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  1. Hi, I'm running ActiveTextureManagement basic and it hangs at RepulsorSurface\RepulsorSurfaceDiffuse. As in, no log, the program freezes. Any ideas?
  2. Oh wow. Is this even real life? Easy way to move USI modules? Great job!
  3. Wow, part overload! Finally some rover body possibilities! Thank you very much for these.
  4. One of my favorite mods, great pieces to play with! I have two requests, though: 1) Could you (or someone) make a guide on how to assemble various historical pieces and their purpose? 2) Could you please include the date of the latest update in the title of the thread? It would make it a lot easier to keep track of what mods I need to update. Thanks for all the work!
  5. Forgot about this. Anyway, I reinstalled and left out ATM, just running in openGL. Seems to work OK.
  6. It's a totally gibberish and butchered sentence. I believe he tried to write "The nodes just don't get as small as you need them to be. To get them to work (like that), even if you could, more than likely there's going to be a gap from the RCS to the box. They just won't look right."
  7. I have a ginormous mod folder. I was previously on 1.12 as I hadn't checked in a while. That worked without problems.
  8. Welp, after I updated to the latest version it stopped working. I literally see zero items in the lists. All the filters are still there, but the parts just don't show up. How do I start troubleshooting this?
  9. Great compilation mod! Just wanted to say that there are some inconsistencies. There are a few clone parts with only minor differences between them and for example the small monoprop tank has 300 fuel compared to the large one with the radiator which has 100:
  10. Hey, I uploaded some images of the corruption I was talking about here. HTH! Thanks for the mod
  11. Anyone getting texture corruption (plain white with red splotches) with some parts (primarily centrifuge but also airbags) when using Active Texture Management?
  12. Wow, I hadn't played KSP in a month or two and now I realize I can't actually play the game without this plugin. Finding parts is just too difficult without an automatic, easy to use catalog system. Why did Squad have to break this again? Please continue the development of this mod!
  13. Fantastic stuff. May I suggest antennas next? And new ones too, different kinds, if that is in your scope at all!
  14. I guess updates are nice, but I don't think the dev team is prioritizing correctly. There's still no native Load on Demand support and 64bit is still... broken. The base game without mods is pretty boring. One can only load so many mods into the 32bit client. Someone made a LoD mod, but it has a few bugs and hasn't been updated in forever. This should become a priority for Squad in my opinion. KSC upgrades are nice but not really in high demand or very useful.