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  1. Try run the KSP.exe with administrator rights *Right click the KSP.exe and use the "Run as administrator"*. *Edit: This might be the problem Info from here
  2. Either you not using 64bit Exe or Dll Get the exe file from "..\Unity\Editor\Data\PlaybackEngines\windowsstandalonesupport\Variations\win64_nondevelopment\" player_win.exe, and move it to your KSP Dir. "..\Kerbal Space Program\" where you rename it to KSP.exe, and overwrite the file that already is there. Then goto "..\Unity\Editor\Data\PlaybackEngines\windowsstandalonesupport\Variations\win64_nondevelopment\Data\Mono\" and get the Mono.dll, and move it to the KSP Dir to. "..\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_Data\Mono\" and overwrite the file there. And it is the right Unity version.
  3. Please make the update note on the OP, not fun having to look through all the replies to find them.
  4. I use Mechjeb on every flight and never crashed. But then I use the latest dev build from here
  5. Just done a 3 hours play without crash, my KSP have 70-75 mods installed. After loading to menu it use around 5.5Gb of RAM, and before I stop playing I look again and it was using around 8.4Gb of RAM. Only "problems" I have it little lag some times, loading screen can look weird and the KSC after mission report (90% of the times it's why) look full upgraded *I get around it by loading up SPH or VAB and exit back to KSC*
  6. No need to do that, just load up SPH or VAB and exit back to KSC. Works for me every time.
  7. If you run the 64bit exe file without the 64bit dll you'll get that error *Just did it to check*, same error if you try to run the 32bit exe with the 64bit dll.
  8. So nice to have 64bit KSP (unofficial), runs stable with a few hiccups (KSC is looking upgraded after a recover briefing, but it's recoverable by going into VAB/SPH and out to KSC) but no crashes (only when I install a mods that don't like 64bit and out of 60+ mods only a few, so I'm happy)
  9. Please FreeThinker, put the update notes on the OP. Makes it easier to check what change you make.
  10. The only problem I have that gets to me is KSC sometimes don't load the level my buildings are and just show as full upgraded, but it get reset if I got into SPH/VAB and out to KSC again. (Career mode)
  11. Have to say that the Unity 4.6.4 64bit is XXX times better the what have been tried before. Few mods that don't like it, but been playing for a few hours with 65 mods installed and I cant get it to use more then 5Gb of my 16Gb of RAM.
  12. If I get time over the weekend, I'll try and see how far I can push it with some of the big part-mods. Got 16Gb of RAM, need to see how far KSP 64bit (Unity 64bit) can be pushed without crash
  13. Just did a quick test and have to say after dropping some addon's (chatters, KJR, Realchute and a few more I had to remove. *need more testing as I'm not sure if needed to remove the "few more"*), run 40+ addon's with "Astronomer's Visual Pack - Interstellar V2"'s clouds high/4k, RAM around 5Gb and did a trip to Mun in Kerbal X. But I happy with the Unity 2.6.4 64bit in KSP Addon's installed:
  14. Found some "old" info. And looks like it's a Unity3d engine problem, that effect Unity3d engine v4.5.3 and up. And KSP v1.0.x is running on Unity3d v4.6.4.
  15. Solved it by deleting "appmanifest_220200.acf" under "Steam\steamapps" and then let Steam remake a new one.
  16. Every time I start/re-start my Steam it's validating KSP and re-download's last patch
  17. I love Steam, to have all my games under the same hood but I will never use Workshop, rater use Curse to get my mods + I like to have control of when I update my mods, see what change have been made to a mod ect. I have used curse for 10 years now for games like WoW, TSW ect, and never had any problems. But I have to say that Nexus is a better place to use (Main site for my Skyrim/Fallout/X-Com ect mods I use)
  18. @Misucat Ops. Looks like I forgot to rename a few sound files, sorry. Just rename the ogg file to what the name is in the cfg.
  19. @bullettMAGNETT If you use the the way my cfg looks like, you don't need to replace any Squad cfg's and you can make your own dir under "GameData" and place the sound files there and just point the cfg to them, so "Squad/Parts/Engine/engineLargeSkipper/part/Sounds/" become "ARP/Sounds/engineLargeSkipper/" *Or something like that* Looks now: change too: And another thing I found out is sound files with "-" in its name gives a error in the log and not loaded.
  20. Just did a quick test, and yep no more size problems with my stock parts. Thanks for the quick fix.