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  1. solved... now all works perfectly i've found inside a .cfg file of Kethane mod a line to show or not the grid... i changed manually the parameter and now, with Kopernicus and MFI installed the Kethane mod works! Thanks for the help
  2. sorry for my continuing post... i'm solved, now all works! because i'm not an expert, but i'm very curious, i've opened all the .cfg files of Kethane and found inside the "setting.cfg" a line "showoverlay = false"... i tried changing it in "true" and magically the grid now works... not only, now with all ods installed, with Kopernicus and the Modularflightintegrator installed... the grid works! not in main menu, but in the game there is! i not know why i can't toggle the grid... and i not know why by default inside the setting.cfg the overlay is off... but now i solved and can play the game with all the feature needed... thanks a lot for your help!
  3. ok, i dont know what happened... but now the kethane grid not works... i've erased all... i've reinstalled the game, redownoaded the mod... installed only Kethane... in the main menu i can see the grid, but in game i not see it... why? i'm so confuse... and sad ofcourse ahahah log
  4. is not limited in the main menu... whit Kethane, Kopernicus and MFI installed, the Kethane grid is disabled in main menu, in tracking station and in map visual
  5. i've done a lot of tests... with Kethane and Kopernicus intstalled, but without MFI, Kethane works... with Kethane and MFI installed, but not Kopernicus, Kethane works the issue is, in my opinion, the MFI when Kopernicus use it... because with Kethane, Kopernicus and MFI installed Kethane stop works properly (if you know Kethane, the resource grid is disabled, this is the problem) here is my log
  6. i got another question: i've noticed an incompatibility between Kopernicus and Kethane... more properly the "modularflightintegrator" included iside Kopernicus... with this dependency installed, Kethane not works properly... my question is: Modularflightintegrator is very necessary for make Kopernicus working?
  7. found! the problem is the "Modularflightintegrator" is a dependency included in Kopernicus... if i install only Kethane and Mofularflightintegrator, the grid works, i think because the Modularflightintegrator is not used... but when i install Kethane and Kopernicus with this dependency, the grid is disabled... i dont know if i can use Kopernicus wthout this dependency, maybe i ask it on the Kopernicus thread... anyway, thanks for your support!! only a last question: if i install only Kethane, the grid works, but i can't enable or disable it... is always visible.. the mod button (the button with Kethane exagon n the right of the screen) makes nothing if pressed... we cant no more "show/hide" the grid? is only always visible?
  8. is a strange thing: i've made some tests... i loaded all without Kopernicus and the grid works... i loaded only Kethane and Kopernicus and the grid works... but loading all mods and Kopernicus the grid stop working... it is not sense... maybe one other mod works perfectly with Kethane, but when Kopernicus is installed makes one incompatibility? i dont know
  9. I've tried to post it but the page crashed... i can upload it on google drive and post here the link of the text file EDIT: here it is
  10. I've tested now and the grid there isn't in main menu, in tracking station and in map view with Kopernicus installed...
  11. hi, i use Kethane from years... but now i got one problem: installing Kopernicus mod, the Kethane grid disappears... there is an incopatibility between Kethane and Kopernicus? another thing: in a previous release the green can be "hide/show" but now i not find the button... and the visible button with "exagon" on the right of the screen does nothing if pressed...
  12. my problem is not the saving changes... but the editing... with Hyperedit i tried to add oxygen on atmosphere, but not working on all the star bodies... and tried to add oceans but nothing happened... i tried to use Kittopia but is very too complicated, i thing to make something wrong because i cant add oceans too and other some interesting thing like the rings around the planets.. if you can test it, thanks! i prefer use only Hyperedit without Kopernicus and Kittopia if possible
  13. maybe someone can help me: i tried to mod the stock star system adding oxygen in some atmosphere and oceans... and rings... i opened the Kittopia UI and found a lot of parameters... playing with them i added the oxygen on Duna, ut on the planet the atmosphere is not breatheble... i tried to add a ring... but nothing happened... i tried to add ocean, but the UI let me only add the "edit ocean" button... but pressing it noone windows opens, i cant edit ocean, than i cant have ocean on Duna.... there is a guide or a video tutorial for Kittopia for see if i make something wrong with it? i'm really a noob with this mod
  14. hi, i need one explaination about the "planet editor" i tested it with Mun... add the atmosphere... done add oxygen in the atmosphere... done add oceans... this command not change nothing on Mun... i cant add oceans on Mun but can do it on another planet or what? EDIT: i made another test on Duna... i cant add ocean by clicking the "ocean" button... and another strange thing adding oxygen in atmosphere i cant remove the helmet because the atmosphere have the air too rarefied.... this tool can really add breatheable atmosphere and oceans on every planet? i missing something? or it not work properly? i know with Kopernicus i can make all i want, but is too colplicated.... hyperedit looks simple... but how i can make this things with it? i hope someone can explain if is possible or not
  15. if you go on the spacedock download page you can see the mod is updated for KSP 1.6.1... if you want save time, first check the various download pages of one mod