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  1. KSP 64bit install will not open

    The output.log is extremely short and still mentions the old engine version. Are you using the launcher? That thing was built with an an older version of Unity and you are probably uploading the wrong log. Try running the game from the executable and don't look for the log in your install directory but in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\
  2. KSP 64bit install will not open

    In another thread you mentioned running 1.4.1 but your log says it is trying to load Unity 5.2.4, which is probably still 1.3.1. Edit: Apperently they moved the location of the output.log so that is most likely just an older one.
  3. Crew is not displaying

    Update to 1.4.1.
  4. liquid fuel not working

    For regular rocket engines you need to use the tanks that contain liquid fuel and oxidizer.
  5. WHY????

    And you actually installed the mod versions that were made for the version of the game you are trying to play? It might also be a good idea to upload your logs to pastebin or dropbox so people can see what is actually happening:
  6. The first one is the 64bit version. If you only have 4gb of RAM then that will obviously be no relief. You also might want to upload your log files:
  7. WHY????

    You understand that the game and your mods have to be updated independently?
  8. Well, the DLC made the game too big for the 4GB limit of the 32bit version. You need to use the 64bit version.
  9. KSP_64 1.3.1 Career Corrupted?

    The game will always make a log. The locations are mentioned in the pinned thread (in the middle): And you should probably make a backup of your save folder before trying something else.
  10. Update

    Are you trying to use the updater from the launcher? That thing has been dead for years. You need to download a copy of the new version from wherever you bought it from.
  11. Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    It doesn't. People really need to understand that "modify" has a different meaning here. It prohibits people from reverse-engineering and breaking up the game files, it is not illegalizing mods that use the official API the game is offering for modding purposes.
  12. They changed the way how mods can interact with the difficulty settings screen between 1.3.0 and 1.3.1, which broke compatibility with a lot of mods. And most of your mods are for 1.3.1 while you for some reason still use 1.3.0. It is generally a good idea to use the last point release of a major version of the game and not the first or something in between.
  13. Game crash

    You have to run the 64bit version, not the 32bit one.
  14. That blue ball does not indicate center of pressure, it indicates center of lift for wings and other dedicated lifting surfaces. It does not show body lift or drag, that's why it is mostly useless for rockets (and the rule for CoL slightly behind CoM wouldn't apply anyway because you don't rely on lift to keep the rocket in the air). The golden rule for aerodynamic stability of a rocket is to have more draggy stuff with more leverage below the center of mass than above.
  15. Crashes to desktop again

    Certainly worth a try. You could also try if your old games would run in a 32bit Window in a virtual machine.