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  1. Very nice mod, thank you very much! Quick question: the new HG-55 antenna deploys in the other direction than the original, downwards in the picture below (only a problem inconvenience for existing crafts). I don't suppose there is a simple way to keep the old one and have the new additionaly?
  2. ...it works, even with (way too) many other mods... now that's random... Thanks!
  3. Thank you very much, Ger_space! Unfortunatly, KK stops working with ContractConfigurator. In case you, or someone else is working on KK: KK throws an exception; buttons don't work, statics not visible. A log with KerbalKonstructs, ContractConfigurator, ModuleManager and no other mods. New career: KSP.log Cheers
  4. Is this mod abandoned? Or could someone post an "Unofficial Version"? It may still work: Thanks!
  5. Yes. As long as you use the latest Kerbal Konstructs, it should work.
  6. I didn't test it. Depends on whether the current KerbalKonstructs version works with RSS or not (the last version did). The towers are most likely below surface. You'll have to raise the altitude manually; launch a ship and open the KK editor with Ctrl-K.
  7. Uploaded to SpaceDock with new KerbalKonstructs, works now in 1.0.5. Enjoy!
  8. Uploaded to SpaceDock, latest Kerbalkonstruct included. Works now in 1.0.5.
  9. It's the "mysterious way" thing. Iirc medsouz, the original creator of KerbalKonstructs, looked into just that. But he gave up, too complicated.
  10. Filter Extension config and icons for Tantares & Tantares-LV. Maybe this was posted before, but the thread is way too long... -> Download <- Install as per folder structure in the .zip file.
  11. You can set a new launch site as default in the VAB and SPH. So you don't have to change it every time. But you cannot change the "Home view" of the KSC.
  12. That's not possible. KK can only run an animation (i.e. light) on mouse click and run it backwards on the second click.
  13. You are kind of right... I tried to use real-ish numbers. These towers seem to be in the range of 150m - 180m. The NASA VAB is 160m. So I scaled it to that. I'll test what a 0.75 or even 0.5 scale looks like.
  14. Waypoint Manager lets you create custom markers (see last pic in the album). It may be exactly what you want.
  15. I can help you with the Cosmodrome: Link Bob, it looked like you had problems fitting the Vostok inside the LP. Did you rescale it? Raidernick's rockets should fit easily. The opening is 10m, iirc,
  16. I assume you're referrimg to this. Looking forward to it! If you're using RSS, go for the real orbits.
  17. Thanks for the comments! (It was about time, someone made this mod...)
  18. KSC Floodlight Adds 4 Floodlight Towers to the KSC Launchpad. Click the towers to turn on the light. Requires KerbalKonstructs (included). License cc-by-nc-sa-4.0
  19. Aaand that's the magic button. How's that "Advanced User's Reference Manual for Base Konstructors" comming along? p.s. It does make the LP look better, I think. They are even clickable.
  20. How do I place objects at the KSC so they are visible in "Space center" view (like KerbinSide)? I placed some Floodlights next to the Lauchpad and I can only see them "out in the field", when I launch. I remember this used to work fine a year ago... Any tips? Edit: works fine with KK v 0.7.1. Didn't test other versions. Strange thing is, Kerbinside objects are allways visible.
  21. This looks promising. 22Mb on disk, I might have room for that...
  22. Well, turns out KerbalKonstructs works with RSS after all. I'm considering making a realistic Baikonur for RSS. But for now (and the impatient); here's how to make the previous version of Kosmodrome (v 0.9b) work: Download Kosmodrome 0.9b (NOT the current one!) from Kerbalstuff.com. You'll find it in the Changlog Tab. Copy the Kosmodrome folder from the .zip to your /GameData folder. Don't use the medsouz folder, it's oudated. Get the latest KerbalKostructs from Kerbalstuff.com and install it. You can delete the statics folder in it, it's just examples. They probably don't work and just take up memory. Gete these configs here and copy them to /GameData/Kosmodrome/Static. Overwrite the existing ones. Give it a try. And some feedback. I placed the site right next to the relocated KSC in Khazachstan, however this seems to cause some flickering (this may be normal, I'm not used to RSS). Better leave the KSC somewhere else, i.e. Florida. Baikonur LC1 or Gagarin's start is oriented directly to the east as per Google-Maps.
  23. I hope this will come with Diamond Pickaxes... BTW, on RSS I cannot delete an object. This may or may not have something to do with the CelestrialBody problem. And the fact that KK updates all .cfg's on close, even those unchanged. Otherwise it seems to work perfectly fine. Maybe, if it's just one line of code or something, possibly, could you have look at it?
  24. I didn't know KK works with RSS now: Project Alexandria (Video) I did a quick test. It seems you place the objects and then manually change CelestialBody = Earth to CelestialBody = Kerbin. Else KK crashes. If this is stable, it could make a few players happy.
  25. Released. (Sorry Beale for the thread-hijack, but I have to blame you and OrionKermin for this )