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  1. @gmcr70 - No you didn't miss anything, if was just a question if you had made the change, but from the way you reply I sure you have not. It's a command that is used when running KSP. Any chance you can upload the KSP.log file??
  2. Using "-force-d3d11" when launching the game? If not we need some info on mods/system spect.
  3. @jrodriguez - Please don't unfix what ever sarbian is doing to MM (same goes to other that might think to unfix it), let's just end the unofficial 64bit KSP here and just be happy to have had fun while it lastet *or move to Linux 64bit*, and then wait with 64bit until Squad feels 64bit is ready for official release.
  4. Looks like we have to stop playing around with 64bit KSP for now. To know why read this post from sarbian And please don't disagree with sarbian on this one, somebody played dirty on this one, and I can understand why sarbian is doing this now, sad but understandable
  5. This is really sad news And I'm sorry, sarbian, that some user don't understand that you (the user of the "hacked" 64bit version) don't report 64bit bugs until the day Squad put out a official 64bit KSP. So thank you whoever you are that f**k it up for that rest of us 64bit user. And I'm reallt sorry that you have to take this action against 64bit, but I understand why you do it, sarbian, I really do
  6. Note that I did encoutered this ussue with x32 in a separte install with mods close to my x64 install. (no texture replacing etc) Last time I got it "fixed' I reinstaled game and mods. It took me more than 4 hours to recreate this bug again (I discovere this bug in career mode, got some tech, remote tech conract to asemble 4 com satelites and bug take place when you have more than one vessel I guess) Please don't report 64bit bugs outside the 64bit post's we already have, and if you are going to report then recreate it in 32bit with the same setup you have for the 64bit, if you cant don't report in non 64bit post. And it's not enough to have encountered it before in 32bit. So if you get a bug in 64bit, take that setup and drop it in to a 32bit and remake it, if you get the same bug as you did in 64bit then report it as a 32bit bug, never report it as a 64bit outside the 64bit posts we have.
  7. The thing is.. did you remake the bug in 32bit?? can't see you did that *and I me you not anybody else* if so yeah you can report it *but remember to report you did it on 32bit - many is keeping track on who is playing with the 64bit KSP*, but if you didn't remake the bug in 32bit with the same mods as you use in 64bit, but only report the bug from 64bit, please don't go outside the few 64bit's forums post we have for the 64bit build. So please don't report bugs you get in 64bit without remaking them in 32bit outside of the 64bits forums post we have. - - - Updated - - - More info please, like what mods you use, use any command when starting the game *like -force-opengl ect* I had lag spikes when I used -force-d3d11 in 64bit
  8. I'm sure it's because Windows Explore is hiding file extension of known ones. So open Windows Explore and at the top there should be a menu called "View" *If not then press the "Alt"-key and you'll get it, click on the "Folder Options" - In there go to tab "View" and uncheck the "Hide extensions of known file types". And then I sure if you go into you KSP dir. you'll see KSP.exe.exe, rename it to only KSP.exe. Hope it helps.
  9. Just unpack the .exe (Unity installer) file with 7zip and get the files you need for 64bit - - - Updated - - - I know that there is files for Mac in same way as for Windows in Unity, if they are any use I don't know.
  10. As @Senshi is saying you need Unity version 4.6.4
  11. The thing is that KSP is not shipping the 64bit (functionality of the Software) part of Unity, so by taking the 64bit files from Unity Dev Software and making a zip/rar/7z ect, other can download you are breaking the Unity agreement.
  12. "make the 64bit of the Software available to multiple users or third parties through any means" so yeah it's against the agreement.
  13. @kludermor: If you in Settings (In KSP menu before you start a game) under General tab change the "Max Physics Delta-Time per Frame" too 0.05 or maybe even 0.06 from default 0.04 it will make it better.
  14. @kludermor: Install this mod to get a reading on your RAM use and try to see what you do that make your RAM increase.
  15. What version of KSP are you running? Version 1.03/04 should have fixed the memory leak with that temp readings overlay.
  16. I'm getting a lot of texture errors in log with last version.
  17. Then just make a txt file with what file(s) have been unfixed? *I liked the .old backup, was easy to do a search to find what file(s) was changed* Now I have to remember what file(s) have been changed, and that I bad at.. lol
  18. Wish there was a way to white-list addons that you don't want to get fixed, like the "GCMonitor" When fixed it's not showing the RAM used. And why did you not continue with the backup of orginal file to .old?
  19. That's because you have taken then 64bits file from Unity "win64_development" directory and that's the wrong one, you need to use the files from the "win64_nondevelopment" directory.
  20. @Migueltriny The file "unity default resources" under "KSP_Data\Resources\" is corrupted, so copy the one from your working KSP 32bit (The original installation of KSP) and replace it. If you are on Steam better do a file check *Right click KSP in Steam and select Options, go to the "Local Files" tab and select "Verify Integrity og Game Cache", just to be sure KSP is 100% oki.*
  21. 1st it complaining about a corrupted file: And the complaining about trying to run on wrong version of KSP/Unity: What KPS version do you have? What version of Unity are you using? @AstroGamer Upload you log file. Might give a clue about what's wrong.