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  1. Thank you very much. I've done further testing and found that the game crash due to RAM usage spikes when loading new scene. Mod, close this thread?
  2. Hi, Currently my game is constantly crashing to desktop when loading after the choose save screen (loading the KSP center screen). I've tested and found that it crashes even with a newly created save. Attached below are the logs. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pnta8bjf7zrntz2/AAAKVNsjOe3yMnSQMG3TsqnIa?dl=0 Mods installed: Active Texture Management X86 Adjustable Landing Gear Advanced Jet Engine Animate Emissive Module B9 Aerospace (Maintenance Port) BahanutoD Animation Modules Community Resource Pack Community Tech Tree Crossfeed Enabler Deadly Reentry Continued Distant Object Enhancement Docking Port Alignment Indicator Enhanced Navbal Ferram Aerospace Research Firespitter Core HotRockets Improved Chase Camera Interstellar Fuel Switch Kerbal Aircraft Expansion Kerbal Engineer Redux Kerbal Joint Reinforcement KW Rocketry ModularFlightIntegrator Module Manager Near Future Construction Near Future Electrical Near Future Electrical Core Near Future IVA Props Near Future Propulsion Near Future Solar Near Future Spacecraft Parts Pilot Assistant Procedural Wings RCS Sounds RealChute SmokeScreen Solver Engines Plugin Stock Bug Fixes Module Stockalike Station Parts Expansion TAC Fuel Balancer Toolbar Trajectories TweakScale Universal Storage Thanks
  3. I'm waiting for Gravity like Kerbal Space Program XD
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