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  1. Hey guys... How do you park your planes on the deck without slipping when the carrier moves? I tried to use KAS pipes but once connected, the plane and the carrier explodes and flies off to space. Any ideas? I'd like to park a whole bunch of FA-18 on my carrier
  2. Congrats! Reminds me of blocks in Space Engineers. Maybe some curved top blocks for dome habitats?
  3. Hi. Nice work here! Just a suggestion though. Is there a way to implement a damage system where damaged hulls act as a ballast and take water in? Sinking ship after being torpedoed looks awesome!!
  4. Hi. Nice mod you have here, good models and all... I'm using the latest B9 aerospace Release 6.0.0 (updated 16.02.16) and i noticed that the textures are no longer in their right positions. I believe you are using the b9 textures. Anybody who has a solution to this?
  5. Rotating missile/bomb rails!!! Now if we only have a better mk22 cargo bay with short doors...
  6. Once again, awesome release!! Just a question: Is there an existing mod for a Mk22 weapons / bomb bay that looks and works like in the f-22 raptor? I think it would be awesome. I kinda saw it in the forums before but no luck finding it.. any help will be appreciated.
  7. Guns in guard mode do not defend or shoot... Any body else encountered the same issue?
  8. hi everyone, does anybody have a code how to predict landing location on the surface of Kerbin using kOS? I'm writing a code for an ICBM. Thanks a lot!
  9. Hey Baha thanks for the latest update, I've been enjoying the dogfights with the new AI. Is there any possibility for a satellite GPS targeting? I found this mod I believe it gives GPS coordinates using at least 4 satellites. Any chance of having the same feature for BD Armory? I guess satellite targeting will be FUN plus it will make the use of the HE-KV-1 for anti-satellite warfare. Thanks!
  10. That F-22 Thrust vectoring engines looks nice... hope to see it in the next release
  11. Since wingmen AI is the next step for this mod, how about the option to let the AI land the plane at a designated area after a successful engagement or during an emergency (i.e. broken wing, engine, etc.)
  12. Just a question. How do i make the smoke plumes of the m-31 thicker and longer just like in a SRB? Thanks for your great mod btw...
  13. Hey Baha, is there a chance we can make a GPS targeted MLRS missile? Just wanted to build some rocket barrage systems...