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  1. in your screenshot you missed the beacon part... if you look ad the left of the screen, there are 4 parts
  2. is possible to have a working download link? thx
  3. thanks, but i already use the Janitors Closet... but with it, the game loads all the parts and the plugins, and it affects my low-end pc performance. have a lot of parts in game is not a problem... have a bad performance because i got a lot of parts and plugins, this is the real problem...and Janitors Closet can't solve that
  4. i didn't asked for a custom install... i'm a weird low-endPC player, not a crazy one thanks again for your support! when i'll upgrade my pc for games i'll use all your mod for sure
  5. thanks a lot for your answer! ok, inside "Parts" folder i can erase all except the "SpacePlane" folder... obtaining in game only the Callisto and the European Hermes, right? so, i need all the other folders into the main "Knes" folder? or i can delete something not needed for the Callisto and the European Hermes? i know all of this is a weird question, and do not misunderstand me: i love all your mod, but i'm using a low-end PC, and it's better to use few mods in general
  6. Awesome Work! i've seen all your mods and WOW, you are very good at 3d modelling (your Kraken Science is damn brillant) i know i'm a "weird KSP player", but this mod in particular is very big... there is a way to obtain a mod with only the French Hermes/Callisto? maybe deleting some folders? (hoping to not break some mod mechanic)
  7. another thing: i'm trying to create another "inline inflatable float" with 0,625m diameter i've copied the "small float" cfg, i've managed inside (maybe with wrong values, i think it will be 0,3m diameter) for creating a "micro float", saved the cfg as "USI_Float_06" (asdefault there are only 5 part cfg) i've updated the patches cfg... but inside the game cant find the new part... i missed something?
  8. i'm happy to see this usefull mod updated, but i've seen the missing parachute on "Derp" pod. i've added the "parachute module" into the cfg of one previous release, and it works... quite works: it can be deployed but with the weird problem as in previous versions... the parachute seems to be deployed in "horizontal" i've asked an year ago if something can be done, and the only thing i've seen in this updated release is the erased parachute module... so, is there any way to mod the parachute module to obtain a fully functional Derp pod?
  9. do you have found any way to obtain a lightning sun/star? having a little shining Mun would be awesome
  10. ok, for the FLA adapter, i understood... i thought it was part of this mod because i not use "Restock" mod and the FLA adapter in the game is visually different... so, thanks! for the docking port, maybe i was not clear (sorry, english is not my language)... in the picture you linked, what is used to connect the main large command module and the science module? i see two grey rings between the two modules, and i thought they were docking ports
  11. i've extracted all the folders, bundled into the .rar, intothe Gamedata folder... but can't find the endcaps or the docking port... maybe is because my game is "vanilla", without the Breaking Ground DLC?
  12. using the Janitor Closet, i've found all the parts of this awesome mod... quite all the parts, i continue to not find 2 of them. in the screenshot sent in this thread i've seen 2 parts that i not got in my game: - the plug used as the final part of the structures -the docking port used to connect the modules (i've found only the "planetside Clamp-O-Tron jr" version)
  13. sorry, i forgot to send the picture... anyway, reinstalling the mod and the dependencies, now all works fine! maybe i've made some errors installing the dependencies, or i've forgot to installing one of them... thanks again for the support and sorry for my inexperience
  14. thanks a lot for the answer! and not, i install all my mods manually... i know, is a crazy thing
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