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  1. Best thing I've ever pulled off in KSP was probably the time I accidentally got too close to Ike and had to perform this suicide burn: Somehow, the ship landed flawlessly and I managed to drive it home after getting some samples.
  2. SOI-1: Eeloo SOI-2: Moho Mission: Manned flight from SOI-1 to SOI-2 or viceversa. Return: no need to. You already won KSP.
  3. If that's what I think it will be, the final result will be quite awesome.
  4. Using overheating as a way to decouple stages in my early career is probably the most kerbal solution I've used in my career designs. Also, I once sticked a chair and some wheels on top of an SRB and made Jeb drive it around
  5. My long-term goal is to pull off a Whackjob-sized SSTO and deliver it to Eeloo or to Moho. You can't win KSP until you plant a flag on Kerbol and return safely
  6. Today I went to check on the Kerbals I accidentally stranded on Laythe. They somehow had managed to place the capsule a full kilometer under Laythe's oceans:
  7. The weirdest thing that happened to me was when one of my ships started spinning around while I was out planting a flag. Since Gilly's gravity is very small, the ship ended up flying over the horizon, and when I came back to Gilly after attending some other problems the ship had disappeared with Bill and Bob inside, leaving Jeb stranded there with no way to get back. And to top it off, a few launches after that incident Bill and Bob appeared in the Astronaut Complex like nothing happened. Second mission and already bringing vehicles to the Mün? I've yet to make an useful land vehicle on Kerbin, let alone send it into space
  8. I decided it's time to rescue the stranded kerbals on Laythe, so I've started building a boat. Right now I can't go faster than 30m/s without loosing parts, but I've got plenty of time until the next launch window.
  9. My first rescue mission was when I stranded this guy on a low Minmus orbit and had to go pick him up: It took a lot of RCS, but I eventually managed to get him to grab a ladder, get into the ship and return to Kerbin safely. Now I only have 4 kerbals waiting to be rescued, one of them on Gilly (who'll be rescued as soon as the launch window opens) and three on Laythe (who'll be rescued as soon as I can find a way to send a boat to pick them up).
  10. If you can perform an EVA-rendezvous, you're more than ready for interplanetary trips. And if you're ready for interplanetary trips, unlocking nodes in the tech tree until you have the parts needed for interplanetary travels shouldn't take you ages.
  11. I either use flags to mark biomes (where it is possible) or I just write stupid puns ("The Ike Hiker landed here","Landing on Gilly is silly", "There's now a flag on Dres",...)
  12. You forgot to program your robot, so it does not move towards me. I take the chance and program it... to shoot the next poster.
  13. My closest call was when I got too close to Ike and I had to perform an emergency landing:
  14. My worst failure was probably thinking that I could aerobrake at Laythe before aerobraking at Jool. Things went wrong pretty fast and now I've got a capsule with 3 kerbals stuck in the middle of Laythe's oceans. The rescue mission is gonna suck
  15. Last time I tried, my probe spontaneously disintegrated at 250m below Jool's surface. Since the probe ran out of batteries before transmitting the low atmosphere data, I'll have to send another one.