of the M1919 so it's nearly ready. Also i will be re-implementing the combos in the next update. Now because i would like to keep some hair I'll leave turrets alone for a little bit and make some German weapons, probable just the MG 151/20 and MG 131 for the moment.
  23. What version is this mod at? - - - Updated - - - Also it's rather interesting sitting my H.S 404 next to yours on a plane. Mine's twice as long
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