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  1. Mod is compatible with version 1.4.1.
  2. Tested mod again on version 1.3.1. I plan on getting back to this mod within a week or so. My apologies for the prolonged break! Update v1.9.1: - 1.3.1 compatibility confirmed
  3. Thank you, will take into consideration. Been very busy with my business and school lately, will keep y’all posted as progress goes on. Unfortunately at this time, the release date escapes my knowledge.
  4. Mod works perfectly in 1.3.1. If you have any concerns / issues you find, please post in this thread. Thank you.
  5. It's going to take a while if I'm the one making it.. lol jk I'll see what I can do for the next update.. coming soon guys
  6. Roger, thanks for suggestion. Will be implemented in 1.3 update.
  7. I am certain that that is possible and that genuinely sounds great. It will take me a while to get this to be complete but I'll see what I can do. I also am a noob at scripting but I'll figure it out in due time. Suggestion noted and stashed
  8. As far as I am aware, yes. An official update will be coming out soon.
  9. VERSION 1.9 IS RELEASED! • fully compatible with KSP 1.2.2 • new dome model • 4 total dome sizes (10m, 3.75m, 2.5m, 1.25m)
  10. Okay, problem solved. The issue was with my export location; I didn't see the new file where I removed the mesh renderer. Thank you for your help regardless!
  11. Yes; due to the fact that you need to be able to put things inside of the dome. This big dome exists mainly as a base object for all the other dome sizes, along with the fact that you can easily use it in collaboration with the other glass panes to create an entrance into the dome, and use it as a base then. Group 0 is to just group them all together. Same with Instance 0. It's just a grouping object. Although what you're saying is true, I'm starting to wonder if their presence is necessary at all. They don't have any mesh data of their own. <UPDATE> I removed both
  12. Hello! I am currently in the process of refurbishing my dome. I created a brand-new model, along with a custom collider mesh made out of triangular prisms. Here are the screenshots from Unity, where everything appears to be fine: However, in-game the dome looks like this (the size is correct, it's supposed to be 10m in diameter): ^ Proof that it's the collision mesh that's messing things up for me, and not the actual texture(s) that I'm using. I am really confused as to what I should do at this point. I tried everything, including moving the colliders
  13. I have made up my mind; there will be a redesign of the dome. I am currently figuring out the new shape; most likely it will be a geodesic dome again. I am considering multiple options, though. Multiple sizes will be included right away along with the redesign in the next update. If you have any suggestions, let me know
  14. Due to popular demand, the next update will contain multiple dome sizes; specifically, the small and medium domes. I am currently working out the logistics and sizes. There might be a redesign of this dome, since I do not like this model that much, as it seems to largely be useless for what I intended it to be.
  15. I hate tight schedules; I updated to version 1.2.2, and the mod worked without any issues. However, if you experience any problems on your end, let me know.
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