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  1. I agree with bazz, a kreeper type mod, something like a predator vs. alien where kerbals are the predators and they've just discovered a hostile creature alien-like then they fight for their survival on a hostile planet.
  2. NovaPunch series KW Rocketry Mechjeb ScanSat Astronomer's Visual Pack Chatterer Final Frontier Aviation Lights Hot Rockets NearFuture Electrical, Propulsion and Solar Panels NEAR Raster Prop Monitor RCS Sounds Ion Engine Sounds Wheel Sounds Goodspeed Toolbar
  3. there was a plaque mod, around 0.17 I think.
  4. Anyone planning to create a mod for an alien creature? Landing on an alien planet unknowingly that you we're not alone.
  5. is this works with 0.24.2? I think this is better and much more simple than TAC Fuel Balancer.
  6. Sid Brandt


    Mabuhay! Glad to see filipinos playing this game! Ang astig ng game, best space sim game ever.
  7. Thank you for the response, already downloaded 30s of mods. lol
  8. Whats an OpenGL mode? Do I need to install it first before using it?
  9. Thank you for noticing my KAS version. downloaded it now.
  10. Thank you, I have plans to upgrade now, Im going for a new gfx too, since mine is a four year old one. Here: Athlon II X4 640 3.0GHz 4gb RAM (Kingston generic) 2gb GeForce GT430 1TB Hitachi HDD
  11. List of Mods I've installed so far: Spaceplane Plus v1.3 Astronomer's Pack Distant Object 1.3.1 EVE 7.3 Js Suit Pack Texture Replacer 1.7.0 Aviation Lights Chatterer Final Frontier 0.5.6 NovaPunch 2.06 KW Rocketry 2.6 RCS Sounds 4.1a Research Them All SCANsat SH-Mk2 Cockpit 1.0.24 Toolbar 1.7.6 MechJeb Action Groups Extended 1.13f Hot Rockets 7.24 KAS 0.4.7 Kerbal Joint Reinforcement 2.4.3 KSP Alternate Resource Panel NearFutureElectrical NearFuturePropulsion NearFutureSolarPanels NEAR Oblivion Aerospace Pack 0.1.1 Original Ion Engine Sound Pack Part catalog 3.0 Procedural fairings 3.09 RasterPropMonitor 18.2 TacFuelBalancer TacLifeSupport TweakableEverything 1.4 TweakScale 1.43 Surface Lights WheelSounds 1.0 Universal Storage All of them are 0.24.2 compatible, still never tried to run KSP yet. I just want to know the compatibility of each other mods, plus if my hardware is enough to run it all and if do I need to upgrade my hardware. Thank you!
  12. Sid here! Playing KSP since v15. I'm going to ask something about on mods, where do I start?