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  1. Mitsubishi F-4EJ Phantom II Towards the end of the 1960s the Japanese F-104 fleet started showing it’s age. Modern air-to-air combat shifted beyond the horizon and a modern, robust platform was needed to equip the JASDF for the new era. Soon after the deal was struck between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and McDonnell Douglas the production of the F-4EJ begun - it was the first 3rd generation fighter manufactured on Japanese soil and apart from missing the avionics necessary for guiding ground ordnance (due to post-war Japanese military limitations) was just as capable as
  2. Not yet, but I could give it a try! Should be flyable with some tweaking i think c:
  3. HISTORY In mid-1960s airlines had to choose between the low-capacity narrow-body 707 or the massive 747 for transatlantic routes. Future of air travel clearly belonged to the spacious and cost-efficient wide-body jetliners and so a gap in the market appeared for a long-range, mid-capacity wide-body airliner. While Lockheed’s L-1011 may have paved the way for tri-engine jets it’s extremely complex S-duct made it hard to maintain and prone to failures. The odd shape also meant that upgraded, bigger engines could not be fitted. A technological wonder of it’s time was a dead end in the l
  4. The DC-10-30 is slowly nearing completion. I'm not sure whether I want to make the freighter or the passenger variant.
  5. You can use Elevons 2/3 to make that trapezoidal shape. It looks great!
  6. Large amounts of freedom are inbound to your location. ETA: a few hours or so.
  7. After finishing the Ki-87, I decided that it needed something to hunt for. Well, here's the Superfortress. It's got custom landing gear, working, spacious bomb bays and nice propeller engine replicas. I still need to do the cockpit which will probably take some time but it actually flies!
  8. The Phantom is up for grabs on KerbalX now. Also, if you prefer the oldtimers...
  9. Inspired by servo's brilliant replica, I have decided to give my old Phantom a little revamp and equip it with a new nosecone and intakes.
  10. Breaking Ground joints were super rigid in 1.7.2, but then 1.7.3 came and screwed things up. Pic of my Tomcat for reference: Btw, I love the Tomcat, great usage of stock parts!
  11. Yup, practically all means of delivery are allowed.
  12. Incredible job @Cela1! Great precision on that parachute drop as well! I will make sure to put the score on the leaderboard as soon as i can tomorrow since I'm preparing for a job interview right now. Congratulations on completing the challenge! I have to say i underestimated just how efficient those Making History rover wheels are since I don't own the DLC. That was great!
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