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  1. Updating

    If you're trying to imply that you pirated the game that is probably not the most intelligent thing to do on the developer's forums.
  2. I think you confuse that with the Haswell graphics.
  3. The parts of both mods go into the same folder. So I guess you are overwriting them instead of integrating them into each other.
  4. It's not just how much it is but also how it is arranged. If your 8GB are only one stick then it will be a bit slower than a multi-channel setup with two sticks.
  5. You're running out of memory because you're using the 32bit version.
  6. Release quality trendline

    By that measure 1.4 will not only have no point releases, but will be the last release ever.
  7. Still Having problems With Rolling Rockets.

    SRBs tend to bend on their decouplers which will introduce torque and slightly offset drag if they aren't attached rigidly enough.
  8. Modern GPUs need much more bandwith than CPUs. Why did you remove the second stick of memory again?
  9. suggestions/critics needed

    Two fins are absolutely useless because they can only stabilize you in one axis. I don't want to sound too judgemental but this and your other threads pretty much look like you want to achieve something with a whole lot of mods while never having mastered or learned most of the basics like stability or manouvers beforehand.
  10. suggestions/critics needed

    You use nukes yet your tanks are full with oxidizer. I don't think you'll need rcs and monoprop on the main ship if you also have it on the lander. You will only dock with one of them anyways. Doesn't Deepfreeze make them consume no suppies? Then you don't need all those large cans full of supplies. Those girders between the main ship and the engine pods will be extremely wobbly. Building it that wide will also make it hard to get into space. And having a large mass only on one side on a long thin lever will not only introduce a lot of wobble but also torque you would have to fight against.
  11. Look At This Person

    Look, to start a discussion you present arguments and facts, not a picture that you dismiss as irrelevant and then hope everyone else will dig up the relevant information for you.
  12. KAS won't install

    You didn't put the GameData folder that was in the zip file into the GameData folder of the game, did you? You have to put the contents of that folder into the GameData folder of the game or merge both folders.
  13. Your Firespitter.dll is completely outdated. It was made for version 1.1.3, not 1.3.1. You also have two extremely old versions of Module Manager next to the current one, which either means you installed some old incompatible mod or didn't remove any old mods from the last time you were playing the game.
  14. Trouble

    I have honestly no idea what you're talking about, but if you bought the game on the store on this site you need to download the complete game to update. The updater in the launcher has been broken since 0.90.