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  1. Weird, I thought I attached it to the OP I'm running several: Mechjeb Haystack Interstellar Lite B9 KW KAS FAR Active Texture Management Kerbal Engineer (for when I don't need all the power of MJ) Some other parts packs that aren't always present on the ships having the issues TacFuel and several others that seem like they shouldn't have anything to do with this
  2. No, I don't have that mod installed. However as I was looking into it, it seems to have something to do with warping then changing ships. I'll often notice it around docking or Station Ops. So TimeWarp might have something to do with it.
  3. I've had this problem through multiple installs, multiple versions, and multiple mod installs. It doesn't seem related to a specific mod and looking at the console doesn't seem to show anything. It happens several times per play session and the only recovery is to force quit the game and reload, often this means losing progress. Here's the description: At some times during the game as I'm switching between vessels or trying to get back to launch the next vessel the game will refuse to return to the space center. Some times this manifests and I can't switch to other vessels, going to map view shows no other vessels. Sometimes I can still switch vessels (using map view or Haystack) and the only thing I can't do is switch to the KSC.
  4. I've managed to solve the issue but I'm posting here in case it helps others: After installing the most recent release I had a SSTO built with Interstellar Lite AM Reactors and Thermal Turbojets. I built it in the SPH under the previous release and loaded it up to finish tweaking with the current release. It loaded fine into the SPH, and went to the runway fine. Engines activated fine until I throttled up and the game barfed all over. I lost all view (total black screen) and the UI went weird (no controls on the navball, nothing showing in the staging area. I could exit to the Space Center, but that view was black also and couldn't click anything. The only solution was to shut down and restart the game. I solved the problem by pulling the interstellar parts from the plane and re-adding them (I did it one part at a time to see if there was one in particular, but I re-added everything without issue.) Plane launches fine now. Now if I could just figure out why the game keeps breaking when I switch from ship to ship sometimes... But that has nothing to do with B9 I think.
  5. For what it's worth, this was exactly my progression as well. I will say that Fractal's work is wonderful, and it's added so much to my enjoyment of KSP, so great job there. I know how hard mod-devs work and usually for nothing but people complaining. I know that wasn't your intent AG, just saying it's a thankless world they inhabit. Nothing else to contribute except to say great work Fractal, and great work to Wave, and great work to all the other folks that spend time and effort making these cool add-ons.
  6. So I'm trying to integrate the big landing legs and whenever I do, the thing bounces like a beast on the launching pad. When the physics initializes, the craft leaps into the air (and tries to fall over). It's only through cat-like reflexes - And SAS - that I can get it to not fall over. Why? And how can prevent it?
  7. The issue I'm having is this: in the previous version of interstellar I was using, the thermal turbojet could also burn LOX and LiquidFuel only. This made it really great for SSTOs and atmospheric landers. The new version only allows the thermal turbojet to burn Air and Atmosphere. Is there a way to add these back to the parts? I've looked into some of the .cfg files and tried a few things but it didn't work and I'm afraid to go much further with our breaking something.