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  1. You don't need an account to download anything off of dropbox
  2. @eagle92lightning could you please refrain from quoting the entire post? It really clogs up the thread and makes it hard to seperate craft from quotes.
  3. Hey, I think I know why it didn't work for me, I was changing the wings on the runway. It can barely take off though with wings sweeped.
  4. I don't quite think this is the right place to post this. unless you provide a link to your spacecake
  5. Link definately does not look shady with the bad spelling and the lack of pictures
  6. Think you can upload any GIFs? And what's the partcount?
  7. I don't need ejection seats. I actually rarely play KSP to go to space (I know, space game but no space for me) and just stick to flying, which Im very good at IMO.
  8. X-Plane-of-the-notso-day Really, it should be X-plane-of-the-week at this point. I do like the series but it's not really that active, sadly
  9. That is a reeaaaallly interesting tail design. How come no-one's ever tought of that?
  10. Note: mediafire links will be removed, since mediafire has malware/nsfw ads. Use KerbalX (like everyone else, it's good) or dropbox
  11. My childhood is right here in this thread.... Oh the memories of those days...