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  1. I just hope you get contracted to work on KSP 2 parts, your work is gorgeous.
  2. http://spacedock.info/mod/1766/Internal_RCS Link to download.
  3. Can we have higher resolution screenshots, please?
  4. My Mk2 shuttle, which I build in career. Not really impressive, but i like in nevertheless. And a full album covering shuttle's first mission.
  5. On GitHub you should use "Releases" to put download links like this. https://github.com/RangeMachine/TextureReplacer/releases Also, I really like your models.
  6. My unfinished soviet slyle station which I was expanding once in a while for past 6 month or so when there is some free time during studies. Going to make american style multi module deep space ship and dock it to the station. I have already designed it, just need to launch and assemble. Sorry for potato quality, this is made on a laptop. And an album:
  7. This is a feature. Kerbals do not collide with wheels and landing gear to avoid violent Kraken breakouts like those present in ver. 1.1.
  8. A toaster with solid fuel powered toasts It can drive and it can shoot toasts made out of metal. What else do you need? Pictures:
  9. Flying Spaghetti Monster! Not 100% food, but still. Bonus pics:
  10. No, I meant that Z by default sets throttle to 100%.
  11. Binding screenshots to Z makes no sense, since is already has a binding. Otherwise, neat little mod.
  12. Since save upgrade system was introduced, I think your saves past 1.0 should be (almost) fine.
  13. A photo captured by Obvin Kerman right after docking his Prophet 2 space shuttle with Valentina's damaged Prophet 1. An anomaly occurred during the ascent of the first experimental spacecraft which resulted in destruction of one of its wings. Valentina managed to achieve an inclined stable orbit and had nothing to do but wait. Shortly, the only available space-worthy spacecraft, Prophet 2, was launched with Obvin piloting it. Flight was nominal and 4 hours after the launch two ships docked and soon Prophet 2 returned to Kerbin safely. Both kerbonauts were presented an award for Exceptiona
  14. I hope you will do as great job as all previous staff did.
  15. But it is still being sold. The community grows and so do sales.
  16. Strange thing that there is no info about this other than a short post on Reddit. If you remember, each person who left made a big message about that. And it was on every media.
  17. At this state, KSP has good past, bright present and mysterious future. Well, time will tell.
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