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  1. I do have Memgraph installed, but I wasn't using any of its active (memory-poking) features at the time. It could be an issue with mono or some other weird low-level thing though, as I am playing on Linux. Thanks for the help. In the meantime I'll just spam RTGs for power. Edit: It appears to apply to all reactors, as my open cycle Safety Ray™ refuses to fire up without crashing the game.
  2. 1. UX-0 thing was Community Parts Titles. My bad, didn't realize it also did the Near Future Parts. 2. I tested with an install with just the NF mods and DBS. The issue did not occur. I was also unable to replicate it with Heat Control radiators. It appears to be caused by a really weird interaction on that particular installation.
  3. I'm experiencing some weird issues with DBS and NFE. My game crashes when I fire up the small .65m reactor, but the logs hint at DBS being the culprit. Unfortunately, the craft that this issue is 249 parts, and it takes about 10 seconds to add or remove one on my computer. Notably, when designing it in the VAB the thermal UI eventually stopped recognizing the radiators - for whatever reason, it didn't process the new radiators that I added to the thing. I'm playing on Linux AMD64. DBS is version, NFE is 1.0.2, installed via CKAN. All other mods are latest CKAN versions as of Aug 2
  4. Odd. I cloned the repo and just copied over the entire GPP_Scatterer folder, but I'm still getting black cloud errors.
  5. Speaking of things I love, GPP is working fine on 1.6 except for the aforementioned scatterer black clouds. Are there any workarounds at the moment? I'd be willing to turn off clouds or use a 2d style or something like that. I'm also excited for whatever that "labor of love" is Here's my black clouds player.log, not sure if this is under scatterer's jurisdiction or yours. I'll go over there if need be. https://mega.nz/#!DUJwUYjI!DTm3srLuv_0tO8T8RmopnQn0ZsjWUgD0RKWh3qqYLnU
  6. Yeah, no FAR, version 1.4.3. I placed them without symmetry so the flaps would deploy properly, they're attached to some big procedural wings towards the very back of the plane. I also have a set of canards up front. Pitch is working fine, but roll is inverted (which means I can't just set the actuation to -100 and invert them.)
  7. Since you might be busy, what can I do to try to resolve the roll/inversion issue? Right now they seem to be fine for pitch/yaw but roll is inverted.
  8. I have no idea. Experiment. It's a compromise between memory usage and lag spikes. I think mine is ~2048 or so
  9. Depending on your total amount of ram (and operating system: Linux handles OOM far better than Windows) you can edit the "padhead.cfg" file inside MemGraph's folder. Just increase the max value (I think I use 2048 or 4096, I can't remember) and then hit Mod + End to allocate more RAM to KSP, and allow it to do GC's less often.
  10. I'm playing with Galileo's Planet Pack. Unfortunately, when I tried to do the investor mission, the poor guys spawned out in the middle of the ocean. Is there a way, or place, for me to edit my saves so the prerequisites for the casino are fulfilled?
  11. I did, before I got this message, while researching KSC garbage collectors. For anyone reading this, "a lot" is an understatement. It brought down the lag spikes from once every ten seconds to once every two minutes.
  12. This was the prospect of the ScienceAlert mod...you can see where "Here and Now" is inspired from I'm using the modified .dll. Performance has noticeably improved, but I still get big lag spikes. They increase in frequency and duration as the game goes on, which makes me think it's a memory leak and the garbage collector is struggling.
  13. I think I gave up and used SVT instead. This was a while ago; I'm playing with GPP now. Sorry for the late reply.
  14. I think SVT is actually compatible with this mod. I dropped it in the GameData folder and it APPEARS to be working -- ironically, KSPRC doesn't.
  15. Mk III planes. I could never really get high enough TWR. Interplanetary gravity assists. I can kick around in Jool's moons or even Kerbin but using Eve as a slingshot is very hard for me. Rovers. They always end up with ridiculous part count. 2.5m landers and capsules, I don't have problems with them but I can't use them because of how heavy they are. My brain won't let me, they're too inefficient.
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