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  1. i dont care about stable my .24.2 crashes all the time bot thats becouse allot of mods that i use i just dont want to use incompatible mods so when all mods all compatible i go to .25 if it is stable or not
  2. since i dont want my 300+ hour save geting corupted i just stay on .24.2 for now and wait that everything works fine and is compatible
  3. i managed to get it working latest b9 with feram 14.1.1a works fine on .25 version of game and 64bit windows game is warning me that feram is not compatable but everything works fine
  4. i am using b9 version 5.2.4 and 14.2 feram and my control surfaces arent working when i have only b9 without feram control surfaces work fine but when i install feram control surfaces stop working they are just static piece dont move up down
  5. i have the same problem after one launch the KCT funxtion for launch stoped working and it just instantly launches the vessel reserch node function works correctly