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  1. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Looks super nice. Six-bladed propeller makes me believe it is a more modern, non-WW2 propeller plane. Relatively narrow wings, that small intake under the prop hub and those two exhaust ports are also pretty distinctive. It looks like some small turboprop trainer, something along the lines of an Embraer Super Tucano or a Pilatus PC-9, probably the former due to the number of propeller blades. And if it is a Super Tucano, then the wings look lovely, but the nose section could be made ever so slightly sleeker. It's hard to tell the proportions without looking at the rest of the fuselage though so I'll be waiting for updates!
  2. Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk Replica!

    Absolutely brilliant! I've been thinking about giving stock heli replicas a try sometime ago but gave up due to how difficult it was. Things like these are what makes me want to give it a try again!
  3. OLS glideslope guidance system is undergoing testing! Looking pretty good so far although you need to strain your eyesight to see it's readings from a distance :v
  4. It's 1680-something parts if i remember correctly. FPS are manageable for me, but loading times are the main issue. Once you get into the physics range the game usually freezes for about half a minute just to get this thing loaded correctly. It is still quite fun to practice landings on, but it's main focus is accuracy, not performance.
  5. Absolutely. Mostly made with MK3 fuel tanks to keep the partcount sub-2000, but no mods apart from VesselMover to get it into the water were used.
  6. This is brilliant! I will try to fiddle around with the arrestor gear idea (even though the real-life invincible wasn't really designed for fixed-wing non-STOVL aircraft), perhaps on some test low-part landing strip first since the partcount would make reliable testing extremely hard, but the colored lights glideslope indicator idea is excellent! I will try to include it soon, probably sometime in the next few days! Thanks so much for the tips! I'm so glad to hear you like it! I was actually thinking how feasible would landing your excellent Tomcat on this carrier be. I guess lag could be a big issue, but I'm planning on making a "landing-lot's-of-not-neccesarily-reasonable-stuff-on-carriers" video sometime in the future so if you wouldn't mind I'd be honored to have your F-14 as a guest feature! c: Thanks for the kind words, will try to update the craft to make it more functional soon! c:
  7. I've always been fascinated with the idea of creating huge models piece by piece, especially replicas. Over my few-year long KSP career I've already built space shuttles, N1-L3s, at least a few not-really 1:1 Mriyas and some really big naval vessels. The projects got bigger and bigger ranging from 60m corvettes, through 90m rockets, to 130m destroyers. Once I hit 150+ metres i started getting into the aircraft-carrier size range. The partcount and KSP engines stability were the only limits. And just like that, the Invincible was born. At nearly 1700 parts this is a true behemoth. Running a GTX 1050 I managed to hit about 10FPS and had to cope with insanely long loadup times. While not exactly smooth, it is definitely manageable enough for me to be able to land fixed-wing aircraft on it with about 85% success rate. The partcount could be cut down greatly if I were to omit the details, but they're the part of the replicas charm after all. The carrier will most likely receive a few improvements in the near future. I plan on including some landing lights to make night operations feasible and perhaps including some period-correct carrier vehicles and/or some parked Harriers. I will also make the carrier mobile quite soon. For now it is a static model for practicing carrier landings. I'm releasing this version due to the partcount limits. I want to make this thing accessible to as many people as possible without crippling their framerates and frying their GPUs. Due to it being 1:1 scale it is perfect for testing out all kinds of life-sized carrier aircraft replicas. Stock arrestor gear isn't really an option but due to how strong KSP brakes are they aren't really necessary most of the time. The deck layout consists of two separate halves, the left half accomodates the runway strip and the takeoff ramp (and is the side you should probably be landing on), with the right part consisting of two parking areas and the superstructure. On the bow there is a small, functional Sea Dart SAM battery which in 1982 was the only defensive system aboard the Invincible. It relief heavily on covering fire from it's escort vessels (which I might make sometime soon, they shouldn't be too much of a problem to build and a whole carrier group might look nice together if it doesn't make my PC explode in the loading process) The deck is very rigid and should be able to handle hard landings with ease. The ski-jump ramp makes aborting your approach quite easy provided you spool up your engines soon enough. The carrier was designed to operate STOVL Harriers exclusively, but landing regular fixed-wing aircraft is absolutely possible. Might try to land my Tu-95 on it sometime soon for the memes. The carrier has functional citadel lighting. It doesn't do much apart from making it look extra nice in the darkness. As mentioned before, I'm planning on giving it some more lights and details and releasing a higher partcount version. It will light up the runway, the superstructure cabins and turn your GPU into heated plasma for some extra lighting effects. Optimal landing speed sits at about 50m/s for the majority of my planes. General rule of thumb for carrier landings is to come in for a relatively shallow approach, line up at approx 2.5km from the carrier and make fine adjustments to your attidute. Just before touchdown it's wise to apply a fair bit of thrust to make aborting possible if necessary. Watch your speed and altitude, the line between overshooting and hitting the stern of the carrier is a fine one. Here are some videos demonstrating some landing and takeoff examples. They also display the scale of the carrier in comparsion to the Skyhawk nicely. The A-4F is built in 1:1 scale. Here are the download links: CARRIER: https://kerbalx.com/EvenFlow/HMS-Invincible SKYHAWK: https://kerbalx.com/EvenFlow/A-4F-Skyhawk Happy landings!
  8. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Actually, I've gone for a full rebuild and backed up the save file about 10 Times during the building proces. The carrier is almost finished and I should be releasing it soon. Thank you for all the help. Lessons were learned. :v
  9. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    I think I broke something. After hitting about 1800 parts my game crashed as it sometimes does, but after firing up the game the craft refuses to load it up correctly so i'd be able to edit it. The load menu doesn't come down by itself and the place/move/rotate/change root menu is missing. Please help. ;-;
  10. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Absolutely understandable, the screenshots don't really do it's scale justice! Will make some scale comparsion screenshots after I'm finished with the superstructure for sure.
  11. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    The deck is made solely of MK3 tanks, that's actually the only way to make the deck rigid enough!
  12. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Making a project based around the events of the Falklands War and started working on the HMS Invincible in 1:1 scale, fully stock too. As of today it is mostly an undetailed hull but it is H U M O N G O U S enough that i thought i might share it here. 180m long, 40m wide. EDIT: Superstructure roughly finished. Just the detailing now.
  13. Yet another teaser for the same project. I've decided to recreate the British flagship carrier from the 1982 Falklands War - The HMS Invincible in 1:1 scale. As of today, the flight deck, all the bracings and the hull are mostly finished. Now i just have to add in the superstructure, the takeoff ramp, and fine details. The replica is immensely huge. It is over 180 metres long and 40 metres wide, thus capable of accomodating 1:1 scale carrier planes. The partcount is of course quite GPU-melting although very much manageable with a proper rig. I expect it to weigh in at approx 1200-1300 parts when finished. The initial structure of the hull. Building the carrier using a supporting structure makes it suprisingly rigid, it can survive direct hits from 15-20t plane crashes unscathed. The skeleton gets covered up. The unfinished flight deck. It is supported by generous strutting under the deck which makes it completely rigid and resilient to hard landings. Here we have a 14m long Etendard making a pass over the carrier. You can see how small the shadow of the plane is in comparsion to the structure.
  14. A little teaser for an upcoming project. 1982. Soon.
  15. I absolutely loved this video when it came out! Really few people care to take on this semi-realistic approach to such creations. It inspired me quite a bit when making this one tbh!