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  1. Navigate to the "RemoteTech" folder located in Kerbal Space Program\GameData Open the "RemoteTech_settings" cfg file found inside with either notepad or notepad ++ go back to the RT2 Settings File - Adds ground stations to launch sites and highlight everything (ctrl + A) and copy it (ctrl + C) Now back to the "RemoteTech_settings" cfg file you just opened. Highlight everything in there (ctrl + A) and paste (Ctrl + V) Save and your done.
  2. Here you go: [5th post down]
  3. Thanks man, things are displaying properly now
  4. Hey nathan, i have a problem with RSS(and possibly RO) in that when i try to aim for geosynchronous orbit which should be at 35,786km like it is in the real world Mechjeb tells me i have an orbital period of 3ds 3hrs but when i drop to around 15,000km i get an orbital period of 1day. is there something i'm not doing correctly? i can prove pictures if it helps
  5. Thanks for the update.Is there a place to download the WorldSpace mod? neither of the links on its thread work
  6. Now using a different config. Trying to find a engine that worked with the FASA's Liquid fuel & oxidizer tanks was near impossible (obviously). Thanks
  7. Dont know if i'm posting this in the right place ( i apologize if i am) but does FASA work with real fuels? i know its not a full supported mod of RO as yet so thats why i ask.
  8. My bad, it was a conflict with mod thats not 100% supported as yet, maybe i should read properly next time. I've now uninstalled it and everything's fine
  9. Disregard comment. problem figured out
  10. i'm relatively new ( so don't bite my head off ) to Realism Overhaul and I've been trying to recreate the Saturn V rocket but I've noticed the stages for this don't have the options for liquid hydrogen or kerosene which is what the real thing used, i do have real fuels installed. Am i missing something or is this the way its supposed to be? Also is it better to play RO in career or sandbox mode?
  11. Hopes and dreams crushed when i saw this wasnt RSS nor FAR compatible as yet. But seriously would have loved to have this to add to my realism obsession. will be keeping a close eye on this thread
  12. ah gotcha, remove TAC it is then good to see someone reviving this mod.
  13. First off your downloading the wrong thing, you need to download the PlanetFactory CE plugin, i've highlighted where the link is on their forums in the image below. After you've done that, open the rar file and extract the "PlanetFactory" folder located inside, into your KSP GameData folder. Once thats done open the same "PlanetFactory" folder you've just placed into GameData and navigated to PlanetFactory\PluginData\PlanetFactory and delete everything inside. Then simply download this mod and drop its GameData folder into your KSP main directory.