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  1. Yeah, I think that they decided that biconic was the way to go on large craft propulsive landings from orbital velocity (or higher), and it makes no sense to bust their chops retrofitting S2, which is not really fit for purpose in that regard. Better to jump straight to mini ITS. I think elements of reentry can be studied on F9 S2, but as data gathering, not actually trying to land the thing.
  2. I think the most we will see from F9 S2 reuse is testing to aid in mini-ITS. Entry burns, perhaps some materials testing, etc.
  3. Yeah, I have no idea if that is TPS burning, bells heating, or what.
  4. We had an annular here, and another one south years ago. Saw both. Worth it with little or no effort, not worth it with real effort required.
  5. Being stuck in Albuquerque, I only saw a partial (been there, done that, many times). I might have barely bothered, but it was my son's day before school (meet the teacher), and they had stuff set up. I have brought my filtered binos, and once presented with kids (and adults) and an astronomical subject, I found myself explaining things to them, which made the psychic pain of not being 10 hours north a little more bearable.
  6. I was offered a campsite at a friend's dig (he's an archeologist) in Wyoming, but the lone drive not worth it.
  7. Staying home in ABQ, not at my house. I can travel with less concern than my wife who is scheduled many weeks in advance (surgeon). We had talked about driving up, and keeping the kids out of school for a day, but the return drive will all the "fireworks are over" traffic from Wyo to Denver in particular would be awful, I think. ~10 hour drive each way, and the return with stops for food, plus traffic likely closer to 12-14. I certainly can't do a straight drive and back at this point safely, and even if we left yesterday, I'd be pretty beat trying to drive back by myself.
  8. Dunno, but dang cool. I'd love for the official landing videos to have SOUND. That would rock.
  9. 2 weeks after this one is the OTV launch, then 3 weeks until SES-11, and a few days after that Iridium from VAFB.
  10. My wife has cases she couldn't move (well, she could, but doesn't want people to have to keep their cancer some extra days). I either drive north with the kids for 20 hours solo, or stay home. Guess I'm staying home. I'm going to plan ahead for 2024 (which is about exactly the same distance away as this one for me).
  11. Greetings.
  12. Farmer's market is Sunday down at the old rail yard... took some pictures while there...
  13. If my kid doesn't get off Minecraft soon, you can launch him into space.
  14. Make em look like suits from the Pearl Harbor of SF movies?
  15. Static fire complete.
  16. Presumably the rocket is partially powered by cuteness.