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  1. dang, absolutely demolished my record! Even though the KerbalX readout includes Airplane Plus it looks like everything can be recreated stock without too much effort, so you're still currently in the lead now I gotta come up with a better design
  2. the kerbals cannot be exposed to open air, I doubt you'd enjoy it very much if you were exposed to mach-speed air on a flight. As long as no part of their body is outside the craft anything goes
  3. That's absolutely fine! I know not everybody has making history, that's why I provided the rough location according to the map. Still a very impressive time! To Clarify: 120s burn time remaining is according to the readout of the stock Δv readout
  4. I present: The 'Unloveable' a top speed of Mach 4.1 and weighing in at a MEASLY 39.2 tonnes on takeoff this beasty is able to complete the trans-atlantik flight distance of roughly 1,300km in a lightning fast 12:29 at a cruising altitude of 13.5km. as long as you can make the distance you can use whatever you like, just remember you have to be able to take off and land in one piece
  5. The Kerbal R&D Department has been needing a fast way of getting to the dessert airfield recently. Something about being made of raw sugar? Anywho, while they've decided they have this mighty need the Kerbal Aeronautics Society has called it "a great faffing waste of time and money" and refused to fund their escapades, so they've decided to outsource. Thus, welcome to the Konkord challenge. The Rules Your aircraft must have space for at least 6 Kerbals in "safety" (no exposure to open air) The aircraft must be 100% reusable (take off and land in one piece, no decouplers etc) The fastest plane shall be determined by mission time from start of movement to as close to possible as 0.0m/s on either end of the dessert runway Stock only (including making history) UNLESS it is Mechjeb and/or Speed Unit Annex Include flying instructions with any craft files so others can try Provide screenshots of your F3 screen so we can see just how fast you really are You must have a minimum of 120s burn time left as something of a safety margin in case of bad weather/poorly executed high mach turns Do try to keep the costs down Unlike the Regional Jet Challenge, there are no altitude or speed limits. Our scientists need their research done, and fast! Basically, fly to here: As fast as kerbally possible and preferably without blowing up. Have fun, fly safe, ignore safety regulations. It's the Kerbal way. See the first post for a bit of a guide on how to submit an entry
  6. For the downward rigging why not do it more or less the same as the outwards rigging? so instead of the two bottom struts folding into position, it's the top strut? if I need to I can clarify with a picture
  7. Cheers for that info guys, I missed the post about the update. One thing I have noticed is that the shuttle body cargo door animation should probably have a toggle instead of individual open/close
  8. Could we get a stock fuels patch? I'd love to integrate the station parts with my existing stations but they all run on monoprop instead of hypergolic RCS
  9. I haven't had any issues so far, 1.3 and 1.3.1 aren't really different enough for a parts pack to break
  10. I got one to build a surface outpost with room for 8 kerbals, a science lab, an antenna, a docking port, and power generation on the Mun's northern pole that was a little frustrating
  11. it was the old ones I was talking about good to know tho, I haven't had a look at your new parts yet but I love when mod makers try to always improve
  12. I don't suppose there's any chance of replacing the (admit it) quite bad looking balloon textures?
  13. Here's Valentina Kerman on the surface of Minmus with the craft that was only intended for a Munar visit And here she is after pushing it back to Kerbin with her EVA pack because I was 35 m/s short of dV required to get an atmospheric entry