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  1. I have tried making the part that I'm having a problem with the root part and then not and still having the same problem. When I- first launch the vehicle I can switch to another vessel and come back and the part will be the right size. If I save then quit the programe and come back thats when the part is resized back to it's origional size. I have even gone into the cfgs and changed the origional size to prefered size and somehow it nows what it used to be and reverts back.
  2. I see you were able to reproduce it. Let me know if you need me to as well. It only seems to happen on parts that wouldn't normally be tweakable but are now do to this cfg I put in. @PART [*]!MODULE[TweakScale] { MODULE { name = TweakScale type = TweakScaler defaultScale = 1 } }
  3. This is the 4th person with the same problem this week. There has to be a fix for it. Anyone.....
  4. I am getting this as well. I realy hope we can get a fix for this.
  5. I really like what I see so far. Have you thought about going procedural with your parts? The pack is already light but if you made it's footprint even smaller there would be no reason not to have MFS in your toolbox.
  6. I came acrose a set of 8K planet textures but they were from the old Universe replacer mod, so I was wondering what the file setup needs to look like in the default file so texture replacer will recognize them as planet textures. Thanks Brian
  7. From the videos it looks like you have some what of a working model, why not release it for testing I'm sure there is people out here will to help. i know I'm one of them. Great wok so far I would just hate to see it go the way of so many other great potential mods that never quit made it.
  8. I dying for some more realistic sounding engines. Booster and all. i will be keeping an eye out for this and If I can help as well.
  9. Would there be a way to use this to add better exaust to your rockets when taking off? Hot rockets just never really got there...
  10. I have a question as to weather this would be the right choice for me. I'm running Linux with the 64 bit ksp. I have 16 GB of ram so I'm not worried about running out of memory in that way, I have all of the visual upgrade mods and around 80+ additional mods and the game runs just as well with or with out them installed. My problem is with FPS. When I have a ship or station with more than 400 or so parts my frames drop to the point of not being playable. So my question is will this help me in the way of compressing the files so they can be displayed quicker in game or will it only help me loading the game quicker? Sorry to sound like such a noob but I guess I really am here. Thanks.
  11. I very much support this!!!! I have been watching this mod mature and have been using USI sense it's early days and I realy believe you guys could do some amazing work together.
  12. It would be sweet if some one would do the Osimov and Kepler MLVs for the Constelation mission also, but I know what kind of project that would be so it looks like I'm going to have to be creative for now.
  13. I know it's not all your parts but they are the majority of them. This is the start of my Mun mining colony.
  14. Looks amazing and like it was said above if you can make this work you will be a hero in these parts. With that being said has anyone realy given this a full test to see if the sling shot Kraken comes out. I know he takes a couple days to show up. I want to get realy excited about this but, I've been hurt before.