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  1. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/122922-Problem-with-gender-swapping Someone just helped me solve the same problem. If you have texture replacer installed that's what's causing the problem, there's 2 locations in the save file that you have to switch.
  2. That did it! Thanks a ton Promii! Knew I was missing something somewhere.
  3. LOL No dice Peregrinus, no matter how I edit the save file, it reverts them back to male as soon as I load the file. So frustrating!
  4. Modular Rocket System, PlanetShine, Window Shine, RCS build aid, Surface Lights, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Texture Replacer, Chatterer, SCAR91 texture pack (suit and kerbal skins), Real Skybox, Corvus, and a couple of planet skins I picked out of a few diff mods and added to Texture Replacer, don't remember which is from which. I had pimp my kerbals installed but removed all of that and it hasn't helped. I'm using a java program, KSP Save File Editor, to edit the save file, but when I make a change to the gender it doesn't stick, it reverts itself no matter if I change the persistent file or try
  5. I've had this problem after installing a few mods, including texture replacer, as well as various suit/face mods like pimp my kerbal. Valentina, and another astronaut Agaya, have changed from female to male, their default face ingame is now a male kerbal, as well as their avatar in the astronaut complex. I've tried to edit their gender using a save file editor, but it just automatically switches them back to male. Is there some other file that I can edit? This is only in my main career. If I start a new career Valentina is fine. I really would like to avoid having to start my career over
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