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  1. Thank you about that remark, again, and as you say " We have to judge based on the infornation we have." As a police officer will not "assume" you have a pregnant wife in the car when he'll arrest you because of the speed limit, he'll judge with the information he have, and if you don't give additional data, you'll be faced with the charges based on the data that is available. That's why I made my whole post above, you see an injustice, call it out and take action, until proven otherwise. EDIT: Thank you very much for the feedback to anyone who took time to read and support/crit
  2. Dear everyone, When I was younger, I was always asked to not get blind when an injustice happens in front of me, I was easy and made sense for the young boy I was. Then with age, I understood what my parents tried to make me learn, sometimes it's really hard to "open it" when the whole crowd goes silent to when an injustice happens in front of your eyes. When I talked to the people around me who witnessed the injustice with me on "why did we stay silent ? we should have talked" There was those who agreed that yes, they were wrong but did not have the guts to open their mouth whe
  3. Install a server for me and try to get in touch with some enthusiasts to make some big plans
  4. I'm sorry, I would like to leave that train, I know that either I will not make it alive to destination, or the destination have been changed. I was told we are going to visit a game made by a small indie studio and that's why I paid my ticket for that train, and now I heard passengers saying that that studio got murdered and its workers had to sell their soul for the big empire or become homeless.
  5. Well, I'm trying to understand. At first, I thought that Take two just shot themselves in the foot, because people won't buy and give money to a company that have chosen to fire people and put the hunger/shelter knife under their throats by either following their unethical move or just stay without a job, all that, to make a bit more profit. But hey, who knows ? maybe they did the good thing in their interest because most people won't care and buy the game anyway, just look how EA are doing, so at the end of the day they'll have everything working as they have planned. There is
  6. None of us have a crystal ball, I'm relying on what I've seen on the comments on youtube at this point, I don't know if most people made their choice yet and you are right on this, still you cannot say that they didn't make their choice yet because none of us really know what is in peoples mind, that's why the poll is here, and didn't find any poll considering as much choices that's why I made it. You make a good point about the missing entry in the poll and I've just added it, thank you.
  7. Thank you very much for your response, but I think that most people have already made their choice unless take two step back. don't you think so ?
  8. Dear everyone, I've been in those forums since...ages now, I even developed a mod for KSP1 that we don't need now that we got electric engines in the game. But as a true believer in democracy, also as a big lurker and one member of the "silent mass", I'm reaching to everyone of you today, even people like me who just enjoy reading without answering (and there is many), with this simple and yet effective poll to show people's intention toward the ethically low move that take two just did. Of course, feel free to text your opinion to say what you've voted and why if you feel the n
  9. It's a long time for me that I didn't come back to KSP, since I got married to be honest. I'm very glad to the idea that someone took the idea and developed it. Thank you man, I am coming back slowly and surely to KSP, I'll contact you if I have time and energy to offer help, if you accept it of course
  10. Dear Squad staff, When I log into my account on the store page https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/kspstore/. After I log in using my credentials. I see "My Account" button. But when i click on it i'm just redirected to: https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/en/ . When I get back to https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/kspstore/, I have to log again and I can't see any download page. TLDR: impossible to download the game from the official website of KSP
  11. I have the same issue here, can you offer support please ?... we actually bought the game...
  12. Hello, No there isn't, I lost the files related to it. However if you want to work on it we can do it together Have a good day
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