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  1. It's easiersaid than done for "single core cpu clock". Since different architectures can do vastly different things during one such cycle.
  2. Well I currently am running an MSI gp 60 laptop (with some added ram to make it 32 gb). However I notice that KSP is slow as snail on this setup, really not running well and playing terrible at times, even simply modded instals with just a 100ish rocket parts drain framerates to abysmal levels like 5-10 frames per second. So much that I often give up on larger missions like eve space stations. (With USI life support to be fully self sustained). I've now looked into buying a normal pc and am looking for advice regarding the video card/processor (and motherboard) to buy. Can anyone g
  3. I consider mechjeb also vital nowadays. The boring idea of constantly burning at right the correct time is just annoying, similarly after you've made 20+ transfers it's just a matter of inserting those - and then mechjeb just solves that.
  4. Having a lifting surface means that the center of lift moves further back due to an object. The more lift a tailfin generates the further it moves back. One would always want the center of lift behind the center of mass.
  5. Well those two winglets seem to fit the same purpose, both adding control at the bottom of a rocket-stack. However the av-r8 winglet seems clearly superior: much larger control surface (full winglet instead of a tiny fraction). Only weighing a fraction more (and often in the first-to-throw) stage so it won't matter. Is there any reason I would pick delta-deluxe winglet over the av-r8? Other than looks which cannot be discussed.
  6. I tried that mod.. However it still has a similar problem: I still need to scroll (in a very small window) through the 20-30 parts that hold crew to find that single crew I need to return to kerbin for a medical emergency contract. This mod shows which compartments have crew, but not the other way around: showing where specific crew is in the station.
  7. Healthy distance from star is actually not a good thing to have. Being close is often preferable for a space faring society: any such society should have fixed the "propulsion" system down to energy. And close to a start means much more readily available energy. (Until we start going dyson sphere).. But more importantly: close to a star means many more times a transfer window. Where a far planet would take several years, and another far planet would also take those, to get the correct alignment would easily take 10+ years at distance dres-jool. Yet with something close like m
  8. Well as per title, I often have stations with 10+ the same hithchiker or a few science labs. And it becomes a real pain trying to find the location where a kerbal is sitting, to move it to another location. This is especially impossible with modules that have to air-lock and thus I can't quickly eva just to notice their location. So is there a mod that can help me? Either (preferably) a mod that allows me to "move" kerbals without selecting the cabin they're in, rather by using the protrait. Or otherwise a mod that (in the protraits) gives me a hint at which kerbal is where.
  9. The merging ship satellite has no open nodes itself.
  10. Well I have small drones/satellites that should be added to a big hangar-like generation ship used to travel between kerbin and the final destination of choice. In the vab, while editing the big ship, I tried to add the small satellites. However they wouldn't attach to decouplers (surface attach). Even the root node won't. How would I handle this where I have drones and wish to add (say) 12 to a mothership?
  11. I was happily landing head first into the ground, so should be safe. When I suddenly accidentally rotate the kerbin making it land on its lags and going 'poof' when traveling nearly 100 meter/second.
  12. Well as per title I came back to my old save and wish to update the game. However I notice that the modlist I use has most mods "stuck" at version 1.8.(9). Which means I wish to play that version. However I can't seem to find any download for version 1.8.x anymore? The websites only lists 1.9 and 1.10... And older than 1.4.
  13. There is hardly any reason not not go oxygen-hydrogen unless you take many more complex situations into account. (like being able to store the liquid, on earth). Hydrazine would never ever be used if it didn't need to be used, it has worse chemical efficiency per mass is highly toxic and hard to handle. Then there's the corrosiveness and hence the choice of metals that depend on the fuel. Or how do you model the toxic disadvantages for the environment in a fuel? If this is then reduced to "you can have fuel xyz with engine abc, and other fuel with other engine", where each engine can have
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