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  1. Kerbinidiel

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    installing MKS i've noticed one thing: when mining one asteroid, the Drill-O-Matic estracts not only Ore, but water too... i not need and not want estract water from the asteroid... and it always happen because my ship docked on the asteroid has water tank for the life support... but from asteroid i want estract only Ore, not water there is one way to not estract water with the Drill-O-Matic? or make the asteroid resource only Ore?
  2. Kerbinidiel

    [1.5+] Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) v1.1

    I got a doubt: i've captured an asteroid with claw and now i want use it as space station... KAS let me to attach a docking port on the asteroid in EVA with my engeneer... but, how strong is the connection between the asteroid surface and the docking port builded on it? the claw make the ship and the asteroid like a single ship... if another object collides on my ship, the claw mantains the connection with the asteroid... but if the ship is connected via docking port to a docking port builded with KAS on the asteroid surface... if one object collides on my ship... the docking port builded on the asteroid surface will still on it or will be deatached?
  3. Kerbinidiel

    PURE Electric Engines

    thanks for this mod! but in VAB and in fly i see a strange thing on the engine models... like if i put one part inside another and the surface is flickering
  4. I'm grateful of the hard work of the modders... only, i play with a low-end pc and with all ships wth mechjeb my computer starts to scream... thanks a lot... i will try it i need only to create the empty folder? and magically the mechjebforall will be disabled?
  5. with the latest release all cockpits and automated control parts have the mechjeb integrated... is possible remove that feature and use the mechjeb only if the ship has the mechjeb module attached?
  6. thanks! i love this part a lot
  7. Kerbinidiel

    Warp Drive

    KSIE has the warp drive i think... but has a lot of parts and change a lot of things inside the gameplay.... i need only a warp drive...
  8. Kerbinidiel

    Warp Drive

    thanks a lot for the help!
  9. Kerbinidiel

    Warp Drive

    the cheat menu or HyperEdit only teleport the ship... FLT Drive mae the same thing, but with a gameplay feature i prefer see my ship fly very fast like that "interstellar warp drive"
  10. i've downoaded this mod... but my game crush while loading...
  11. Kerbinidiel

    Warp Drive

    ad how works? like Alcubierre? EDIT: i found this it would be the same as Interstellar mod... but not work, my game crash while loading i think i can try the interstellar mod... but i not need a complicated mod with a lot o parts and changes only for have a warpdrive....
  12. Kerbinidiel

    Warp Drive

    and what mod is this effect?
  13. Kerbinidiel

    Warp Drive

    hi all, i'm searching for a warp drive system... i know the "FTL Drive" but i want to know what other mods can make long distance in few time... what warp drive mods exists? i seen on youtube some videos of a warp drive with a bubble around the ship (i think is the Alcubierre warp drive) and some videos without the bubble but with a blue and pink vector when the warp drive is activated... what are the difference between theese mods? thanks for the help
  14. Kerbinidiel

    Modding a Mod

    thanks for the suggestion! i'm not skilled with coding config files... but i will try
  15. hi, i loved the LLL mod and yes, the current version works in KSP 1.3.0 but, there is one part not working correctly: the "Lack's HE-30 Hull extender Walkway, 1.25m" are blocked... like an invisible wall and your kerbal is not able to passing trough 20171007173259_1 by Rusty B., su Flickr the "Anthea HE-50 Walkway, Open" works fine and your kerbal can walk trough 20171007173350_1 by Rusty B., su Flickr i tryed to look inside the config of each other parts or find the diference and try to understand why the He-30 not works... but i not find the config of anyone of theese parts.... can someone help me?