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  1. Bump. No one has any idea what could be causing craft to just randomly disappear?
  2. I am currently running 1.8.1 with a number of mods that are as up-to-date for that version as possible (as far as I can tell). I have a refuel station in orbit of Minmus that recently decided it was going to suddenly disappear when I switch to it, or fly to it to refuel (how I first found out). I have no idea what the heck could be causing this issue because Ive leveraged this station on many missions in the past to refuel craft on the way to my research station in orbit of the same body. I havent had an issue with any other vehicle/craft/station. Ive removed all debris and changed th
  3. Okay, so I could technically use the most up to date version with my 1.8 build then, and deleting the .version will just eliminate that 'error' message.
  4. Im currently playing on a 1.8 build of the game and was wondering which version of EPL I should be using. When I start up the game, AVC tells me the version Im using is for 1.9. Is that an issue?
  5. Is there a reason why the colors are so vivid? Like... super blue water on Kerbin. Is there a way to dial it back a bit...? I love the mod, just not this particular change it makes... https://imgur.com/a/Gl5BGkl
  6. I know Im reviving an old thread here... but is there any hopes of this mod making a comeback? I rather liked the unrealistic dust clouds on Minmus and the effects it brought to all of the other bodies.
  7. Im running into a bit of an odd problem with RemoteTech. While troubleshooting my connection with a Moho Sat I launched, i turned one of my Minmus long-range dishes to point at the Moho Sat and it lost its KSC connection. Fair enough because it didnt have another dedicated satellite orbiting Minmus pointed at KSP to relay the connection... or so i thought that was the issue. I currently have a number of satellites pointed at Minmus proper to obtain connections with the space station, satellite and any unmanned craft I send there. The satellite, and all unmanned craft in orbit and on t
  8. So yes, the vessel that contained the experiment was active, both while docked with the station and after undocking (transitioned to the active vessel) and I would observe it uncheck that criteria on the contract. Switching between vehicles did not change whether the criteria was met via contract. Either way, I cheat moded it completed after returning with the vehicle (performing the physical requirements of the contract). I'll try your suggestion with the other experiment contract I have for the same station when I have a chance, if it reproduces, I'll give your dll a try and see if th
  9. Silly question.. is this working with 1.8? I haven't had the time to check and I want to replace Astronomers Pack with this.
  10. Dont see your spoiler but yes, the criteria "complete in orbit..." was checked, when I undocked the science experiment the criteria would uncheck and the contract would no longer be available to complete, because the next criteria was to return that experiment to Kerbin.
  11. Version 1.8 of the mod and the most 1.8 of KSP. This career was actually started on 1.7 and I noticed all of the mods I use were updated to 1.8 so gave a mid-game upgrade a shot because of the performance upgrades the new update provided.
  12. Got a pretty modded game 86(ish?) I ended up using dev mode (i think thats what its called) to mark the contract complete after returning the experiment. Its cheaty but not really at the same time I suppose, considering I met all criteria. I have another similar experiment that needs to be performed on the station so if it occurs again with that one, I'll give this a try and see if it works. The other contract was to just complete creature comforts on the station in orbit of minmus, contract said completed until I undocked the experiment. Its worth giving your advice next
  13. Has anyone made a proper ISRU guide for this yet? I cant seem to find a thing on how to convert resources into LFO. Is it even possible with Interstellar extended?
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