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  1. FWIW Last I checked treeloader has been broken since 0.24, and has been superseded by Techmanager, which itself is now likely obsolete with the new tech tree system in 1.0. May be time to remove it from the CKAN repo.
  2. CSS, like many mods, relies on sarbian's module manager. He is currently working feverishly at an update for 1.0 (thanks sarbian!), and once it is complete DuoDex/Olympic1/harryyoung/myself can evaluate what changes need to be made to CSS (including atmosphereAnalysis repurposing). Also, once CSS is up and running we'll need to update it on CKAN for the new 1.0 version. So....hold tight for an updated release....unless of course you'd like to do the updating yourself; it is CROWD SOURCED Science, after all Edit: Looks like the old atmospheric nosecone is the new Atmospheric Fluid Spectro-Variometer, so all those reports should work fine since the under-the-hood experimentID is unchanged. Also looked at the cfg's for the new resource scanners, and they don't generate science, so it looks like all should 'just work' for 1.0.
  3. Great work, both on this and on stock 1.0. I look forward to piecing all the USI bits together for an integrated constellation of awesomeness. Thanks for all your work RoverDude!
  4. I kerbalized a few real-world space agencies a while back, and you are welcome to add them to your pack if you want to. I'm sure I still have the source files kicking around as well, so I can put those up somewhere if you are interested.
  5. Experiments like materials science are only biome specific in limited situations (in this case surface landed), but we set up the file structure with all situations in each biome to promote diversity of non-biome-specific reports. Perhaps it is time to revisit this decision. If you log an issue at we'll take a look at it.
  6. I am having the same issue as kalrand and lordyod. From lordyods original issue post, screenies of his craft can be found here. I added a screen of my vessel here. Basically the same deal: full spherical hydrogen tank directly connected to the GNR-3750 hydrogen engine not powering the engine. Edit: The tank was the root part on my craft. Thought I'd try switching the root to the battery and rebuilding: no change. So I tried with the jumbo spherical tank and voila, it works. Then switched the tank back to the std. spherical and still working fine. Maybe a root part thing, maybe being attached directly to a tweak-scaled part thing (the AdvSAS), dunno. But it appears reproducible since I'm the third person with this issue.
  7. DMagic, I was lurking around and noticed you went well beyond licence requirements and added me in credits. Just wanted to say thanks for that, and thanks for a great mod. Glad I could contribute a tiny bit back. Oh, and FWIW CrowdSourcedScience now supports your Orbital Sciences mod as well (or will as of next release), so you may have some more reports headed your way if/when there is a complete set added.
  8. What are the rings on your ship? I don't recognize them from KSPI or RoverDudes standalone Alcubierre drive.
  9. @helaeon and @Serino, the two Alcubierre models sound much like the debate between n-body vs patched conics models, with what you are working on being the more realistic 'n-body-like'. If you can create a version that is more 'realistic' than even KSP goes with its non n-body physics, more power to you. Thanks for your dedication to making the experience greater for everyone. Side note: the n-body vs conics debate has NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS MOD DIRECTLY (I think), since start to stop of the drive is outside physics. - - - Updated - - - FWIW they are out there: Outer Planets Mod and Working Multiple Star Systems Gotta love the KSP modding community!
  10. I just tried reproducing your issue, and the reports worked fine for me with the latest CSS. It sounds like you may have issues with some not-quite-removed or otherwise conflicting mods. In any case CSS only modifies the report text, not the experiment itself, so it shouldn't create an issue like this. - - - Updated - - - Yep, I do have hidden files set to shown. I tried loading KSP both with and without the .git folder, and MM applied the same number of patches, so at least it (probably) isn't parsing the folder, but it's still an extra 1.9mb that people don't need to have in their Gamedata directory. When it comes release time it's possible to take /planets and the license from the repo, zip it up locally, and add it to the release.
  11. Sounds good. Speaking of updates, I noticed that this release included the .git folder in the zip, which people don't need in their Gamedata directory. Maybe there is some Git-fu that can be done to remove this from the next release zip.
  12. Sorry guys, I was actually outside today, away from my computer...what a thought! @Olympic1 and harryyoung: I agree with what has been said here. I think that in particular it makes a lot of sense to treat CSS as a sort of clearinghouse of science reports. We collect and collate, and if we reach complete reporting for a given mod then we can contact upstream about adding our reports to their next release. Whether they do or not, CSS has still added to the community. With an eye towards this it seems to make sense to add support for currently maintained mods that support biomes, but don't have a full set of reports yet. Obviously starting with the most popular, and moving to others as time/inclination allows. So, that's my two cents worth. I really just wanted to start a dialog and get a feel for what we all see CSS moving toward in the future. After what I read here it looks far more promising to me now than when I posted on that pull request. An update of where I'm at: I've added content for every experiment/situation/biome combination on Kerbin outside of KSC. Seeing as there are a total of 360 line items of content for KSC it may take me a bit, though atmosphereAnalysis and evaReport are complete (1/5th of the way there!) Also I have *mostly* finished work for adding support for RoverDudes Sounding Rockets experiments. There are 4 experiments that support all planets and biomes, and there is a single report for each experiment at the moment. If we are interested in supporting it I can roll it up fairly quickly and send a pull.
  13. I noticed that sounding rocket experiments are still functional on planets/moons beyond Kerbin. Is this intended behavior? It seems like that takes this mod from beginning-game to at least mid and possibly end-game with all the extra science that can be mined. All in a way that seems at odds with the original use of the part/experiment.
  14. OK. Finding CC links and editing now.
  15. Done and done. The Fan Works forum thread is Here. Also I have started adding content for Kerbin so that every biome/instrument/situation combination has at least one unique report. I'll send a pull request when complete.