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  1. @Nice2Bee This version does work, but I have two gripes. I tend to prefer the Locked Chase Cam, as it rolls with the aircraft. However, I fly with a controller, and have camera controls set up on the right joystick. My problem is that I can't get the camera to turn more than 5 degrees in any direction when trying to look off to the sides or above/below with the stick. There is also no "look-behind" button. Is this an issue with my keybinds or with how I have the mod configured (which I left on all defaults)? I can get the camera to steer just fine with right-click-dragging, but then it won't auto-center unless I turn the mod off and on again. Would it be possible to make a "Improved Chase Camera Continued" Mod integrating the suggested camera features? I'm used to the Ace Combat style of controls which have this style of camera and I would love to have KSP emulate it. Thank you.
  2. Yesterday was my birthday, I used the money I got then to buy an Xbone controller on the way home today. I installed the drivers and got Steam Controller working with it very well. Of course, configuring Steam Controller for KSP is a nightmare because the game's functions are numerous and ever-changing. I'm also an ESDF guy, and since Steam and Squad decided making the controller emulate a keyboard was the solution to go for, it took 30 minutes of configuration to get a setup I actually can use. Here's me taking the Aeris 3A out for a spin. I can fly rather precisely with a controller, something a keeb would never be able to achieve.
  3. Yeah, sure, why not. I'm Samniss Arandeen, and that's me four months ago, posing next to a school project.
  4. During missile defense, the F-15E Strike Eagle may deploy chaff and flares to fool missile guidance systems and allow the target aircraft a chance to escape.
  5. Granted, your new computer is overclocked, aircooled, and set up in the middle of Arizona with no air conditioning. I wish I had a million bucks.
  6. Not so smart with your brains outside your head, eh?
  7. You screwed up there, mate. You claim to have added, but -54 is actually -53 less one. Continuing from Brent Kerman: I add one to make (-13 * 4)
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