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  1. Oh hey yeah I don't have time to update this mod so it's dead sorry but we had fun right?
  2. Actually, as the mass of fuel increases, the mass of tanks increases proportionally. Instead of approaching zero, the dry mass approaches a certain part of the wet mass, resulting in it approaching a certain real amount of delta-v, not infinite.
  3. What do you mean? Yes, that's another good solution.
  4. Figured it out. No matter how many tanks you add, you will never have enough delta-v to get to the sun. A tank with a mainsail alone would not have enough delta-v. Try reducing the number of mainsails per tank.
  5. Apologies, KSP Part Tools doesn't provide the right shaders to pull Kerbol off.
  6. I made them pretty versatile just in case someone wanted to roll them down a mountain, but if you throw them at something at more than 2 km/s they will.
  7. Woah! That's some image editing! What did you do?
  8. Version 2 is here! It adds all of the other celestial bodies in the Kerbol system, save for Kerbol itself. There is no image to go with this announcement, but there will be soon. Someone make an IR solar system and send the craft file to me. (Available on CurseForge shortly)
  9. Originally, I was going to have the density of each body remain the same for each model. However, the pocket mun would weigh 122 tons, about 3 times as much as a Rockomax-64 Orange. I'm sure no one would appreciate that. So I'm going to keep the same relative density, but tone it down for each. EDIT: Gilly is smaller than a cubic octagonal strut (about half the size), and Jool barely, just barely, fits in the VAB.
  10. Guys, I'm pretty sure this is how physics works. But the bigger question is, will Jool fit in the VAB? And the smaller question is, where did Gilly go?
  11. Thanks! They won't stay that way, don't worry. Wait, am I making the potato, or the candy named after it?