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  1. I'm torn between the MSI B550 Tomahawk and the Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro. The Aorus Pro theoretically has the better VRM setup while the Tomahawk has an internal USB-C connector for the case.
  2. Cool, have you tried a stress test with Prime 95 if the CPU is stable? Do you have a case for the GPU or is it just naked right next to case?
  3. You need a Thunderbolt 3 connector for a external GPU and your board doesn't have that. Same goes for the PSU as these prebuilt SFF machines have custom connectors for their PSUs. Honestly instead of throwing money at stand-up guyizing a mediocre office machine you could just buy a machine that is actually capable of using high end components.
  4. Physically yes, but neither the cooling system nor the PSU are meant to cope with this thing and you also can't overclock or just undervolt it because this OEM board doesn't have any options for that. Like the others already said: save for a good PC rather than trying to fit some already outdated stuff into your old one.
  5. Is KSP really using all of the RAM? Are you using that many mods? It is definitely not calculating physics on a GPU, so that is just a waste of money and energy. Try to find out what is actually limiting your performance and then upgrade that.
  6. Is that one thread or the whole CPU? Because again: this game uses one single thread per craft for physics calculations. That means if one single thread of your CPU is at 100% then it is already working at full potential. And that at just 100/16 = 6.25% of any combined load.
  7. Well there are no mods on the Steam Workshop and automatic updates can be pretty annoying when the updates break mod compatibility. So you either end up having to copy your game folder somewhere else or trying to use the beta tab to keep an older version. Both options need you to manually fiddle around and keep your eyes open.
  8. Use a small cup to collect the screws so they're not flying around everywhere. Take photos of every important steps before peeling everything off so you can always retrace your steps. There should also be an official manual with detailed disassembly instructions so you don't completely need to rely on Youtubers. You could also try to use one of those plastic contraptions with additional fans.
  9. Nice. When mine started to behave oddly a few years ago the boxed (stock) cooler fell of right before my eyes when i tried to dust it off because those cheap plastic pins were breaking. I bought a better aftermarket cooler with a metal backplate and real screws instead. Or maybe you just need to replace the thermal compound between the cooler and the CPU.
  10. I'd say this is mostly marketing babble and the real reason is simply that they were hoping to save the 50 or so Dollars on the upgrade to 32GB RAM. And that will come to haunt them in the second half of the lifecycle.
  11. Then that might be related to your current RAM setup and the CPU is actually waiting too long for the data.
  12. Even 3 and 4 are still available. In this day and age where new original IPs are getting more and more replaced by countless sequels and franchises I find it hard to believe that someone is confused by the concept of a sequel. The game is on sale about every five minutes. The Steam summer sale is just around the corner.
  13. Is that only for one thread or is the whole CPU running at 50%? KSP uses only one thread for physics calculation per craft. That usually means usually any combined usage of more than 25% on a quad core with only four threads will indicate that the one core that is calculating your rocket is running at full speed.
  14. Because the CoL indicator only give information about a few select parts that are specifically meant to provide lift like wings, winglets and the bottom part of pods while reentering. It does not indicate any body lift for any other parts. That means it's a good rough guideline for planes that usually have big wings compared to the rest of their body. But at the same time it is completely useless for rockets because it will make people believe that all aerodynamic forces are somehow concentrated around the tiny set of winglets at the bottom of their rocket.
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