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  1. Are your all your wheels driving in the same direction?
  2. Brand new game started after I installed new version and dlc. Game save
  3. Unless someone has broken into home and installed hidden mods or hacked my pc, there is not, and never have been any mods that change contracts!!! Can you check to see if wording has been changed? Can't remember if I accepted the first sentinel contract for Kerbin, then launched, then accepted Duna Sentinel, or accepted both at same time
  4. First off all I fulfilled a contract to place a relay in minimus orbit at 172deg inclination, after completion, I circularised and moved the orbit to 180 Inc.( as 172 looked messy, I'm a bit ocd! ). Then subsequent contracts were offered to utilise the existing satellites to form a network at this new circular 180 inclination. I think moving the first satellite to 180 circular caused a problem with the new contracts showing a Longitude of ascending node on a equatorial orbit.
  5. Sorry dude , but definitely stock, first time playing new dlc. Never even looked/downloaded at any other mods that change contracts. Only using the mods listed above. mods list screenshot any help if i post logs or something?
  6. no contract changing mods, only mechjeb , chatterer, for science, docking port alignment .
  7. Relaunched ship , all boxes ticked apart from stable orbit . hopefully better screenshot for you guys https://imgur.com/sDjw1aR
  8. Ran out of fuel trying to match LAN so loaded previous save to try again. . The ship matched contract clauses. Screen shot was after reload ,not had chance to launch again.
  9. Morning, yeah the an/dn read 0. Have tried burning in every direction in various parts of my orbit to no avail. Also tried changing to an polar orbit then burning at the poles to change LAN to correct figure but when I drop my inclination back to 180 the LAN changes dramatically LAN readout on mechjeb
  10. I have a contract to position a satellite into a synchronous network around Minimus. The inclination is 180 deg and height of 350km which I have matched, but I can't figure out how to match the longitude of ascending node of 279.1 degrees. Any hints chaps? Stock or mechjeb
  11. Hi guys, is there an easy way to swap yaw/roll on my hotas joystick without having to reassign the axis in settings?