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  1. Mark Watney was an engineer as well as a botanist so of course he could do all that. Maybe really experienced Kerbals could train another skillset? Would definitely be out of scope for this mod tho.
  2. KSP isn't a multiplayer game tho. One of the strengths of KSP is the freedom to do pretty much whatever you want in the game. Limiting things wouldn't be good for everyone. Of course it could be configurable if the server check or not, but there are way worse things to fix right now.
  3. Having just one satellite means you'll lose connection once in a while even if everything is working. Can't avoid occlusion problems without another sat. While the connection loss might be short and rare it will still happen just as you are about to land a probe or something Maybe at some point we could have lines only for some primary route to KSC and others, while still connected, would be hidden.
  4. Like some sort of a double agent? Infiltrated Remote Tech team to kill it from within. Will definitely need to test this when I get home.
  5. I'm not sure what you mean but did you know seats in command pods don't have inventories. The inventory you see for seats is the inventory of the kerbal that sits there. If there's no kerbal then the items won't be there either. At least that's how it used to be. I haven't been following things too close lately.
  6. Stock KSP does have relay antennae and link cutting due to planets in the way and such now. Differences have been discussed earlier in this thread.
  7. Yep. Since you mentioned random glitches in the next message it reminded me that I did once get warning about my station running out of supplies as well. This seemed odd since the station had like 17 years of supplies (other than ec). Everything was fine after loading the station. Will have to keep an eye on this and check logs if it happens again for some craft.
  8. I had the issue with a surface rescue Kerbal being out of supplies and dying immediately when he came in loading range. Couldn't switch to him so he shouldn't have been loaded at any point. Unfortunately I don't have save or anything to share of it. I just disabled TAC when I went to save him. I'm not quite sure what triggered it but TAC did warn about him being out of supplies way before I went to save him. Hasn't happened with any others.
  9. You seriously need friends who agree not to do this stuff KSP was never designed to prevent cheating.
  10. Can't check how it went but you should be able to whitelist what mods are allowed. Don't remember if this prevented player logging in if they have mods that are not in the list or did it just prevent launching vessels. There was a way to generate the list of mods in game somehow... A bit vague help but maybe you'll manage Other way would be to get friends who don't cheat
  11. Some other mods may cause parts to not be stackable. Tweakscale for example maybe? I remember seeing a MM patch that helped with this. I'm guessing here tho. Could be something else too. //edit: Check the post on earlier page
  12. If the probes have link between them and either of them does have link to command center then they both are controllable.
  13. To many variables to say for sure what the problem is. 1. Is the server set up correctly. No mod window on host sounds worrying. Even the one playing on the host computer (if there is no dedicated server) will need to connect to the server on that same computer. 2. Usually connection problems are caused by firewall blocking incoming connection on the host computer.