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  1. I've been testing the mod out for the past couple of weeks and it is really good! It's going to form the basis of my next career save and will hopefully work well with JNSQ at 2.7x scale.
  2. Here's the Munar Gateway Station from my current career... Phase 1 Serviced by an orbital tug on the far right and featuring a habitation module, utility module, cupola, airlock, station core module and additional life support equipment and docking node. Currently two of the 2-Kerbal Proteus spacecraft are docked along with a 2-Kerbal lander Phase 2 Serviced by a couple of orbital tugs (one is on a fuel delivery mission) and featuring an additional habitation module compared with the Phase 1 station. The station now features a 3-Kerbal lander (nadir port) and is now home to 5 Kerbals on a long term mission (Bobwig's crew is about to spend 30 days on the Munar surface in the big lander Mods used on the Station: SSPXr Universal Storage 2 Near Future Solar
  3. Just wanted to say what a great mod this is. It has really reordered my thinking about how to go about the early career. I also wanted to share a little album highlighting this, and a post I made in a KSP facebook group I'm part of... Using Probes before Crew means that access to 3-Kerbal capsules comes a lot later than normal in a career. But for my first manned journey out to the Mun I wanted a Pilot for flying, an Engineer for fixing things that might break and a Scientist for resetting various experiments. So I had to get creative! imgur 1st Munar landing with PBC album
  4. Today I made a spaceplane using the Mark IV mod...
  5. I gave it a quick go on my laptop the other day - seemed fine
  6. Just thought I'd show my latest creation. Running KSP 1.05 64-bit on an iMac in case anyone's wondering. The Mark IV multi-mode spaceplane (not very imaginative I know, but I'll name it later!) Mark 4 parts for the main body and intakes, Mark 2 parts for the lateral fuselage sections. Stock wings, control surfaces and tailplanes. The only other items are the dorsal strakes on the main hull and aerospikes on the lateral fuselage, which are both from Novapunch. The spaceplane is designed to get into orbit whilst using the KScale2 mod, which makes planets and orbits twice as big as stock, so delta-v to orbit is around 4,600 m/s, making the ascent and descent tricky from a heat management perspective. It can seat 16 kerbals, and has a small cargo bay fitted out with additional electrical storage, life support (TAC LS) and even a deployable solar array. I haven't worked out its full cargo capacity to LKO yet, but I suspect it will be approximately 5 tonnes, so nothing to write home about. Really enjoying making spaceplanes with this mod... I'm currently working on an alternative passenger-only version using the Vulture cockpit, and a cargo-only version using the standard cockpit as pictured.
  7. I'm still playing my 1.05 career for the forseeable future, and bearing in mind I already use Nertea's Stockalike Station Parts Mod and the entire Near Future range of mods, how is it remotely possible that I've never noticed this one before??.... it looks amazing.... downloading now!
  8. Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?
  9. Tried this out yesterday - really lovely mod. This is now the preferred resupply method to my stations!
  10. Working on Spacedock - just downloaded it today!
  11. Today I used the Remote Tech computer to program an orbital burn 17 minutes in advance as my probe was going to be out of comms line of sight when the burn was needed... ... And it worked!
  12. Nice series! You should consider highlighting Blizzy's Toolbar. I've found it an indispensable aid to organising my icons onscreen.
  13. Very cool, I've subbed your youtube channel. I'd ask you which mods you are using, but i imagine the list is too long to type!