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  1. I've found it helpful to look at the GameData\ModuleManager.ConfigCache file - it contains the post MM processing cfg's so you can see what you actually did vs what you thought you did with a MM patch.
  2. Your best bet would be to look at some of the mods that do this - see what they do. I know Sigma did some recolors way back here and there are some more recent ones though I can't recall their names. Unsure if they require Kopernicus.
  3. @dvdwilliams88 Looks like this mod was last released for 1.0.5 - wheels underwent a major change at some point so I'm guessing the wheels and landing legs will need rebuilt.
  4. If your looking for documentation on the config files I haven't see any recent stuff - usually the best source is to look at Squads parts and see how they did them. I like to make a test part and copy a Squad cfg then tweak until I get what I'm looking for. That's probably not the answer you were looking for but it's only way I've found.
  5. Unfortunately the best documentation for KSP is the source code for mods. There is an official documentation site but it's a dump of the API with few comments. I would suggest you start by looking at the code for mods that do something similar like Good luck! (and happy modding)
  6. For fuel tanks I generally use the Faces | Smooth on the Shading/UV's tab and it exports to Unity by way of Collada without problem. In Blender, when exporting, under the "Export Collada" I have the "Apply Modifiers" "Selection Only" "Include Children" checked (along with a few others I'm not sure are needed). One note - KSP generally uses 24 sided cylinders for the tanks and other large stuff and if you use something different you'll get artifacts if your part is stack attached.
  7. I've installed the 1.8 parttools on Unity 2019.2.2f1 and it works as expected with parameters.
  8. I believe these are other planets. I think (take with a grain of salt) KSP uses some tricks to make it appear there's a star out there but the illusion breaks down if there's a planet behind the star - it will appear in font and break the illusion. And you do see the planets as you should if they're between you and the star.
  9. I had a very similar idea some time ago and made a list of the various things I wanted to track for each profession. Got as far as locating some of the variables I would need but it never went beyond that I afraid.
  10. Community tech tree adds a bunch of nodes that mods can use but doesn't fill any of them - this is so mods don't step all over each other adding duplicate or very similar nodes but it does leave empty nodes. There's another mod Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes that will remove the empty nodes - not sure if it works in 1.8.0 yet.
  11. Did you add a thrust transform to your engine? I have a dim recollection of needing a FX transform for the plume too - though I think you can use the thrust transform for that if you want. I think the rationale for using a separate transform was that changes to the plume were easier to make without changing the thrust transform. I had put together a number of part "Reminders" with notes, Blender and Unity files for myself and anyone else that might find them useful here: Best of luck with your parts
  12. @P Express Space & Sky Dept I believe biohazard15 is referring to the robotic parts (F-12 servo) in the Breaking Ground DLC.
  13. Tried the new and it looks good. As Gregory Kerman said "Everybody borks" (been there, done that (more time than I like to admit)) And again thank you for maintaining and improving this mod.
  14. @linuxgurugamer using this r4mon's curve editor - click on the "Click to edit ->" in the upper let corner and the graph appears. Left click on a key in the graph and two handles appear that you can manipulate. Right click on the key and you have a popup menu to change how the handles act among other things. Looks like it defaults to a smooth transition but select "Broken" (with right click) and the handles on either side move independently.
  15. Per Azic Minar's note I scanned the GameData directory and InterstellarFuelSwitch has a GameData\InterstellarFuelSwitch\Plugins\Scale_Redist.dll. Here's a link to the log file and the zip I installed TweakScale from. Thanks
  16. I'm guessing here but I would look into making assets like the scanable items Breaking Ground added - I haven't seen anyone doing anything like that - though GregroxMun has had scatterers on some of his planets (probably requires Kopernicus). You'd need to figure if you could create single instances like the monoliths. Like a flight recorder? That would be neat.
  17. The only (simple) way I see would be to include the VARIANT section. The part under "GAMEOBJECTS" tells the game which model to display - in your cfg example the 45 = true says that the model named "45" should be visible when that variant is selected. A non-simple way would involve loading the .mu file into a 3D model editor and pulling apart the different models and reexporting/running through Unity and creating individual parts.
  18. First thanks for maintaining this mod - sorry about all the headaches you've inherited I'm getting an error message with the release and think it may be in error (but it's early here - not a morning person). I've double and triple checked but don't see a problem with my install. I installed the latest and got the "Houston..." message about Tweakscale installed in the wrong place. It said I had installed TweakScale in GameData\TweakScale\Plugins and should have put it in GameData\TweakScale but the plug in directory is where the dll's are located in the distribution zip (Manual install - drag and drop TweakScale-\GameData\TweakScale into my GameData folder) and where (I believe) they should be. This is the directory structure: KSP GameData ModuleManager.4.0.3.dll (Installed latest MM rather than TweakScale included one - shouldn't have anything to do with TS installed in the wrong spot) TweakScale patches ...Lots of cfg's... Plugins KSPe.Light.TweakScale.dll Scale.dll Scale_Resdist.dll Am I missing something? Thanks
  19. I've always liked the make your own custom menus - I've made ones containing just the info I want for building, launching, landing, intercept/docking.
  20. Your download link isn't working - leads to a 404 on SpaceDock. Did you hit the "Release" button? (otherwise only you can see it).
  21. I've collected information on various parts as I've attempted to make them and I put them into a package that will hopefully remind me how to make the part when I try to do it a second time. They are start to finish (includes Blender, Gimp, Unity files plus notes) but may leave out details I thought I would remember. Models and textures are very rough - these are just reminders - and my modeling and texturing skills are a work in progress. After starting this it occurred to me they might be of help to others so I made a post for them here:
  22. The scan arms have a ModuleRobotArmScanner and a ModuleScienceExperiment - the ModuleRobotArmScanner being the one unique to the DLC. Edit: Just removed the stock ModuleScienceExperiment from an arm so ModuleRobotArmScanner was the only module - problem remain.
  23. Made a new install and added the Breaking Ground DCL and Vessel Mover. Made a vessel consisting of a large probe core, a fuel tank and a OP-E Large scanning arm. Launched and picked up with Vessel Mover. Vessel continued to rise until I hit escape. No errors in the log between launch and return.
  24. You might try looking in ModuleManager.ConfigCache - should be in the same directory as the MM dll - this contains the patched cfg files so you should be able to see what KSP is using for the TechRequired field.
  25. As this is just a part (no code/dll behind it) it shouldn't be particular about the Unity version - though I'm not sure how parttools would respond if installed on a version of Unity it wasn't meant for. If you have a bit of time I'd like to try and figure out why its not working - if it's something with what I've done that only works on some systems or if an addition to the instructions might be in order. If your willing could you explain what's not working - what you were doing and what made you realize it wasn't working. Example: when you dropped the blender dae file in the Unity assets folder did the part icon show up properly or did it show up as a blue box?