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  1. Man, I struggle enough as it is. I can't imagine trying to plan landings with wobbly planets. How about there are only tilted planets in other systems? Leave Kerbol system as is.
  2. Well first of all I would like Life Support to be a tied to difficulty setting. Personally I would like my first playthrough to be like a 'normal' KSP1 career. I don't want to mess with life support on my first go as I have never played KSP1 with it.
  3. Give us our ekranoplans!!!
  4. Have to disagree. One of the missions of KSP is to get people (young people) interested in space exploration. Sandbox Mode is the easiest way to do that. I think plenty of people like messing around in Sandbox mode for multiple reasons. Some use it to test things they plan in career, and i bet some do primarily play in Sandbox mode.
  5. It was Kerbal Engineer. Thanks for the responses.
  6. It's a mono.dll crash. Assuming outdated mod but I just reinstalled game and downloaded updated mods. Log and crash.dmp linked below. Thanks. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Zsr-djfaWkmS3wK6HyiDlMYgHHR-vuqX https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gmPFzTXjnrQcUFUuJTFlOWZ7Cvty812R
  7. Well I have it on steam but was playing it before it was on steam I think.
  8. kind of a silly question but how do I find out when I bought the game? LOL
  9. Built my first truly successful Mk3 Plane. The AN-100. And then (for the first time) successfully transported a large rover to the North pole. The plane had exactly enough fuel for the one way trip. Even with time acceleration it was a long trip. PS- I forgot to mention I completed three tasks with one Mk1-2 command pod as well. Val took up two scientists and dropped one each at two orbiting stations. Then rescued a stranded Kerbal from Kerbin orbit. Two of those tasks were paid contracts. Putting the scientist in the Mun station was just gravy as once that left Kerbin orbit and made it to Mun orbit, that paid handsomely as well.
  10. So last night I finally rescued my stranded Mun mission. Their lander ended up not having enough DV to get back into orbit of the Mun. So in a political miracle, the USSK sent a rescue ship. The United States of Kerbal (USK) Mun launch. Utilizing an Apolo style(ish) lander and command module docking. First Kerbals on the Mun! Look at that view! The USSK Mun rocket with rescue craft. The USSK lander was not built for reentry to Kerbin but to get the Kerbonauts off the Mun and back to their command module. The USSK rescue lander. Turned out to be poorly designed as the lander legs didn't quite reach past the bottom of the Poodle engine. (F9 was used more than I'd care to admit to get the landing pictured below) The Kerbals jetted over to the rescue pod with all their science in their pockets and then launched toward their command pod. Do to different controls in the USSK lander much DV was wasted trying to get the rendevous but it was successful. Fuel was transferred to the command pod along with the science reports and the Kerbals themselves of course. The command pod got them safely back to Kerbin and much rejoicing was had at the USK and USSK command centers.
  11. Usually with very boring names. Like Minmust I, I need to know what it was built for. If I used creative/poetic names I would forget what they were for.
  12. I got a lot done last night. Added a 'station core' to my Minmus station (4 XL solar panels, 4 docking ports and rcs). Then flew up an orange tanker. I need a beefier launch stage for my tanker because I burn too much of its own fuel. Once the tanker docked I refueled the Minmus lander. Then Bob transmitted what science he and his partner had in the lab before boarding the lander. They landed successfully about 1.5k from the ground base with no SAS. (That was a bit hair-raising) Then Bill came out to say Hi and set up the surface experiments. Bob activated the experiments and the wait began. While the guys were enjoying their reunion on Minmus, the engineers at KSC were still working. The transmitted science allowed them to develop surface scanning technology. So a satellite was built and sent to a polar orbit of Minmus. (Actually the sat completed a sat contract first then moved into its final polar orbit) The scan revealed a lot of pretty colors. And ironically enough there is a 90% concentration of ore in the same flats the ground base is on. But far enough a way that a new base will have to be sent or wheels shipped out to Bill so he can install them on the current base so Jeb can drive over there. Of course we haven't figured out how to get the ore yet...
  13. Put one relay up around Kerbin last night and realised I really need to get some geosynchronous sats up. Also finished designing my two section K&K Minmus base. But apparently I need a big ass rocket to get go Minmus in one stage. A couple 'test' flights and it would fly Minmus but probably wouldn't get a good orbit.
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