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  1. YoeriCookie


    Whos task is it to make a new craft?
  2. YoeriCookie


    You don't need an account to download anything off of dropbox
  3. YoeriCookie


    @eagle92lightning could you please refrain from quoting the entire post? It really clogs up the thread and makes it hard to seperate craft from quotes.
  4. Hey, I think I know why it didn't work for me, I was changing the wings on the runway. It can barely take off though with wings sweeped.
  5. YoeriCookie

    Happy Birthday, SSTU

    I don't quite think this is the right place to post this. unless you provide a link to your spacecake
  6. YoeriCookie


    Link definately does not look shady with the bad spelling and the lack of pictures
  7. YoeriCookie

    [STOCK] 1:1 Scale Polikarpov Po-2 Biplane

    Is stronk))) Medal for yuo comrade
  8. YoeriCookie

    [STOCK] Westland Wyvern S.Mk.4

    Think you can upload any GIFs? And what's the partcount?
  9. YoeriCookie

    Best 'abort' procedures

    I don't need ejection seats. I actually rarely play KSP to go to space (I know, space game but no space for me) and just stick to flying, which Im very good at IMO.
  10. YoeriCookie


    X-Plane-of-the-notso-day Really, it should be X-plane-of-the-week at this point. I do like the series but it's not really that active, sadly
  11. YoeriCookie

    McDonnell Douglas F/A-18C Hornet 1:1 Replica

    That is a reeaaaallly interesting tail design. How come no-one's ever tought of that?
  12. You tried a Thermometer hinge?
  13. YoeriCookie

    Mi-24 - Soviet attack helicopter

    Note: mediafire links will be removed, since mediafire has malware/nsfw ads. Use KerbalX (like everyone else, it's good) or dropbox
  14. YoeriCookie

    First craft dump

    F-5 and F-15 pls
  15. YoeriCookie

    Jett Quasar's Star Wars Replicas

    My childhood is right here in this thread.... Oh the memories of those days...