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  1. This is awesome. I've been using a custom python script to extract data from telemachus and display it in a similar fashion because I really like the aesthetic of the old DSKY style interfaces. But your mod looks to simplify my overly complicated and messy looking implementation. I hope to see this work expanded upon.
  2. The same for me too. The Colonial Transporter breaks up on the launch pad before I even have the chance to launch it. Putting extra launch clamps up higher on the vessel makes no difference, it is like the attachment nodes are loaded broken because the game acts like the first stage engines aren't attached right when the physics initialize. Then the vessel half wobbles and half implodes to death. Even the small radially attached parts fly off. I went as far as testing the Colonial Transporter on a fresh install with no other mods and it was the same story. For some odd reason Kerbal Joint Rein
  3. I'm always happy to see new planet packs but what the heck is up with your resolution/aspect ratio? Edit: By the way, could you package your mod in zip rather than rar. I don't know if I'm alone in feeling this way but I really dislike the rar format. Zip has much better support, it has better features, is easier to deal with and the kind of files you are distributing don't benefit from rar compression anyway. It is a small gripe, I know. But it takes two seconds to compress the file in zip and upload it and then you save everyone who downloads the mod in the future from the little extra hassl
  4. Can someone please explain the newly added "optional manual fairing shape controls"? There hasn't been any discussions in this thread regarding the new feature and the limited documentation for ProcFairings is extremely outdated. I tried right clicking the fairings bases and the fairings themselves but found no option to manually adjust the fairing shape (excluding the interstage adjustment controls that have been a part of ProcFairings for a while now). I have manually installed Realism Overhaul with all dependencies and supported mods multiple times, so I don't doubt my installation ability
  5. Wow, these are some of my favorite textures released thus far. There is a pretty limited amount of custom Procedural Part textures out there and very few I really like. There is usually only one or two textures from each pack that I like and ever use but I like pretty much everything in this pack and use it almost exclusively now with the exception of 4 or 5 other textures spread across a couple other packs. Keep up the great work. If you manage to expand on the available textures a bit more so there is a tiny bit more variety I'd be happy with just this pack alone. Edit: By the way, random qu
  6. I hope to see this mod updated to 0.90 soon. I find my time playing KSP without it to be a lot less enjoyable. There are a bunch of features in this mod that greatly improve my overall gameplay experience.
  7. If nothing else PLEASE at least make a separate mod that enables the mouse scrolling functionality. And not just the mouse scrolling between pages, but the shift+scroll functionality that allows you to scroll through the categories as well. The scrolling feature is my absolute favorite feature for workflow. I can literally build almost twice as fast with the scroll feature. It allows me to very quickly jump categories and pages to find the part I need with almost zero thought. With the 0.90 update I am constantly flicking my scroll wheel expecting to jump to the next page only to be deeply sad
  8. I don't want to live in a world without EditorExtensions! EE is the mod I install first on every single one of my KSP installs (Kerbal Joint Reinforcement is installed second). I am constantly fumbling with the controls in KSP 0.90 now and while the editor has been greatly improved I still find it lacking. My workflow has suffered immensely so I pray for a quick and speedy update/revision of Editor Extensions.
  9. I like the general design choices. With some extra work on the models (adding tiny details and such) and some texture work I can see these parts (the engine in particular) looking pretty awesome. My only bit of advice would be to distinguish the engine a bit more from the stock Rapier engine in terms of performance. Maybe narrow the ISP range between atmo and vacuum so the engine has worse efficiency than the Rapier in atmo but higher efficiency in vacuum of space. It wouldn't be entirely realistic but it would give the engine some specific scenarios/tasks that it beats the Rapier in, instead
  10. I love the guides so far. I wish I had a resource of similar quality way back when I was learning to use the various features in KSPi. Would've made the learning process much easier.
  11. The new features sound very promising, I frankly can't think of anything I would like to see added. I really like the simplicity of Smartstage and I wouldn't want to see it bloated with unnecessary features. Smartstage, as it exists right now, is extremely helpful and solves a major gameplay problem that still exists in stock KSP (ie: the staging process). Staging is probably my least favorite part of the vessel design process (and KSP as a whole) because I can usually figure out my staging in a matter of seconds but Stock KSP's lack of efficient editing tools and it's generally bad UI design
  12. It is great to see this application being continually updated. I wish this project got some wider recognition cause it is extremely well designed and I love using it.
  13. This is awesome! I've wanted the ability to lock resources and toggle crossfeeding with action groups for ages. This mod is going to vastly improve my flight experience with some of my more complicated designs. Needing to quickly unlock resources on 4, 8, 16, etc Monoprop tanks mid flight is no fun. Action Groups Extended has already been an essential mod for me for a while. I'm pretty sure this mod is going to be another must have mod for all of my different KSP installs.
  14. This mod makes seeing the selected part a million times easier. And unlike the stock game the highlighting will show through parts that may be blocking whatever part you are looking for. With complicated designs it is almost inevitable that you'll have parts buried under a bunch of other parts which makes the stock highlighting (which is next to impossible to see to begin with) completely useless.
  15. I don't understand why such a small number of people respond on this thread. This mod is one of the essential mods I have installed with every single KSP install on my system. It should frankly be part of the stock game because it completely fixes a very fundamental and irritating problem. I really hope to see this mod updated and properly maintained like it should be.
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