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  1. Wow, didn't know that this option even existed. But you also have to turn on the interstage nodes option in the fairing's right click menu.
  2. You have to tell the explorer to show known file extensions. Otherwise you will only create a file that ends on .sfs.txt with the .txt part hidden. http://kb.winzip.com/kb/entry/26/
  3. As TheRagingIrishman already told you this kind of error usually occurs when you have at least one incompatible mod installed. Upload the output log to a third party site like pastebin or dropbox and link it here. And please don't paste the content directly into the forum, it's not meant to display megabytes of text.
  4. To upload them so other people can actually tell you what they say?
  5. A pretty desperate and thinly veiled attempt at roleplaying.
  6. You also use a lot of outdated mods like FAR.
  7. Seperatrons are not boosters, they are meant to nudge heavy radially attached stages away from the rest of the rocket. And reducing the amount of fuel is also a bad idea. If you have trouble controlling a stage that mainly uses SRBs you could try reducing the thrust.
  8. You need at least 2.8 for KSP 1.3.
  9. Without any relevant log I can only assume that you run out of memory either because you use the 32bit executable or because the old Unity 4 64bit executable is breaking exactly the second the games tries to adress more than 32bit of memory. The solution would be either using less mods or forcing OpenGL to get a bit more headroom.
  10. Just delete it. The game will generate a new one when you start it.
  11. That is a common misconception. The log is not retroactively produced once the game crashes. The game will log from the moment you launch it unless you specifically tell it not to. In case of a crash it will copy the relevant logs from the time of the crash into a timestamped folder because every launch will override the existing log files. That is why linuxgurugamer and that pinned thread he's referring to are telling you were to find the logs.
  12. Nope. You have to upload them to a third party site like Pastebin or Dropbox and post a link here. You can't use forum attachements and you shouldn't try to paste vast amounts of text right into a post.
  13. Could be the problem with the losless physics setting in Better Time Warp:
  14. This is probably the single most valuable piece of advice you can give someone in a gaming related forum.
  15. The border between high in space around the sun and low is at 1000Mm. You don't get any extra science for going much lower.