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  1. Yep, that was it! Thanks. I did try that actually, but I clearly didn't understand what it was doing at the time Yep, I've done that in the past, the problem was that I was running CKAN which updated the mods, some of which broke when I reverted to the previous version, bad things happened, kracken spawned, so I ultimately restarted. So I'm now running 1.8.1 "beta"
  2. I've revisited MKS after a long period of time after being frustrated at losing my game after every steam update. I've sent a bunch of Duna modules over to the Mun and 9 Kerbals for a "staff party' (ha ha). But when when using the group grab system, I'm able to move a Duna module, it defaults upside-down. I'm fine re-rotating it, and moving it, but I'm limited in the B/N movements, and can't get it above the terrain. At this point Gremlins propel it upwards, and... well, this goes on and on. I've Googled and skimmed the forum (not all 300+ pages), but can't find a solution that wo
  3. Yeah, I shouldn't have tried to figure it out at 3am. A simple test confirmed I'm getting the same results on stock comms. I'm still confused as to the drop, but it's not the mod. I'm just surprised I haven't noticed this before. Switching to the DTS-M1 brings it up to 100% on the first hop... but it does have 20x the range.. so... I checked whether it's a Direct vs Relay thing, but the RA-2 has the same result. Who knows, but I guess it's a topic for a different thread.
  4. Hi Guys, I was really excited when I saw this mod, I do like to have things organised. I installed, and sure enough, my network looked ridiculous on the defaults... whilst trying to clear it up I got into difficulties, so I tried to do some testing to get my head around the mechanics. (I used RT back in the day, so figured this would be fairly simple). However..... I created a new game, and launched (HyperEdited) 2 identical simple probes up. A single HG-5 antenna on each, sticking to Public frequency. The vessels are orbiting at 80k and 4,000k altitude.
  5. I've not looked at this yet, but I'm assuming auto-lights when it's dark would make the list (obviously selectable, since *ahem*, some of us occasionally forget to add batteries to landers. Of course, I have no idea if there's a built-in mechanic for detecting whether it's dark... Oh, and auto-brakes when on low power might be a useful one for rovers