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  1. try lowering the speed (mach in the bottom right) or switch to mach sweep, flaps should help you maintain lift at lower speeds. Once you are fast enough flaps don't help much.
  2. @ferram4 A little checkbox that says "disable Flight Assist in vacuum" in the dialog would stop these little reports though.
  3. That's looks like a cache issue, especially when an invalidation (moving a part and forcing a revoxel) "fixes" it. I'm talking about when you go to run the analysis while the background voxelizer thread is still busy. @ferram4's statement implied that the analysis code will pull incomplete data and try to analyze that even though that makes no sense to do.
  4. As a possible quickfix: if voxelization/wingsetup is still going on, then delay the sim until it's done? Even after the overhaul that will probably be necessary. A few seconds extra delay right after manipulating a part is less of an issue than wrong sim output.
  5. Redo the stability derivatives for the altitude and speed you were at. The ones in the screen shot are for surface flight and you were 18km up in the air.
  6. it's a known event that no-one seems to be able to reliably reproduce. If you can reproduce it then detail exactly how you did it (include every single detail and the logs) so ferram can find what exactly goes wrong.
  7. and it's licensed under GPL so you can release your own version (has to be also under GPL) I do suggest that then the name be changed to differentiate from the original.
  8. That's what a stable plane should do. Don't turn by yawing. If you want to turn you should bank in the direction you want to go and then pitch up. This way some of the lift is directed sideways and will shift your velocity vector.
  9. in other words if you want to get reentry characteristics you'll need to turn it upside down. Maybe there should be an option for which stage of flight (Ascent and Reentry) the blue marker in the VAB is calculated for?
  10. You can instead of going 1 by 1 is split the stuttering pack in half and check each half-pack for stutter. Then you can split the stuttering half-pack and repeat.
  11. The OS will change which core the physics thread runs on to spread the load/heat generation This will result in all core's load being 100/number of cores percent.
  12. Would it be possible to have a set of sliders (airspeed, pitch, bank, yaw, air density, etc.) to move the CoL indicator? This would allow a "simpler" visualization of how the plane would behave for those who can't figure out how to read the graph. For example if you set up the cruise configuration of a plane and you increase the speed then you would immediately see how that increased speed affects the aircraft. Then as an extra if you do an AoA analysis and you click on the graph the relevant parameters are selected and the CoL ball moves to show where the lift force ends up and how strong it is.
  13. Nevermind it's under the tabs up top. Mouse over "Forum" and you can find it under "Guidelines"