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  1. Such a great mod, the values snapping keeps the shapes consistent which is really good but one problems is i wish the minimal values were smaller, where some places could 0 out.
  2. Oh man the V2 looks really nice, any chance for a version without the intakes ? would be a nice addition.
  3. Waiting for an update, really need to fix the problem where the motors when turned on, don't mirror properly, so you have one side with wheel motors that drive backwards.
  4. Even better example, but yeah something like that would be nice if you ever plan on making them.
  5. Dam if only they didn't come with big yellow sides, would've been nice.
  6. I don't think anyone has made propulsion parts similar to whats found on this - http://james-camerons-avatar.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Assault_Ship have they ? Can this be a request ? Would be nice to have parts like this, and as big as this, because would be nice to make some HL sized VTOLs and also the smaller version too, because there isn't much propeller mods around.
  7. Agreed. Found a solution instantly just as i went to the last page.
  8. These Wheels need to be in stock ksp !! current ksp wheels are just meh, also they fit in pretty well with the b9 parts.
  9. Anyone know if this works with 0.25 or is any more updates for this somewhere else ?
  10. Can i suggest a that VTOL engines should have the invert VTOL option in the SPH and such ? some engines just wont auto invert and you would have to right click invert everytime i launch planes that are using the VTOL engines and it would be nice to have those VTOL engine options in the building as well and not just out on the runway.
  11. My bad after doing some testing and its just the stock wings just didn't have enough lift for the thing i built, worked in NEAR but yeah.
  12. Yeah i know that but idea was to have 2 thin wings covering the variable wing, which will move in between the 2 thin wing layers but thing is when i put 1 layer the lift works fine but then a put the other layer on top or under it will cancel out the lift as you can see in the picture and i think that might be a bug is what i am trying to say.
  13. Is this intentional ? or is this a bug when you put 2 wings like so it cancels out lift, or does the stock wings just have bad with lift which i think might be why.
  14. Not sure which mod to reply too but im using the MK2 lighting cockpit and the intakes have way too much drag so plane can barely get past 150 m/s, so i have to close those intakes and use another air intake which make the craft easily hit 300 m/s.