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  1. I wish you'd have put the developer's forum names in the second video...
  2. Here's my test results: Plain [LOG 10:39:22.929] Loading Systems: Elapsed time is 607.2117s [LOG 10:57:09.827] Loading Systems: Elapsed time is 632.0426s [LOG 11:11:47.336] Loading Systems: Elapsed time is 472.6618s After installing Hyperspace [LOG 11:32:34.623] Loading Systems: Elapsed time is 641.9018s [LOG 11:48:28.292] Loading Systems: Elapsed time is 471.1871s [LOG 12:03:03.552] Loading Systems: Elapsed time is 472.1698s Rig: i7-4770K 3,5GHz, 16GB RAM, Win 8.1 64bit, KSP installed on a Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD CKAN lists 182 Mods installed, plus some additional 30 or so non-ckanned mods and the whole WildBlue Suite.
  3. I don't quote understand what that means: Say, i have a mod like "MechJeb for All" or "DE_IVAExtension" with all its dependencies. Do they "depend on the stock assets" in the sense of the OP, or is adding functionality by ModuleManager generally okay? What would not be Okay? Or more generally: Is there a comprehensive list of Mods that will require whitelisting "legacy" stock parts when using ReStock?
  4. Hi. First, thanks for this fun mod. A faithful compagnion for years of KSP playing. In the current (ckan) version i noted that the rotating bomb rack thing has no attachment points on its rails. Is that on purpose?
  5. Would it be possible to add a function that allows superceeding in the definition of User generated ribbons?
  6. I rolled back to the versions of late september for all WildBlue Mods i have, that worked. Thanks for your help .
  7. What did you do t make it work again? Currently, i have the same issue.
  8. It wasn't intended to be utilized by modders. Just for end users. In other news, i noted, that the script, as it is, hides all other weapon mod parts that are not BDAc or KerbalField. Be warned!
  9. Thanks for the replay. I've gone the long way and selected by BD Modul name, that was a close enough match. Would be a great addition to MM, thou, if you could select nodes by Mod folder.
  10. Hi there. I didn't like how this package spamed my Utility-Category, so i wrote a MM config that sorts the parts in the BDA subcategories, using the FilterExtensions mod. Maybe someone finds it useful. here it is: @CATEGORY[BDArmory] :FINAL { @FILTER { @CHECK { @value = BDArmory,KerbalField } } } @PART:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleTargetingCamera]] :FINAL { @category = none } @PART:HAS[@MODULE[BDModulePilotAI]] :FINAL { @category = none } @PART:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleWingCommander]] :FINAL { @category = none } @PART:HAS[@MODULE[CMDropper]] :FINAL { @category = none } @PART:HAS[@MODULE[MissileLauncher]] :FINAL { @category = none } @PART:HAS[@MODULE[RocketLauncher]] :FINAL { @category = none } @PART:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleTurret]] :FINAL { @category = none } @PART:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleWeapon]] :FINAL { @category = none } @PART:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleRadar]] :FINAL { @category = none } @PART:HAS[@MODULE[CFEnable]] :FINAL { @category = none } @PART:HAS[@MODULE[BDACategoryModule]] :FINAL { @category = none } Simply put the contents in a cfg file and put it somewhere in the GameData folder. You will need the FilterExtensions, BDArmory, and ModuleManager Mods. Warning: The KerbalField parts will no longer appear in the "Filter by Function"-Category! They are moved to the BDArmory sub category (that is, in the left column in the Filter selection)!
  11. Is there a way to select all parts that ship with a specific Mod? Say, I want to remove all Parts included in KerbalField from the Utility-Category and move them the BDA-Category. Is that possible?
  12. Hi everyone, first of all thanks for this great mod. I have some serious problems thou creating a working and flyable (!) helicopter. Is there a tutorial of some sorts on how to build and fly the "Kuey" from the OP, for instance? Or anything that may help? Thanks.
  13. I have two questions: First, do template names need at least two(?) letters? I had some custom templates named *F* for planes and *R* for rockets, both threw an error message that the template name is too short. Second, is it possible to store template configs somewhere else than the plugindata folder within GameData/PersistentDynamicPodNames/ ? I fear that with the next update, my carefully crafted templates are gone.
  14. Hello @Beale first of all, thanks for this great little mod. It adds a lot of imersion to the game. You mentioned earlier that there is a settings-file being generated in the saves folder. For me there is a file, but when i open it, it is empty. Also i noted, that numbering only works for one game play session, that is, numbering is reset to 0 after i restart or reload the game. Do you have any clue what could be the reason for that? Does the settings file need to have any permissions to be set?
  15. "not supported" is not the same as "does not work with".