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  1. Looks good to me, now getting the messages that didn't come with the last beta.
  2. I got it to trigger with just the following mods: KSP + Making History Near Future Launch Vehicles v1.1.7 Cryogenic Engines v0.6.3 Modular Fuel Tanks v5.11.1 My log file
  3. IFS? If that's Interstellar Fuel Switch, I don't have it installed and I was still getting the error dialog referenced above.
  4. The patch in NearFutureLaunchVehicles\Patches\NFLaunchVehiclesCryoTanks.cfg is trying to add a SUBTYPE that already exists in the base part config. Just remove that patch file and the warning goes away.
  5. Would that be why the basic tanks aren't showing up in the LFO category with FilterExtensions?
  6. I forgot to mention it in my first posting, but welcome back Fractal_UK, and thanks for all the hard work so far. I investigated the last issue I raised with the Telescope showing the "Helium Depleted" message even when attached to a full tank. I finally got a look into the source code, and it appears that it's just a display issue with the Sandbox (i.e. non-Science) game mode. On the last line of InterstellarTelescope.OnUpdate(): if (helium_time_scale <= 0) performPcnt = "Helium Coolant Deprived."; And then in InterstellarTelescope.OnUpdate(): if (HighLogic.LoadedSceneIsFlight) { if (ResearchAndDevelopment.Instance != null) { calculateTimeToHeliumDepletion(); ... } } Turns out my testing was done in sandbox game mode, it works fine in science game mode. If the same is not in an R&D enabled game mode, the helium_time_scale never gets computed, so remains at the default value of 0. Not that it really matters in the Sandbox Mode, because generating Research is pointless. I also tried the fix to the resource name for Tritium Breeding mode in InterstellarReactor, and it appears to function. Only thing is that the new reactor code doesn't display the Breeding Rate like it used to, any chance of adding that into the new reactor code?
  7. I tried it on my test install, and despite the telescope being attached to the helium cryostat, it said Helium Deprived.
  8. Is it intended that the Fusion Reactors no longer have on-board fuel storage? They no longer have definitions for Deuterium, Tritium or Helium-3 in their .cfg files.
  9. Okay, I've run across a few issues with Interstellar 0.12 with the reactors and the smaller D/T Radial Cryostat. If you attach the D/T radial Cryostat to a reactor, upon launching the rendered scene turns black, and the resources for reactor fuel (UF4, ThF4) show as NaN on the resource panel: When you use the large D/T cryostat and a Lithium canister, the Enable Tritium Breeding mode doesn't do anything. I created a minimal install with just Interstellar 0.12, Toolbar, and Alternate Resource Panel. (I also tried with just Interstellar, and the issues were the same) Kerbal Space Program - (WindowsPlayer) OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (6.1.7601) 64bit CPU: Intel® Core i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz (4) RAM: 16329 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (3072MB) SM: 30 (Direct3D 9.0c [nvd3dum.dll]) RT Formats: ARGB32, Depth, ARGBHalf, RGB565, Default, DefaultHDR, ARGBFloat, RGFloat, RGHalf, RFloat, RHalf, R8 I've created a zip that contains a .log, .craft, and screenshots for a few test cases. Since the game did not crash, just glitch, there are no dumps. Test Case 1: Fission Reactor, Generator, Probe Core, Microwave Transmitter; Works Test Case 2: Same parts as Test 1, plus a Lithium Canister; Works Test Case 3: Same parts as Test 2, plus the small D/T radial cryostat; Shortly after launch the scene turns black Test Case 4: Same parts as Test 2, with the large inline D/T cryostat; No black scene, but Enable Tritium Breeding does not function. Edit: And after reading some on the forum, looks like I included the wrong log files, here's an output_log of Test Case 3: Second Edit: Looks like I've traced the black screen issue to a problem with the .cfg for the radial D/T cryostat. The ModuleElementRadioactiveDecay was using the wrong strings for the resources: MODULE { name = ModuleElementRadioactiveDecay decayConstant = 1.7915586e-9 resourceName = Tritium decayProduct = Helium-3 convFactor = 1 } Should be: MODULE { name = ModuleElementRadioactiveDecay decayConstant = 1.7915586e-9 resourceName = LqdTritium decayProduct = LqdHelium3 convFactor = 1 } Still doesn't fix the Tritium Breeding mode not working.