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  1. Working great now! Thanks for the quick update! Bamp!
  2. v0.0.3 Working Great in Win64 (x86 KSP 0.25)!
  3. I made a post in bug reports when 0.25 launched, because of how terrible and slippery the new parts handle. I hate them.
  4. I have no idea what I am doing with my life. (thanks ksp)
  5. Is this the real flight? Is this just KSP, Caught in a tailspin, No escape trajectory Open your guides Look up to the skies and see it's just for science, and making that history because it's easy income, easy flow flying high, crashing low Anywhere kraken goes, it finds me Kraken, just killed a man put the ship around kerbin landed mun, and now hes dead kraken, the flight had just begun but now you've gone and thrown it all away Jebediah, oooooooo Didn't mean to make you die I can try this flight again tommorow aileron, aileron, try to prevent the splatters Too late, bed time finally come sent me laughing bleary eyed with all the ways you boomed and died Goodbye, celestial body, I've got to go leaving Kerbin far behind to land on Jool Kraken, oooh (anyway the ship explodes) I don't want jeb to die I sometimes wish I'd used more struts and nukes I see a little silouetto of a plan, Scott Manley, Scott Manley, will you do tutorial? redesign and strutting, very enlightening, SSTO (SSTO) SSTO (SSTO) SSTO magnifico magnifico it's just for science, turn using gravity it's just for science, to unlock the tech tree Spare jeb his life in my monstrosity Scott Manley, Scott Manley, will you do tutorial? Yes, He has a tutorial! (Build your own) No, It will be a burial! (Build your own) The kraken, will never let me go-o-o-o-o(It explodes!) Will never let me go Never, never let me go no, no, no, no, no , no , no Oh, gravity-ia, gravity-ia (gravity-ia, let me go) Terminal velocity has explosions set aside for me! For me! So you think you can circularize with remaining delta V? So you think you can reach, in time, escape velocity? Oh, pro-grade, don't do this to me, pro-grade Just gotta get out, just gotta get outta atmosphere (oh yeah, oh yeah) Nothing really lands, Anyone can see, Nothing really lands, Nothing really lands on Gilly.... Anyone who tries knows...... For reference http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXXoNu189lc And I made this:
  6. I am an idiot. I misread Master Tao's post. I am now disabling the proper things. Thanks. And Sorry
  7. Probably just compression or something. 2.5 gigs when finished... Thanks steam! http://i.imgur.com/mo60mBz.jpg My wheels seem to stick (checked brakes), unless I hold E, engines fire up, nothing happens. No idea what the hell is going on.
  8. First thing I checked. All enabled. Doing full reinstall now (steam shows 2.4 gigs going in, then downloads .9 gigs) starting to suspect Steam issue.
  9. Still having issues with planes moving forward without holding E.
  10. Amazing. Don't even know where to start..... Really want to build something with HX, no idea how to go about it.
  11. Excellent tutorial series. Thanks!
  12. I cannot tell which blew up more, my mind, or my next 100 missions to Mun.
  13. I made an account just to upvote. A million thanks. 23 Failed prototypes, until finally a functional SSTO today (thanks to this guide). I blame Jeb.
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