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  1. You're trying to update using the launcher which has been abandoned about five years ago
  2. More specifically you need to go there: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?forums/cities-in-motion-2.740/ To see the actual subforum for technical support you need to connect your Steam account to the forums and then probably also need to find the setting that hides older threads, because without that it looks completely empty which is most likely why Google doesn't promote the official forum much. Or you could just go to the Steam discussion page and hope there are still people who actually answer.
  3. Still haven't seen a single mod updated to the current version of KSP 2. Absolutely dead.
  4. For some reason the 3600 is much hotter than the actually stronger 3700X. Both the 3600X and the 3800X are quite hot and use up too much energy compared to the 3600 and 3700X respectively. Yes. I wouldn't go with a plain 2060. Either the 2060 Super or the 1660 Super. The RX 5700 is also nice. I like the ones from Fractal Design. They have some nice cheap and clean ones for about 40€ and some really good looking ones with a lot of options regarding airflow for about 80-90€. MSI Tomahawk MAX (ATX) or MSI Mortar MAX (μATX) are good midrange solutions. At least a Seasonic Focus or a bequiet Pure Power. 450W should be enough, more than 550W is most likely too much. Oh and for the RAM you might want to look for Crucial Ballistix Sport with 3200MHz CL16. Cheaper but with less overclocking potential are G.Skill Aegis 3000 MHz CL16. And you should always buy them in a kit of two modules.
  5. Well, like I tried to tell you a few months ago: do you actually have games of software that need more power? Then buy something new and more powerful. If you're just bored and hope that something new will fill the void in your life - just don't. Well of course. But are you playing games because you're interested in the content and mechanics of those specific games or do you want to play them because they need a stronger setup than you currently have?
  6. The most obvious problem here is that those only have passively cooled CPUs that can only deliver their full power for a few seconds before having to throttle down significantly.
  7. Simple answer: don't go straight up. Aim for a shallow trajectory over the ocean. If you just go straight up, gravity will pull you down as fast as possible with the least amount of atmosphere between you and Kerbin to slow you down. You can also lower the thrust of the flea to 25 % or so to make the flight less violent and more controlable.
  8. You design is extremely bottom heavy and has a lot of protrudign parts above the CoM. You even added fins to the very top of your rocket to help the extremely light payload during descent. But those fins will absolutely work against you during ascent. Also instead of having the gimballing liquid fuel engine adding to the stability you only rely on uncontrollable SRBs for your first stage.
  9. Well if you used the option to "transfer" your game to Steam then it will obviously not be available on the website anymore. You can still use Steam to download older versions and then just copy your stuff around:
  10. The nuclear engines are comparatively high and heavy so your CoM might be high enough for the pressure on the fairing to have less leverage than the pressure on the bottom of your rocket.
  11. Because you always make them comically large. The one on your latest screenshot is at least twice as wide as the rest of your rocket. I mean the obvious lesson here is to not put a payload that is much wider than your launcher on top of your rocket.
  12. Well that's great. Then you'll know what software you're using and can look up if those are actually available for the two options you asked for. Also you don't buy Macs for games. You buy a Mac to have overpriced hardware with above average input devices to use Adobe products.
  13. Well I would actually go with a Ryzen 5 3600 then because buying a pure six core CPU while the next generation of consoles and games will be built around eight cores with SMT is a bit too optimistic. You could always use this handy chart to help you find a good mix of components: https://www.logicalincrements.com/ But take the advices from that list with a pinch of salt. They don't recommend the aforementioned Ryzen 5 3600 while it is stronger than the 2600 and wastes much less energy than the 3600x. Also always buy RAM in kits of two modules and look for a GPU with at least 8GB of RAM if you ever want to actually play on higher resolutions than FHD.