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  1. I am experiencing strange behavior with the part "Avionics [Procedural]". "Toggle Power" has no actual effect on the part, it still consumes power and it is still functional, even when it is "off" (at least kOS says it is). I am not sure whether that is an intentional behavior change by KSP-RO or RP-1. Is it? Additional Info: I'm using the default upper stage configuration. Procedural Parts 1.3.18 KSP-RO 12.5.0 RP-1 1.00 KSP
  2. So basically one is plain save to disk, the other is more like apply/activate.
  3. I don't think so. Thank you for the hint! That kind of double-save is unusual. I'm not going to test that just yet, as that runway is gone now.
  4. I tried adding a second runway to KSC but now I'm having trouble removing it. removed the instance in the KK editor, it kept reappearing removed the .cfg in GameData\KerbalKonstructs\NewInstances, it kept reappearing removed the Launchsite entry in the .sfs save file, still keeps reappearing I couldn't find where that second runway is still coming from, can you help me get rid of it? KerbalKonstructs KSP_x64 RO 12.5.0 RP-1 1.00
  5. I have a puzzling phenomenon with KCT 1.3.9 (KSP + RO 12.5.0 + RP-1 1.00) when reusing planes. Because of the runway gap problem, I opted to just launch planes with a small rocket booster (obviously a very kerbal solution!). However, this means I have to reattach the booster. This however drops the reuse percentage to zero (see screenshots). Even just a single decoupler reduces the reuse percentage from 99% to 75%. This is an average complexity plane much bigger than the booster, so I'm quite surprised. Also worth mentioning, I also recovered the booster, then scrapped it for lack of a merge option. What is going on here? Could I tweak the craft or some formula to remedy the situation?
  6. That's a very useful hint, I'll keep that it mind. Thank you very much! In this particular case, it appears that the stock mini chute, when attached to the side of a rockomax tank, partially embeds itself into the tank (that is probably a bug). I pulled it outwards a little and the chutes opened just fine.
  7. Addendum: I found a way for additional intel, and the parachutes arent actually cut, they dont really deploy (the still show up briefly until they realize that, which made me think they were cut). The deployment fails because "parachute is in fairings" which doesn't make any sense, as the craft doesn't have fairings. They are simply attached to the outside of your ordinary cylindrical tank. Is there anything else that triggers this message than actual fairings?
  8. I tried taping some chutes to a booster for fun (the booster "only" reaches 250 m/s). The chutes deploy, but as soon as I detach the booster, the chutes cut. Is that supposed to happen? I don't know what's going on. KSP log doesnt mention anything. Maybe StageRecovery is interfering?
  9. Awesome! You may want to make that a little more pronounced :-)
  10. What is that supposed to mean? Should I use KSP 1.3.1 with MM 3.0.4 or MM 4.0.2, or do both work?
  11. How do I use this? This really needs some better explanation. Tried everything mentioned in that reddit thread: But just nothing happens. EDIT: KSP 1.3.1 with RO, PWings 0.40.13
  12. I know there was a way to show the resource flow/transfer graph in the VAB (possibly using a popular mod like engineer), but I simply can't find any information on how to do that. If you know, can you please provide instructions?
  13. I just wanted to step in and thank you for all the comments. I didn't notice this came with 1.0 as I was mostly using spaceplanes in vanilla at that time and their mass ratio didn't change much (about everything else in the design did, but that was to be expected). I also switched to Realism Overhaul shortly after. Recently my gf started the game in vanilla. 4.5km/s is still found in my old spreadsheets and I remembered using two stages at 2.3 km/s dV, so just like you I was quite surprised these old designs could easily escape the kerbin system.
  14. Sort of, accel is at least g-force minus 1g (depends on attitude and altitude). However I saw 2g force and only about 0.1g accel, which doesn't fit the math. Ok if you have 3.4km/s then this seems to either really have changed, or my memory is wrong. I always used a little less deltaV than most others. :p