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  1. Right now Intel still has a slight edge when it comes to single core power which is important for a few games like KSP. But you have to pay a hefty price because you'd need to get the higher clocked K models and not just the 9400F. But as I always say: you shouldn't buy a PC for a single game and the Ryzen 5 3600 (not the X one) offers quite a lot of power for the price. The 3700X might be more future-proof because it is more akin to the CPUs of the next console generation, but it's hard to fit it in a 1000€ budget for a prebuilt machine.
  2. Well if you still want to go with an Intel build then you probably should wait for the next generation of Intel chips. The current i5s and i7s are still good for most games including KSP, but without Hyperthreading/SMT they might age pretty fast considering that the next console generation has eight cores with Hyperthreading/SMT.
  3. Just don't take a completely prebuilt machine like those posted above from HP or Lenovo. They tend to use nonstandard parts that'll make upgrading or replacing stuff in the future very hard. The people over at Computerbase would at this point usually try to tell you to look at the offers from harwarerat.de or dubaro.de because they offer custom builds with standard parts and in the case of dubaro you can even reconfigure them to not use a childish g4m0r case with a giant window.
  4. Yeah no. That's a ripoff. You'd buy an old and completely outdated entry level base from eight years ago. And while the video card seems to be strong it is only the trimmed down version with half the RAM of the regular models.
  5. Then it's most likely not the GPU. Do you have more than 4GB of RAM?
  6. The log says you're using KER, Mechjeb, Contract Configurator, [x] Science and Waypoint manager.
  7. You can only attach them to one decoupler. So you need to move your mouse over the decoupler you actually want them to attach to and not just put the SRB somewhere in the middle between two decouplers.
  8. You could try to delete "appmanifest_220200.acf" in the folder right above the folder containing all your Steam games.
  9. It's a great CPU. As far as I know the sweet spot for memory for the 3000 series Ryzens is at 3600MHz. People tend to recommend the 3200MHz Crucial Ballistix Sport because you can apparently easily oc them to 3600. I'm cheapskate and don't look for the high-end stuff. From that perspective I can only tell you that the MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX is a great middle class board. Or the Mortar MAX if you want mATX. Depending on how old your PSU is, you should replace that as well. The Ryzen chips have a verry aggressive load changing scheme and if your PSU can't react fast enough your system might just freeze.
  10. That's why I picked the 3000 series Ryzen because they come pretty close in single core performance to their Intel counterparts while being cheaper and offering more multi core performance which is important for most other games or any other task. You could also try something like this with Intel: https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/8gvjBZ But the current Intel i5s only have six threads. Considering that even the old consoles have eight threads to work with, this thing will be outdated very fast. And like Elthy said: to get the most out of an Intel build you would need a K model like the i5 9600K(F) or the i3 9350K(F) which are more expensive and definitely need a separate cooler which will be even more expensive. And if you want to overclock those you'd need a better mainboard which also costs more and so on.
  11. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/mbvfn7 1260 AUD without shipping costs. If you need to go lower I would take a cheaper video card. The RX 570 is comparatively cheap and strong but is most likely already out of production.
  12. Considering that I can only find 750W PSUs in Corsair's current lineup: did you reuse your old PSU for your new components?
  13. Well I'm not using Windows but from five minutes of Google i would try to use something simple like this @ECHO OFF mklink "\full\path\to\KSP\settings.cfg" "\full\path\to\modified1.cfg" start "\full\path\to\KSP.exe" https://docs.microsoft.com/de-de/windows-server/administration/windows-commands/mklink (or https://blogs.windows.com/windowsdeveloper/2016/12/02/symlinks-windows-10/ ) https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Windows_Batch_Scripting#START
  14. 1. You could make two different settings.cfgs and then make two short scripts or batch files that either set a symbolic link to the cfg you want, rename the cfg or move the cfg before launching the game. 2. Don't know about CKAN but you could basically do the same as in 1.: make two different GameData folders and then use a script to add a symbolic link to the one you want to use before launching the game.
  15. Then go to your GameData folder, look which mods you actually have and search for updates or known incompatibilities.