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  1. Thanks a lot @mikegarrison ! Considering all you said, don't you think it'd be easier to build organ-pipe-like resonators instead of wooden boxes ?
  2. I could have ask this on an other forum... but I thought it'd be cool to see how great the KSP community is So I'm planning to build a celesta from scratch. For those who don't know what a celesta is : So I want to draw the design but there is one thing I have to know before I start. I have to find out the size of the resonators. (note : each frequency/key on the instrument has it's own resonator) I found this formula on the Acoustic resonance wikipedia page : but how do I apply it ? For instance if I want to know the size of the resonator needed for a 442Hz A (note : each frequency/key on the instrument has its own resonator), how do I proceed ? Edit : One last thing : I don't know if it's important to know but the rectangular resonators are opened at the top - the side just below the metal sound plate.
  3. FRENCH updated to 1.2.2 PATCH FR - Traduction Francophone
  4. French patch manager changed : @iceolator88 is now the French patch manager. @Wickedgang : what translation are you talking about ?
  5. French names are really bad... They don't sound French at all No word can start with "ç", almost no word finishi with a double -s , most words/names finish with -e ... Only 3 of those 10 names are actually realistic
  6. Pas nécessaire pour l'instant. On patine un peu mais pas besoin d'aide, merci quand même !! Not needed for the moment. We have a bit of difficulty for now but we don't need help, thank you anyway !
  7. Ciao Simon. Sono qui grazie al tuo post su KSPItalia.
    Puoi spiegarmi di che tipo di aiuto hai bisogno?



    Hallo Simon i'm here tanks you post on KSPItalia.

    Can you explain me what kind of help do you need?



  8. Spanish patch is updated by @fitiales Italian patch is being recreated by @Nansuchao
  9. Hi everyone, Just to inform you there are some translation patches available in some languages for KSP 1.2.1, you can see them here ! We are in need of help ! if you can create a patch in a language that is not yet supported, please PM me ! I'll guide you through the process.
  10. @KingeOrge there are already community members that are translating the game to Spanish ( @fitiales is the manager of the Spanish patch) you can see more on my LangPatches project thread. @kapteenipirk @Badie That's why a translation company, which is obviously not playing the game, will make very confusing translation and I'm sure it will be completely unintelligible in some cases. And that's why a powerful community that does play KSP won't make horrible mistakes nor unintelligible texts. BTW @kapteenipirk you can take a look at LangPatches project thread if you think you can manage to create a Finnish patch based on the currently existing language patches that exist. If you need help PM me !
  11. Tweaked credits ! And thank you for sharing your abilities to the community ! LOOKING FOR FRENCH SPEAKERS READY TO HELP ! PM me if you can !
  12. Spanish Patch is currenlty being updated. French Patch is currenlty being updated. German Patch is updated Portuguese patch is updated
  13. Hello my old friend.

    Can you help me?

    Soon I´m going to release the new patch version and I don´t know which text file I´ve to introduce about the license.

    Currently I´ve included only this:

    \GameData\LanguagePatches\LICENSE.txt   (MIT)

    But for example, In the root of the file "" they also have their own license "All rights reserved".

    Which one should I put here?? ... Should I put my current license?? (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

    I don´t know.. :(

    1. simon56modder


      You put whatever license you wish for the translation content. However, you should mention that the LangPatches Framework is under MIT license, not the one your translation content is under ! :)


    2. fitiales


      OK. thanks!!

      A question.
      How can I get the textual content of the game without having to write it?

    3. Thomas P.

      Thomas P.

      You put this into a .cfg file in GameData. Make sure you dont have any other translations there, just this file

          debug = true

      This will create logfiles in KSPDIR/Logs/LanguagePatches/