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  1. new release ? Hi @all, there have been many commits on RealismOverhaul since the last release. - Great work! I was wondering whether there should be a new release and would encourage people to do one. - Thank you!
  2. When I use MJ ascent manager, and disengage the auto pilot all engines stop. Is there a way to avoid that? (I mostly use MJ Ascent to determine the point when I am in the orbital plane of the moon.) Thank you!
  3. Hey all, I believe this thread is missing the big news (or did I miss something?): RP-One 1.2 is out!! Works for 1.6.1 and 1.7.3. RP-1 has not been this recent for a long time. https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/releases Congrats and thanks to the great people contributing to this. BTW: Shouldn't the OP be updated? @rsparkyc - Or do we need a new threat?
  4. Oops. I confused RP-1 and RO. - So I am very happy that RO has been out for months and look forward to RP-1 in 1.6.1 soon.
  5. I do love the precision of this estimate. Seriously, this is a lot of work, depening on many people, many of which have rl concerns making them unavailable from time to time. - So don't feel offended if someone sends a snappy reply. I am very happy that 1.6.1 is coming soon. :).
  6. Short Q: Is it worth to create a fresh install to run RP-1 on KSP 1.6.1 instead of still using 1.3.1? - I am especially interested in performance gains making the game run faster. Thanks!
  7. How do you control these things? Just through the Action menue for the parts? Through action groups?
  8. Thank you all very much for the new RP-1 release. Definitely another huge improvement over the old one. You people rock!
  9. The 1kN and 2kN trusters do this. As does the RCS control engines.
  10. Besten Dank für den Workshop auf 35C3. 

    1. VITAS


      Danke. Nächstes mal wieder und ich hoffe etwas organisierter. :)

  11. Hey people, I hope everyone is fine. One Q: Is there any point in upgrading the VAB building beyond level 1? It costs 1m, is it good for anything?
  12. Hi all, I am wondering, how much would change to run RO without FAR, using the stock aero system? Would that be an option or blasphemy that'll get me a harsh reaction from @raidernick and others? Best, Gustav
  13. Nuclear Rockets Hi all, I am thinking of finally adding nuclear rockets to my crafts. However, I don't know how to actually us them. The only thing they use as propellant is LqdHyrogen, and this boils off rather quickly. So it looks like NERVA etc is useless for interplanetary travel, which would be the exact thing I'd want them to use for. How are you guys dealing with that? Is there acceptable heat control? Or do you just use them to start from LEO? Thanks! Gustav
  14. Also maybe not well-known fact. (At least it took me a while to figure out): Each time you _start_ researching a new tech, you get update points for KCT. (or UPA as it might sonn be called.) 1 gives you the ability to send kerbals to training. I.e. not proficiency means they cannot get mission training. 3. is necessary for missions. Makes more sense now?
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