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  1. I use the lab mostly after I unlock the tech tree and buildings. At this point I max the strategy that converts science to funds. I deploy science labs in orbits and on planets and fill them with data. Then while warping while running interplanetary missions, my space program starts earning money. I earn more as my deployed assetts increase.
  2. Don't let the few get you down. We love your work, your passion, and your one of the best in the community!

  3. Welcome Virtual! The one rocket not to miss is the SLS when it finally launches. Hopefully, l'll be there to watch it. Happy flying!
  4. Welcome Fosstar! Nice to meet you. Keep at it, it took me many tries before I learned to nail interplanetary transfers. One thing I learned that might help is switching focus to the destination planet to fine tune your transfer after you've set up an intercept. Happy flying!
  5. Welcome! Always good when a member joins to create new mods!
  6. You don't need to post a lot to be a good part of the community. Welcome!
  7. Welcome, enjoy the game. Don't let others salt ruin your meal. Enjoy the victories!
  8. Welcome to the forums!
  9. Welcome, you are not too late. I thought the same thing three years ago.
  10. Welcome to the forums! I've been playing nearly as long and also struggle with STTO planes that can carry decent cargo.
  11. An author? I have a cool idea for a story... It's based on my real life. Except I'd have a better job and a devoted girlfriend. Also I'm taller in the story. Anyway, welcome to the forum!
  12. Nice to meet you, nothing boring about saying hi. Welcome to the forums!
  13. Welcome to the forums! May your missions always be farther than the last.
  14. Welcome to the forum.... Again!
  15. Welcome to the community! Its always nice to have more modders.
  16. Glad you decided to take the dive. A good mod to start with is Kerbal Engineer Redux, it was my.first mod and the one I still find most useful. Welcome!
  17. Congrats! I always find it easier to build a two stage rocket to add upper weight. Good luck on your satellite mission.
  18. Welcome to the forum! Just curious, will you be doing an adventure in sandbox or career?
  19. Welcome to the community! It is a good thing when an experienced player who enjoys the forums joins.
  20. Welcome to the forums! Accent profile is best determined by trial and error, along with the sometimes conflicting advice from experienced players. Each rocket has a different optimum profile based mostly from TWR and drag. I recommend building a rocket and trying different accent profiles. Measure success by seeing how much fuel you have left after getting into orbit. Ang again Welcome!
  21. Welcome to the forums! Its clear from your album that artistic skills map to rocket design. The best function a rocket can have is good looks.
  22. Welcome Leopard! I started playing in sandbox mode and learned a lot about building and flying before I played career mode. It actually didn't exist then. Best of luck and happy flying.
  23. Welcome Baricus! I look forward to seeing you respond to some interesting topics, the forums always benefits with more people posting their views.
  24. You have quite a handful of mods. Welcome to the forums and the game. Have you tried Kerbal Engineer Redux? It is a very useful mod for determining your delta-V within the game.
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