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  1. KSP: Constantly Crashing

    I can't see anything specific but there are two things that strike me as odd: 1. Don't use mods that were made for 1.3.1 if you downgrade to 1.3. 2. You only have 4GB of RAM.
  2. Mono.dll crash and Solar Panel issue

    Which is the obvious sign of running out of memory. That is usually the case when people try to use part mods or Kopernicus with the 32bit version of the game, which your logs say you do.
  3. The previous version was 1.3, not 1.2.2. Half of your mods are for 1.2.2 and the other half for 1.3. So you were probably lucky that none of the outdated mods crashed your 1.3 game.
  4. Yeah, but real SRBs slowly lose thrust while KSP SRBs have full thrust until the very end of their burn. So if you decouple them at 1% they would still fly in front of or right into you rocket.
  5. mono.dll caused an Access Violation

    Use the 64 bit executable. Outdated mods.
  6. Crashed on loading

    What happens when you remove your old mods?
  7. falla crash en todo momento

    You are probably running out of memory because you are running the 32 bit version of the game. Use the 64 bit .exe instead.
  8. Help why do I crash halfway loading?

    You put mods into the gamedata folder, not the Squad folder. You should never ever put anything into the Squad folder. And please use punctuation.
  9. Part of the problem is that on both rockets you posted the first stage is burning short and violently. This means you will stage early while still being deep in the atmosphere and at a breakneck speed. And you know that a stable rocket has a CoM relatively high up and more drag behind the CoM than in front of it. When you stage the CoM will suddenly go to the back of the remaining rocket (because of the fuel and heavy engine of course) which gives the aerodynamic forces more leverage to work against you. The solution would be to have your first stage running long enough to get you out of the thickest part of the atmosphere. Both of your rockets have enough TWR to easily carry much more fuel.
  10. Those Games were made for a console that was launched 17 years ago.
  11. Increase Delta-V of rocket

    The launch TWR of more than 2.5 means you could easily carry more fuel in the first stage. And you messed up the staging because your first stage uses the fuel of the second, which makes the Poodle and the decoupler dead weight.
  12. Can't get to the mun

    Why are you in a retrograde orbit around Kerbin?
  13. The second pair does not have to be the same size as the first. You only have to be careful to put the pairs in the right slots.
  14. Everything on this machine is outdated and from the last generation. The processor is from the old Bulldozer line when AMD had an extremely bad IPC/single core performance and it is still using an older socket which means you can never upgrade it to a Ryzen CPU.