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  1. They do them pretty soon before hand on some Starlinks. The launch is not for ~24 hours though. 25 hours.
  2. SN10 flight was 5 days ago. Wonder what the interval between SN10 and SN11 flight will be? 2 weeks?
  3. Think they are the same, it's just the light.
  4. Don't really want to "like" this post, but I hope however the situation is it's to your benefit, even if briefly
  5. Apparently. You can google the place I mentioned and order some to try, lol. Anise and cinnamon cookies. The fat used in them is lard (accept no substitutes there, lard or eat some other cookie). Looks like the engine for Spaceship 2.
  6. Was at Total Wine yesterday shopping for not-wine (bitters and amari, mostly), and right across from the bitters was snack stuff, including local biscochitos. There's a local bakery here called Celina's Biscochitos (they ship) that makes the perfect version of the state cookie of New Mexico. Now I'm eating all the cookies.
  7. As in most ww2 movies with fighters in them, I constantly want the pilots to pull more lead, and/or to unload the stick before shooting. I suppose their poor shooting is actually more realistic, as even the best pilots only ever fired their guns in anger rarely (vs flying 10 gajillion hours in combat flight sims (with no consequences for mistakes ) to the point you can hit someone at several hundred yards with a snapshot pretty routinely) )
  8. I have billions of Marks in Reichsbanknote that my grandfather had lying about (Weimar Republic).
  9. https://www.mext.go.jp/kaigisiryo/content/20210303-mxt_uchukai01-000013139_3.pdf (in Japanese, but has some pictures, lol)
  10. Yeah, it really is a 1 shot thing. Makes me wonder about engine choice, to be honest. Ideally you's have the Earth landing engines such that it would nominally land with all burning, and sink rate controlled by throttle. Engine outs such that remaining engines can throttle up. If Raptor can't throttle deep enough, I wonder if they could make a different version with less thrust for landing.
  11. It moves to the pad Monday. Cryo proof, then statice fire... Launch in 1-2 weeks? SN11 will do the 3 engine flip, and 2 engine landing. Gotta wonder what is up with SN15. The lack of a nose tip, for example.
  12. No way they wanted a RUD. Zero probability.
  13. Dang, never got to see BOC (had their albums, though!). Can't remember if I was here the first or second night: BTW, it's kind of amazing how many shows I have seen that are bootlegged onto youtube. Probably helps that I grew up a train ride from midtown Manhattan.
  14. Yeah, there could be perforations under the bulges, it need not be an entire break in the skirt.
  15. Yeah, it's kind of a mess the way the sausage gets made. The Shuttle years were at first really cool, then it became more and more obvious nothing super interesting was gonna get paid for. I don't think national security plays much of a role (unless you take a few steps back and think in terms of money to keep defense contractors viable). Some pols like to talk that way, but the reality is that some programs get supported by Congress, then they will survive. Constellation was reasonably serious (I know a couple people who worked on it back in the day), but they had some ser
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