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  1. I see, Im using Scatterer, DistantObject, EVE with AVP as far as graphical changes go. I appreciate that you recognized the issue, swapping from KS3P to TUFX resolved the issue. It appears that KS3P doesnt have an update from the last version I had. Thank you for that recommendation, guessing by your choice word "successor" its safe to assume KS3P is no longer getting any love? This did resolve that issue for me, the saturation at the KSC is gone as well. Theres a bit of a difference in the looks I'll have to adjust to or figure out how to configure the profiles for now. Thanks again for the help!
  2. Yeah Im experiencing that exact issue. Im not using JNSQ but I do actually have KS3P and forgot about it. Im assuming theres been an update since I last played and I dont recall updating it in this round... will give that a shot when I get home. Thanks!
  3. Thanks. Been a minute since Ive used drive to share anything. Dropbox is being finicky. Here is the log https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MKqk-3GE8xre9Hg4vIN4_h233X-Hh9jd/view?usp=sharing
  4. Not forcing opengl anywhere I could find. I checked the steam launch options as well as the executables in the folder. Where can I drop the ksp.log?
  5. Im playing on windows, is that a linux specific setting? Im not seeing a specific setting for scatter shadows.
  6. That was definitely the issue. Thank you. I deleted scatterer entirely and dropped the fresh install in and it resolved the issue. I should really remember to do that for mods in the future. Out of curiosity though, does the KSC look like this for anyone else? It seems a little saturated. Additionally, I have this ghost plant on my launch pad, that I think is actually attributed to parallax. Anyone else experience this? If so, what can I do to resolve it? I also noticed some pretty severe framerate drops after launching, angling the camera toward KSC, and zooming closer to the craft. The frames come back the further from the craft I am. Its been a few years since Ive played so Im working through all of the kinks with a new modded game.
  7. Hello, I've decided to start playing KSP again and have finished updating all of my mods. Unfortunately I am running across an oddity. I have the most recent version of Kopernicus, and followed the installation instructions for the mod. I suspect the KSC is not supposed to look like this though. The map view looks fine, and at launch I see some of the trees etc, however theres no water. Anyone have any insight as to what may be the issue? Ive got EVE configs, EVE-Redux and Scatterer installed as well. Im not sure if its parallax specifically and will be posting on each of those threads respectively, and possibly reddit in the hopes that someone has an idea. I have a feeling it might be scatterer. Appreciate any help you may be able to give!
  8. Bump. No one has any idea what could be causing craft to just randomly disappear?
  9. I am currently running 1.8.1 with a number of mods that are as up-to-date for that version as possible (as far as I can tell). I have a refuel station in orbit of Minmus that recently decided it was going to suddenly disappear when I switch to it, or fly to it to refuel (how I first found out). I have no idea what the heck could be causing this issue because Ive leveraged this station on many missions in the past to refuel craft on the way to my research station in orbit of the same body. I havent had an issue with any other vehicle/craft/station. Ive removed all debris and changed the debris capacity as advised in some other posts I stumbled acreoss but it hasnt made a difference. Removed mechjeb and kerbal engineer because I saw they might cause an issue, and I dont really use them anyway, and same issue. Log located here.. I notice a lot of errors..any suggestions on how to resolve some... or any of them is appreciated. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MKqk-3GE8xre9Hg4vIN4_h233X-Hh9jd/view?usp=sharing
  10. Okay, so I could technically use the most up to date version with my 1.8 build then, and deleting the .version will just eliminate that 'error' message.
  11. Im currently playing on a 1.8 build of the game and was wondering which version of EPL I should be using. When I start up the game, AVC tells me the version Im using is for 1.9. Is that an issue?
  12. Is there a reason why the colors are so vivid? Like... super blue water on Kerbin. Is there a way to dial it back a bit...? I love the mod, just not this particular change it makes... https://imgur.com/a/Gl5BGkl
  13. I know Im reviving an old thread here... but is there any hopes of this mod making a comeback? I rather liked the unrealistic dust clouds on Minmus and the effects it brought to all of the other bodies.
  14. Im running into a bit of an odd problem with RemoteTech. While troubleshooting my connection with a Moho Sat I launched, i turned one of my Minmus long-range dishes to point at the Moho Sat and it lost its KSC connection. Fair enough because it didnt have another dedicated satellite orbiting Minmus pointed at KSP to relay the connection... or so i thought that was the issue. I currently have a number of satellites pointed at Minmus proper to obtain connections with the space station, satellite and any unmanned craft I send there. The satellite, and all unmanned craft in orbit and on the surface of Minmus no longer have any connection to KSC. The orbiting station has scientists as well as a dish on board with direct line of site (the satellite as well) that are pointed to Kerbin. Took some screenshots of the trouble satellite that previously facilitated comms within the SOI of Minmus, a screenshot showing a commlink between satellites in orbit of Kerbin and Minmus, and a final shot of one of the satellites in orbit of Kerbin that has connection with Minmus. Any insight into what is going on? Similar problem with the Moho sat. The Moho Sat's dish is pointed at Kerbin and activated, and Ive gone through and pointed Sats to Active Vessel and directly at the vessel and nothing has seemed to make a difference. Dont feel like trying to figure out why i cant post direct links to the images here so heres the album https://imgur.com/a/0B7zIFM Edit: Managed to kind of resolve the problem but the original cause for total loss of connection to both the Moho Sat/Probe as well as the Minmus Satellite still dont make sense to me. I launched a massive comms array with multiple dishes in orbit of Minmus, pointing at Kerbin, Active Vessels, the Mun, Duna, pretty much anything I can point it at, I did. Eventually had an extremely small window where the KSC aligned with the Moho sat and recovered comms. In that time I switched the dish from pointing at Kerbin and pointed it at the BFS (Big F'n Sat) in orbit of Minmus. I'll be launching another 2 BFS' in orbit of Kerbin and the Mun for overkill.
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